While building a gaming rig, we often stumble around the question, how do I choose the best gaming mouse? Well, as intriguing as it may sound, buying a gaming mouse is more about your comfort than finding a suitable configuration. 

With so many mice in the market, going through every minute detail can consume more time. Therefore, all the necessary configurations are carefully curated in this article to help you out with the things to consider before buying a gaming mouse in 2022. Similarly, as the article progresses, one can also differentiate between a regular mouse and a gaming mouse. 

How To Choose Between A Gaming Mouse And A Regular Mouse? 

How To Choose Between A Gaming Mouse And A Regular Mouse

While the simplest differentiation is the cost price, users must be well-adverse to the various functionality that makes a gaming mouse stand out. Better DPI enhances the gaming experience. With fewer efforts to move the cursor, a gaming mouse uses both optical and laser sensors, while a normal mouse depends on optical sensors. A normal mouse will have around 1000 DPI, whereas a gaming mouse will have 4000 DPI in play. 

A regular mouse is well-equipped with 3 buttons assigned to a specific task. However, a gaming mouse comprises at least 11 buttons whose task can be selected by the user. These buttons can be configured, and one can alter the mouse’s weight, unlike in a regular mouse.

 Similarly, look out for the polling rate as it affects the cursor’s sensitivity, and a high DPI can fail you if the polling rate is low. Well, this surely helps you with the things to consider before buying a gaming mouse. 

5 Important Tips To Consider Before Buying A Gaming Mouse 

How Do I Choose The Best Gaming Mouse Things To Know 2022

1) Consider a Gaming Mouse With a Better Response Rate 

While gaming on a pc, having a responsive mouse brings a better gaming experience for the user. Usually measured as DPI or Dots per Inch, this configuration is often bragged about by most companies. Describing the mouse’s sensitivity, having a high DPI device will provide several benefits during mouse-sensitive games. 

Roughly, one dot equates to one pixel, and therefore keeping a check on your screen resolution is a must. Look out for your device’s horizontal display size and compare it with the DPI to pick the right mouse. Usually, a 4K display would require a 4000 DPI mouse. 

However, DPI is not an accurate measure of an effective gaming mouse. It only portrays that the sensor is sensitive. Therefore, it is recommended to compare it with the polling rate. This must range around the DPI to provide a good experience. 

Similarly, choosing the right DPI is more of a personal choice. Even if you didn’t pick the right configuration in the first place, this could be altered under the gaming specifications to slow down the cursor movement. 

2) Consider Gaming Mouse With Better Connectivity 

Choosing between a wired and a wireless mouse seems to be a vital decision, as it can affect your gaming in the long run. While both devices carry their perks, one must smartly compare them with the cons it carries.

 As popular as it gets, owning a wireless mouse can bring a hassle-free environment as you lose on cable management and have the freedom to operate away from the desk as well. Similarly, a wired mouse comes in cheaper and avoids rational issues like charging the battery regularly. 

Using a wireless mouse makes sense when the user can deal with the cons wisely. If replacing the battery regularly is a viable option, then the user can choose the same. However, as the battery starts to lose its power, there is a high probability that it starts to lag. This, in turn, can disturb your gameplay during a long gaming session. 

One must opt for the 2.4GHz radio connection to tackle the issue, which can cost extra bucks compared to the wireless mouse. 

3) Consider Gaming Mouse With Extra Buttons 

While most mice come with two extra buttons on the side, some advanced gadgets on the market unleash an entirely new experience for users. One such device is the Razer Naga Pro, which comes with 12 side buttons and is distinguished as the best MMO gaming mouse.

 However, users can use this peripheral for more than just MMO or MOBA gaming. But the obvious flaw of the model is the bulkiness and the extra weight it brings in. Therefore, make a wise decision while choosing the same. 

4) Weight And Bulkiness In Gaming Mouse? – Point to Note. 

Often missing out on this specification, most people avoid weight as a thing to consider before buying a gaming mouse. High-end gamers advise using a gaming mouse that ranges around 100gm and not more. However, it is often tough to find a good trade-off between a good ergonomic mouse and a fast-paced one. 

An ergonomic mouse can come in bulky, and therefore, users can find it difficult to use during a long gaming session. Similarly, a fast-paced mouse or small mouse can seem like the wrong toy for people with big hands. 

In other words, this component must be wisely looked at by the user during the purchase time.

5) Gaming Mouse Sensor Types 

The type of sensor to choose from stands as the last thing to consider before buying a gaming mouse. Even though people recommend using laser sensors compared to optical, there isn’t much difference between them as technology has paced up. 

One slight advantage that a laser mouse has over an optical mouse is its ability to capture the ground surface better. Whether it be glass or metal, you can operate the mouse effortlessly without using a Mouse pad. Synchronizing all the points, one can easily answer the question, how do I choose the best gaming mouse? 

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A gaming mouse is a smart peripheral that every user must choose wisely. From selecting the right DPI to configuring the perfect ergonomics, every minute detail can offer a better experience if dealt with smartly. 

Therefore, keep in mind these 5 things to consider before buying a gaming mouse in 2022!

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