Dinosaurs are fascinating creatures. They sparkle joy on the faces of grown-ups as well as children. There are a lot of movies and shows that depict the might of dinosaurs, but only a few video games. We made sure to pick some of the best dinosaur games to play on a Windows PC that features long-gone prehistoric creatures.

Dinosaur-themed stories often include exploration, history, and terror. These are common features we enjoy in video games too. These games involve a mix of science fiction, shooting, and even simulation elements.

Whether you’re looking to play as a dinosaur, fight one, or manage them – there’s a game for you. We have compiled a list of the best dinosaur games you can play on a Windows PC which includes free and paid ones.

Best Dinosaur Games For PC To Play In 2023

The Dinosaur games we listed include both multiplayer (online) and single-player (offline) experiences. Many games have hours of playtime and content that will keep you returning for more.

1) ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK Survival Evolved Best Dinosaur Games For PC To Download And Play

ARK: Survival Evolved is one of the top Dinosaur Games for PC if you’re into massive worlds with a lot of crafting and base-building. It’s an online game that asks you to create, survive and sustain life on an unknown island, solo or with up to 100 other players. There is also a player-versus-player (PVP) element that lets you fight against opponents.

Along with different dinosaurs, you can train different creatures as your pets and companions. Adventuring across various terrains helps you find new resources to craft a better base and defences. Even after 60 hours of gameplay, you will find new things to build, discover and fight for.

What we like

  • Huge sandbox for MMO
  • Lot of crafting and base-building
What we don’t like

  • Difficult for newcomers
  • Servers connectivity issues are common.

Download and play the game on Steam: ARK Survival Evolved

2) The Isle

The Isle Best Dinosaur Games For PC To Download And Play

Have you ever thought of playing as a dinosaur in a horror survival game? Well, let us introduce you to “The Isle”, which is one of the best dinosaur games for PC. Within the Isle universe, you can run around as a dinosaur in woods or mountain ranges and come across up to 100 NPCs (non-playable characters) playing as different dinosaur species, including T. Rex & Allosaurus. Moreover, when you play The Isle’s online mode, you can interact plus compete against other players.

What we like

  • Great dinosaur animations
  • Exploring landscapes in co-op
What we don’t like

  • Finding servers is slow.
  • No saving progress across servers

Download and play the game on Steam: The Isle

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3) Jurassic World Evolution

Jurassic World Evolution Best Dinosaur Games For PC To Download And Play

Jurassic World Evolution is a single-player universe where you’re in charge of an exotic location that is home to several kinds of dinosaurs. If you’re a fan of Jurassic Park, this title will excite you since it’s a fantasy come true.

As you progress through the Dinosaur game, several islands become available. Furthermore, it increasingly provides you with sophisticated management tools. Towards the endgame scenario, uncovering hidden dinosaur DNA improves your tycoon-style direction. This also puts creative thinking and scientific acumen to the test.

What we like

  • The management system is accurate.
  • Customization options are expansive
What we don’t like

  • Fast-forwarding time isn’t an option.
  • Small areas for building new structures

Download and play the game on Steam: Jurassic World Evolution

4) Turok

Turok Best Dinosaur Games For PC To Download And Play

Turok is a single-player world where dinosaurs rule. It’s a modernized take on a 1997 game where you want to bring justice. But How? Well, with 14 Monstrous High-tech Weapons as you progress through the game and kill everything in your way.

Dinosaurs aren’t the only threat here since you will encounter other fierce creatures that may rip you apart if you’re not careful. This is just the beginning, though. There’s a larger evil at play here underneath the monsters you battle against. It is up to you to go guns-blazin’ and take necessary action.

What we like

  • An old classic remaster
  • Impressive soundtrack
What we don’t like

  • AI feels unresponsive
  • Hollow level design

Download and play the game on Steam: Turok

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5) Dino D-Day

Dino D-Day Best Dinosaur Games For PC To Download And Play

Dino D-Day is a fictional shooter game set in 1942. In this game’s history, Adolf Hitler has won the war and resurrected dinosaurs. It’s up to you how you stop this Nazi army of dinosaurs. As you fight on different landscapes, you will unlock new ways of being a killing machine – from M1 Garand to a Thompson sub-machine gun.

There are 26 classic World War II weapons to wield! There are playable dinosaurs, too, with 9 types to play as. The dinosaur game plays online since you can face real players. Otherwise, you are playing against AI-controlled humans and dinosaurs.

What we like

  • WWII elements with a twist!
  • Great collection of historic weapons
What we don’t like

  • Servers are empty
  • Predictable AI

Download and play the game on Steam: Dino D-Day

6) Parkasaurus

Parkasaurus Best Dinosaur Games For PC To Download And Play

Parkasaurus is a tycoon-simulation dinosaur game playable on PC where you design exhibits to keep your dinosaurs safe and healthy. It is a single-player offline game with adorable 3D isometric-like graphics. Progressing through the game involves raising little dino babies hatching from eggs to full-grown dinosaurs.

The game includes over 24 types of dinosaurs. You travel the globe doing different missions, growing as a visionary. The management style gameplay also includes overlooking employees and research to evolve your exhibits.

What we like

  • Simple and clean visuals
  • Controls are easy to pick up
What we don’t like

  • Not challenging at all.
  • Guests’ AI needs improvement

Download and play the game on Steam: Parkasaurus

7) Primal Carnage: Extinction

Primal Carnage Extinction Best Dinosaur Games For PC To Download And Play

Primal Carnage: Extinction is an online PVP and co-op game about the fight between humans and dinosaurs. If you choose to play as a dinosaur, you can pick from 12 deadly dinosaur classes. Eat, devour, and rage your way against petty humans!

On the flip side, fight against deadly dinosaurs with weapons in hand. You can do this alone or with the help of real players. Progressing through the game rewards you with different customization options (that include Dinosaur skins). This is one of the best dinosaur games with high adrenaline and multiplayer tactics to show off.

What we like

  • Fast-paced and smooth gameplay
  • Challenging gunplay
What we don’t like

  • Unbalanced Dinosaur types
  • Lack of developer support

Download and play the game on Steam: Primal Carnage Extinction

8) Prehistoric Kingdom

Prehistoric Kingdom Best Dinosaur Games For PC To Download And Play

Prehistoric Kingdom is a gorgeously accurate single-player (offline) simulator. You will be building a world for prehistoric, extinct animals. This experience lets you design exhibits where you can freely use powerful creative tools.

Furthermore, recruit helpful staff, and build infrastructure that invites guests to visit your creations. With over 20 prehistoric creatures, you will progress and earn the ability to manage the likes of Wooly Mammoths and T-Rex. As you progress, growing as a tycoon also rewards you with customization options for the exhibits.

What we like

  • A smooth UI
  • Creatures are unique
What we don’t like

  • Repetitive bugs/glitches
  • Park management gets monotonous

Download and play the game on Steam: Prehistoric Kingdom

9) Animal Revolt Battle Simulator

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator Best Dinosaur Games For PC To Download And Play

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator is a fascinating physics-based battle simulator where you create conflict between different creatures. This single-player offline experience ensures you have a great time with ragdoll physics and funny situations. Get ready to place enormous creatures against an army of up to seven units. Or, sit back and watch different creatures battle each other.

To experience things on a deeper level, feel free to switch to first-person camera mode and watch the fight up close. The more you play, the more you progress – choose up to 70 creatures to pick fights with. The developers also add a new creature once every two weeks.

What we like

  • Ragdoll physics is hilarious
  • Imaginative gameplay
What we don’t like

  • The PC version isn’t updated frequently.
  • Difficult controls

Download and play the game on PC from Steam: Animal Revolt Battle Simulator

10) Dinosaur Fossil Hunter: Prologue – Free To Play

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Prologue Best Dinosaur Games For PC To Download And Play

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter: Prologue puts you in the shoes of a young palaeontologist. It’s a free-to-play single-player game where you travel across different US locations to discover hidden dinosaur fossils. Get your hands on preparation tools and go through bone-cleaning stages to aid your exploration.

The dinosaur models are highly detailed, and you can rotate (zoom in/out, too) to see intricate attributes. The narrative is quite immersive and hooks you throughout the game. Furthermore, as you progress, you grow as a palaeontologist and honour your curiosity regarding dinosaurs. It’s a game for anyone who is a fan of dinosaurs and loves exploration.

What we like

  • Character-building and narrative
  • Exploration and fossil details
What we don’t like

  • Complicated controls
  • Cleaning fossils isn’t rewarding

Download and play the game on Steam: Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Prologue

Conclusion – Best Dinosaur Games

There you have it. These were our favourite dinosaur-themed games you can play on your Windows PC. All of these titles are available on Steam to download, and you can try it out right now. Thanks to the Summer Sale, many of these titles are discounted.

The single-player offline games may ask you to connect to the internet if you have saved files on Steam (cloud save). Or in order to check if you have purchased the game authentically. Most of the single-player experiences can be enjoyed without worrying about solid internet connectivity.


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