Taneja Group Validation: Storage Done the Right Way With StorSimple

In this Taneja Group Technology Validation exercise, we put an innovative new array to the test to see just what was possible when a vendor stretches its wings and takes on much more than just another version of storage done the same old way.

The vendor in this case is StorSimple, and what they propose is that a single storage system can do everything, while doing it more cost effectively, and with almost zero footprint in the data center. While that may sound like an unbelievable set of promises on the surface, what StorSimple has done is integrate cloud storage over the Internet with a primary storage array to make a truly innovative combination.  By coupling the two together, StorSimple unlocks infinite storage capacity, a small form factor, utter simplicity, and the tools to automatically protect data in place, forever.  We anticipate this will hit home with a lot of customers.  No more migration, no more backup, and built-in DR finally makes storage seem like a technology that has evolved to meet the needs of today’s business.

Check out this Executive Summary or join us for the full Technology Validation report as we see if StorSimple’s promises hold true, and just what those promises look poised to do for today’s data center.

This article was originally published on July 25, 2011