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Edenhorde NFT

If you love extensive worldbuilding games with unique tribes and civilizations, then Edenhorde NFTs is for you! Home to 4 beautiful tribes, Edenhorde has opened its gates to collectors to own its vast stretches of lands and seas and change the lives of its 8,800 inhabitants! These super-awesome NFTs, each created with vibrant hues and intricate designs, are full of character exclusive to their faithful tribes.

Inhabiting around 400 members on Discord and 22.9k followers on Twitter, these 8,800 Edenhorde NFTs are the product of hard work, dedicated team-play, and some genuine story-building capabilities.

The minting timeline for these high-quality digital assets ran from 12th February to 18th February. On 14th February at 12:00 CET, the 8,800 NFTs for Whitelist members went live at 0.145 ETH mint price with a 48 hours timeline.

Those who did not get the Whitelist benefits got their chance on 16th February and 17th February at 14:00 CET during the Edenhorde NFT controlled public sale at 0.145 ETH mint price with all available NFTs post-Whitelist mint.

Edenhorde NFT items 8,700
Edenhorde NFT Owners 3,700
Edenhorde NFT Mint Price 0.145 ETH
Edenhorde NFT Floor price 0.66 ETH
Volume Traded 7,600 ETH


(The above details stand valid as of March 02 2022)

The Tribal Facts Of The Edenhorde NFTs

Edenhorde NFT

The Edenhorde NFT creatures come from 4 tribes that inhabit the beautiful continent. They are

  • The Larriks
  • The Gadirans
  • The Babbumatta
  • The Oru

Each perfectly skilled in their respective lifestyles, professions, survival tactics, and cultures, these exquisite tribes thrive over the lands and the seas that form Edenhorde.


The Larriks Edenhorde

The Larriks are traditional humanoids who rely on travelling through Edenhorde’s vast landmasses and water bodies to hunt, forage, and look for scrap materials found from ancient civilizations.

Larriks are the masters of repurposing materials from around them through expert smithing techniques that helped them invest in different trade practices for maximum profits.

While many Larriks (Skora) stayed true to their roots to wander, others (Tambles) formed a pack with Babbumattas to grow crops and maintain farmlands. While traveling often for mercantile activities is still on the books, these Larriks have adapted a hybrid lifestyle that suits their trading operations and personal lifestyles.

They can repurpose almost anything for maximum functionality. Many are seen to can carry their goods over water via floating mechanical devices. They travel on land alongside these boats and can offer their goods to anyone interested during the journey!

The Gadirans

The Gadirans EdenHorde

A Tamble with a special token to authorize their entry as a trader or visitor has full access to the independent city-state of Gadira. The city’s regals have made sure to have their borders guarded up by armed forces. As Edenhorde’s only urban tribe, the Gadirans depend on the sea for their wealth and everyday resources.

The sea waters are rich in pearls and Old World artefacts, making them a popular spot for skilled divers. These divers can stay underwater for 20 minutes to collect treasures from under the sea. Ameture divers and swimmers, instead, cast nets against the water currents to collect washed-up goods. They are also skilled at hunting down goods found ashore from unknown lands.

Middle-class guardians are well-known for producing nets, decors, weapons, lights from bioluminescent sea creatures, and more. Their dominating status in the mercantile business operations helps them stay afloat.

Outside of the guarded gates, you will find a rogue and lawless sub-city of Gadira where wandering Larriks and rebellious Gadirans inhabit. Here, many lower-class Gadiran merchants sell stolen treasures, fish, and various treasures found in the ocean.

The Babbumatta

If you dare to venture into the jungle, you might come across the peaceful and ever-affable Babbumattas. Their love for nature as their humble abode makes them spiritually connected to the forests they inhabit. All they need to survive is water and photosynthesis. Their favourite activity is sustaining the nature and greens around them by cultivating and growing plants through incantations and skills.

If you are brave enough to venture into the depths of the dense woodlands that they inhabit, you might find them summoning their spirit animals. They range from rye, corn, and wheat. Often, they can also be hens, goats, dogs, and other domestic animals that aid the Babbumattas in their daily tasks!

The Edenhorde’s forest being their home is near-impenetrable to Larriks and Gadirans that often eye Babbumattas’ buried offerings to the woods during their various festivals. The other reason most other tribes cant reach these treasures is the spirits. While most are friendly, some can be dangerous, monstrous, and often unidentifiable.

The Oru

In the heart of Edenhoarde, you shall come across the Oru. Only they among all are capable of traversing over the steep and winding mountain paths. Their full-metal bodies, along with their heavily defensive armours and weapons make them strong enough to move boulders, trees, or any immovable objects with ease. They do not rest or follow any rules of hierarchy. Moreover, gender roles and sizes do not define their identities. They, of course, do like to accessorize themselves with pretty trinkets to celebrate a degree of individualism.

The birth and death cycle of the Oru is one week, and they do not celebrate due to not being aware of these mortal concepts. If other Oru appeared to them during these incidents and communicate through beeps and humming noises.

Check out Edenhorde NFT’s official Twitter page to know more.

Edenhorde NFTs: Help Your Favorite Tribes Thrive Today!

The Edenhorde NFTs are an adorable bunch of hardworking creatures, helping the Edenhorde continent prosper every day. Their unique features, distinguishing characteristics, and hooking backstories have pulled in NFT enthusiasts from far and wide!


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