Are you looking to download the best baseball games for PC? Skim through our article to learn about Popular baseball games for your Windows PC in 2023.

Baseball is one of the games that boasts an exceptionally loyal fan base. The immense love for it has led to the creation of various stunning baseball games for PC. The huge selection of baseball games for PC today makes it hard to narrow down to a great title.

But the games compiled by us will surely give you an unforgettable experience. We’ve characterized baseball games based on their intuitive gameplay, sophisticated and realistic baseball simulation, ability to customize characters, and the addition of careful decision-making on the field.

The Top Baseball Games for PC – 2023 Guide!

The baseball games for PC listed below are ideal for both seasoned players and newcomers. The presence of various gaming modes and player development will let you feel like you are actually in the game.

Like die-hard fans of the real sport, different players want different experiences. Some may want to smash a baseball all day with the touch of a button, whereas others would want to take on a manager’s role in making the way to the coveted championship. Irrespective of your wants, our baseball games list for PC compilation will not disappoint you.

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1) Super Mega Baseball 3

Super Mega Baseball 3 Best Baseball Games for PC

Super Mega Baseball 3 exemplifies realistic baseball gameplay at its finest. It is a friendlier version of complex baseball simulation games with offline and online playing options. The grounded gameplay, with hits coming off the bat and fielders playing to their abilities according to their stats, makes this game a great option.

The makers have revamped the user interface with fresh audio, character content, and fully detailed ballparks. It features new pick-off and stealing mechanics, designated hitters, and situational player traits.

Super Mega Baseball 3 Top Baseball Games for PC

New additions to this baseball game are the franchise and online League modes. The former features the development of players, ageing, retirement, and releasing free agents. You are free to build your league with the aid of the customization suite. The Online League mode lets you develop a cross-platform league with your fellows easily.

You can edit different things anytime or simulate a specific combination of teams or games in customized Seasons. The Super Mega Baseball game will challenge the hand-eye coordination of both novice and expert players, albeit in a friendly way.

Download and play on Steam: Super Mega Baseball 3

2) Out of The Park Baseball 24

Out of The Park Baseball 24 Best Baseball Games for PC

Are you missing playing baseball this spring? Out of the Park Baseball 24 will be a perfect choice. This realist PC simulation of leading a baseball team is full of dynamic 3D visuals. The game provides online and offline playing options, and its audience model provides innovative running, fielding, batting, and pitching animations.

As a manager, you can get personal with your team with their numbers and names written on their jerseys. This game delivers accessibility that enables seasoned players and beginners to tailor their experience to suit their preferences.

Out of the Park Baseball 24 gives a stimulating challenge when it comes to running your game. Players need to think about how to lock in their superstars with enhanced contract negotiations or use the new trade negotiations to outperform their opponents. As a player, you can see the result of your actions and decisions on the screen with onscreen analytics.

Perfect Team 24 is an online competition mode with multiple new player cards and a live mode. This enables the player to get rewarded every day of the MLB season. The new pitcher BABIP model introduces novel degrees of strategies throughout the game. This game will always leave you amazed with new content throughout the season.

Download and play on Steam: Out Of The Park Baseball 24

3) Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings

Super Mega Baseball Extra Innings Best Baseball Game For PC

This is an action-packed offline baseball game for PC that will absorb you completely. Be careful, though the game boasts of a novel difficulty control scheme, the Ego system offering a kind of difficulty per user, which is well acknowledged for levelling the player’s field.

This arcade baseball simulator features realistic simulation wherein if you aren’t aware of the rules, you won’t be able to play it. The game pushes you to the extreme with simple controls that need tremendous practice to master.

You may try out the cooperative mode or the competitive mode and employ the Ego system to configure a competitive game with your friends of varying skill levels.

The level of customization is also great, and it is possible to change the presentation and names of the players in your team. The game also enables you to make numerous aesthetic adjustments.

Want to flaunt your MVP-quality skills? Use the batting and pitching statistics for ballplayers.
The game is apt for both beginners and seasoned players. It’s well-made and coherent, with a difficulty system that matches the abilities of all types of players and gives them a chance to improve them.

Download and play on Steam: Super Mega Baseball Extra Innings

4) Super Mega Baseball 2

Super Mega Baseball 2 Best Baseball Games for PC

Super Mega Baseball 2 offers enough arcade magic to suit the taste of all players. Stunning visuals, league and team customization, accessible mechanics, and online multiplayer modes define this baseball game for PC.

It offers a polished and enhanced baseball experience with its realistic simulation, and the accurate physics engine creates realistic hits. The fast-paced gameplay can be played offline, too, in co-op, solo or versus play.

The Super Mega Baseball 2 features beautiful stadiums made using PBR rendering technology, character models that realistically scale, and a revamped user interface. The batting and pitching mechanics provide a perfect mix of strategy and simplicity. The player gets quick feedback for the accuracy of their reticle placement. Punishments are in place for missing spots.

Super Mega Baseball 2 Top Baseball Games for PC

The customization element is pretty strong in the game, with the ability to edit the names, appearance, skills, animations, and gear of the players. It’s also possible to customize the uniforms, logos, and names of your teams.

Choose a season and game length, as well as the size of the playoff bracket. The game goes all out with its heavy customization features, giving you a completely unique baseball-playing experience.

Download and play on Steam: Super Mega Baseball 2

5) Totally Baseball

TOTALLY BASEBALL Best Baseball Games for PC

Experience the thrill of being the batter, pitcher, fielder, and operating Announcer Booth. TOTALLY BASEBALL lets you engage in the complete sport from the comfort of your home. It offers a lot of variety for throwing, and you will certainly find it realistic. Begin with the Easy Mode, setting a throwing assist to high. As you get better, reduce the assistance and feel the challenge.

You can customize the character’s appearance, choose your primary hand, and have a locomotion preference. There are Practice and Tutorial modes. In the former, players learn to swing the bat and then practice pitching. Those who face difficulties throwing or aiming can use the hand canon option designed by the creators.

The Totally Baseball game lets players play from every possible position. You will see that the moment you throw from the second base to the catcher, the game turns to precisely you’re the catcher. So, you will be prompted to catch your own throws.

The graphics and sound in the game are quite pleasant. Players will feel surprised to hear the hitting of the ball and the sound of the gloves. You will find the whole setup of playing under the sky with lights glimmering on the field very visually appealing. This multiplayer game is one of the best to play on your computer.

Download and play on Steam: TOTALLY BASEBALL


Every gaming enthusiast knows how fun and entertaining playing baseball can be on a PC. The games above are handpicked to enable you to experience intense gameplay. With the ability to manage and improve your team, players increase their chances of winning. Enhanced graphics and novel customization options, and deep baseball simulations make every game a package worth exploring.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which baseball game for PC is most realistic?

A) The 2nd and 3rd versions of the Super Mega Baseball and Out of the Park Baseball 24 are PC’s most realistic baseball games. Traits like intuitive gameplay and high-quality graphics majorly account for this. Add to it the numerous customization options and multiplayer support.

2. Which is better, Super Mega Baseball 2 or 3?

A) Super Mega Baseball 3 improves over version 2 in various ways. It offers a Franchise Mode, which features player development. The mode adds more depth and strategy, which is absent in the prior version. The gameplay also gives a greater feel of the baseball game as you can experience the tension of the moment characterized by the actual game.

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