Building an impeccable gaming pc can be a daunting task. Aiming to meet all your preference within a budget subverts the idea of a pre-built desktop device. In order to build a gaming pc, the user must acknowledge every hardware installed in the device.

With this How To Build A Gaming PC guide, users can assemble each piece of hardware as per their preference and acknowledge every update required in the long run. From graphics requirements to frame rate, every aspect of an assembled gaming pc will be discussed in this article. Let’s set up your gaming journey in the most authentic way possible!

Understanding The Hardware/ Components Needed To Assemble A Gaming PC

How To Build A Gaming PC In 2022? Step By Step User Guide

A gaming pc revolves around seven different hardware, which formulates the realms a user must know about. From owning a CPU to repairing each part, one must be aware of the different terminologies associated with the same.

Beginning with the basic, frames per second (fps) improves the gaming quality as it defines the motion smoothness one experiences on-screen. While a basic pc accommodates 30fps, it is necessary to add on a high-performing GPU and graphics card to improve the same.
Nvidia, the leading graphic card manufacturer company, provides two authenticated models, GTX and RTX. While the world was gaming at 1080 and 1440 resolution, GTX revolutionized the same with 4K gaming at good fps. On the other hand, RTX upholds the culture with its Turing architecture and provides 50 per cent better performance.

Speaking about the processor, the core acts as the brain of your gaming pc and depicts the number of tasks that can be associated. Intel uses hyper-threading to split one into virtual cores. A processor with four cores can perform eight tasks simultaneously using threading. However, don’t confuse the different chip models with the number of cores. For example, the Intel Core i7 processor won’t necessarily have seven cores.

Other Hardware Important For Setting Up A Gaming Pc Is As Follows –

  • Power Supply Unit or PSU
  • Motherboard
  • Case
  • Storage or Hard Drive
  • RAM

8 Steps To Build A Gaming PC – Beginner’s Guide

8 Steps To Build A Gaming PC

Well, the only way to make your gaming pc last a fortune is by buying the best hardware out there. In this article, we have recommended top-notch up-to-date hardware. One can expect the setup to last 7-10 years without any major upgrade with such a configuration. Similarly, this guide unleashes unparalleled methods to set up the gaming device.

The process starts with deciding the case size. Typically, the case comes in three different sizes, and this article will use the mid-size case. Similarly, the case size varies as per the components one buys. A typical mid-size case is 20 inches long, 7 inches wide, and 20 inches tall in size. Apart from it, extra room is available for air circulation, providing a modest cooling system for long-term gaming.

Users can decide on purchasing large or mini-case sizes if the motherboard fits the same. However, it is recommended to use the mid-tower case if you’re a beginner.

Step 1 of Gaming PC Set Up – Setting Up The Processor

Choosing the best component for our gaming pc setup, ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 Hero is indeed the best motherboard available in the market. With LGA 1700 Socket, every latest core processor can be attached to this beast. Providing a dynamic opportunity, users can inherit up to 4 M.2 SSD in the motherboard. Currently, this beast is priced at $637.99.

Similarly, the core processor is delicate to handle and requires greater attention. Intel Core i9-12900K (CPU) opens an unmatched experience with next-gen technology. With an 8+8 core design, users can acknowledge heavy activities for a total of 24 cores in the game. Currently, the hardware is priced at $1069.99.

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X is a cheaper substitute to the processor mentioned and is priced at $475. Whatsoever, there is no comparison between the two and would recommend users to stick to Intel Core i9-12900K if there is no budget issue.

To begin with, users must unpack their motherboard and look out for the CPU socket to fit the core in. It is a small box covered by a metal cap and perfectly fits the CPU. Move forward by opening the metal lever on the side. Place the core in the box based on the metal cap’s outlay. Without pressing on the core, close the cap and put the metal lever back to lock the core in place.

Note: Hold the core from the edge without pressing on the golden dots present. Being prone to physical damage, the CPU and motherboard are delicate to handle.

Step 2 of Gaming PC Set Up – Install RAM

For a pro-gaming setup, installing high-end RAM to provide faster processing is necessary. RAM stores all the data that are used actively by the computer. Lesser RAM storage signifies less space for important data. In this setup, we will use the ASUS DDR 5 U-DIMM 32GB Kit, which comes in two chips of 16GB each. However, if the product is not available, users can opt for the same configuration under a different company name.

The ROG Maximus comes with two slots right below the CPU space and fits the RAM horizontally. Gently push the golden chip inside the slot. Using the metal gap in between can help attach the hardware efficiently.

Step 3 of Gaming PC Set Up– Set Up The SSD

SSD represents the storage unit for your gaming pc. The current Gaming PC creation setup utilizes an M.2 SSD and a 2.5mm screwdriver to deal with the same. With Corsair MP400 M.2 8TB SSD (Priced at $1454), every software can be explored on the desktop. The storage capacity always stays an optional choice, and one is free to reduce the same as per the budget constraints.

With 4 M.2 SSD slots on Maximus Z690, users have the freedom to expand their storage capacity in the future. On the left of the motherboard, unscrew the plastic cap with the caption, republic of Gamers to insert the SSD hardware. Gently slight the golden chips inside the motherboard and put on the notch at the top (near the screw hole). Now, screw up the SSD to fit it right.

Step 4 of Gaming PC Set Up – Place The Motherboard Inside The Case

Choosing the best case provides an unparalleled experience for your Gaming PC creation! Corsair 5000D Airflow Mid-Tower configures the best with the Maximus Z690 motherboard. The sleek glass panel provides an explicit view of the inside, encouraging the users to opt for the same. Easy to handle, this mid-tower case is supposed to be kept on the desk to enjoy the rejuvenating lights produced by the upcoming graphics card and cooling unit.

To fit the motherboard in, open the case by unscrewing the glass panel. Insert the motherboard with all the plug inputs facing the case’s back. Screw all the holes to fit it tight!

Step 5 of Gaming PC Set Up – Add The Power Supply Unit

Your Gaming desktop is technically non-existential if you forget to add a PSU. Adding a modular PSU provides lesser complicacy with cable management. On the other hand, this benefits the cooling system as it adds up to a spacious ambience for air circulation. Usually, a 1100W PSU works fine but using Seasonic Prime PX-1300W Power Supply offers superior functionality and zero risk of any power shortage.

Follow the manual and insert all the cables as required. Insert the PSU below the motherboard in your case, with the fans facing outside. However, if you purchase a different case, look out for a vent and fit the hardware right there.

Step 6 of Gaming PC Set-Up – Attach The Cooling Fan

While ROG Maximus Z690 comes in with integrated fans, installing Kraken Z73 RGB propagates better temperature maintenance. In other words, it avoids any physical damage in the long run. The cooling fan also displays the temperature giving a sleek look to the design.

Open the case from the top and attach the unit there. This cooling fan comes with pre-applied thermal paste making it easier to stick it to the CPU. The thermal paste attaches the cooling unit to the processor. However, don’t forget to screw the holes.

Step 7 of Gaming PC Set-Up – Install The Graphics Processing Unit

As mentioned earlier, this setup promotes all high-end hardware. With GeForce RTX 3090 in play, this gaming pc would hardly require an upgrade in the next 5-7 years. Currently, it is priced at $1999 with no competition to deal with.

Find the longest PCIe* slot in your case. Connect the motherboard to the GPU using the cables available. With some fast cable management, close the case up and switch it on to enjoy the magnificent view.

Step 8 of Gaming PC Set-Up – Install The Operating System (Windows 11)

After attaching the required hardware for your Gaming PC, like the monitor, mouse, and keyboard, it is time to install the operating system to make it accessible for daily use. In order to install the operating system, one must use a USB drive.

Users can visit the official website to download Windows 11 on their PD. Connect the same to the desktop and switch on the setup. Complete the required steps to configure Windows 11 on your desktop.

Restart your device, and your gaming pc is ready to go all beast on your favourite games!

Tools To Setup Your Gaming PC In 2022

While setting up a gaming pc sounds like a lot of work, the process becomes easier with the proper tools. Most of the required tools are provided with the hardware one purchase. However, purchasing a magnetic screwdriver is necessary. In this article, we will be installing an M.2 SSD drive and hence, use a 2.5mm screwdriver.

Apart from it, the user must wear rubber slippers or use a non-carpet surface to avoid electrostatic discharge. Hardware like motherboards and processors are susceptible to electrical damage.

Frequently Asked Questions On Steps To Build Gaming PC (FAQs)

Q1. What if the gaming pc doesn’t start?

While it sounds like something to be panicked about, users must go through all the steps once again. After switching on the Gaming PC device, look out for individual components which are not operating. GPU, cooling fan, and PSU will provide enough indicators like operating fans to check their functionality. In case any component is not operating, look out for loose cables. With the manual provided, look out for errors.

Similarly, if the components are functioning properly, look out for any loose ends with hardware connections on the outside. With this, there would hardly be any issues left to deal with. Consult a technician if the issue at hand is still not solved.

Q2. Is PC Gaming better than console?
Both console and pc gaming provides a delightful experience when it comes to gaming. However, a console is restricted in its functionality, and a gaming pc can be utilized for other tasks as well. On the other hand, there is a fair trade-off in price when one has to choose between the two. Therefore, if you aren’t a geek for pc gaming, opting for a console might seem like a reasonable decision.


While the setup above will cost you around $6000, there are other reasonable options in the market. However, it is all about an unmatched experience when gaming on a pc. Therefore, stick to the components mentioned and live for the experience we all deserve!

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