Searching for the best Discord soundboards for gamers? Want your Discord audio messages to sound different from your original voice? Browse this article to learn about the top Discord soundboards.

Soundboards are desktop programs, mobile apps, physical devices, or web software for playing audio clips or soundtracks. They are predominantly used to enhance surround sound effects, modulate voices, record sound pieces, and create audio content. Besides, you can add timed reactions to live streams and make chats/video calls engaging using soundboards.

Lately, Discord has emerged as the most sought-after voice, video, and messaging app for interacting with buddies, sharing gaming experiences, and building online communities. Connecting your Discord channel to a soundboard will spice up your Discord postings and attract more audiences.

So, continue reading for more details on leading soundboards for Discord.

What Are Discord Soundboard Applications?

Soundboards are surfaces with a cluster of buttons, each generating a specific sound when pressed. The best soundboards for Discord are virtual audio devices that play custom sound files as per the programmed audio input and project the sounds over chats and video streams. Simply put, streamers and gamers can bind every tab of the digital soundboard to a particular sound/voice/emotion to make Discord experiences amusing.

Top Discord Soundboard For Gamers & Streamers – An Elaborate Review

Based on essential assessment criteria like connectivity, pricing, output quality, user-friendliness, features, and personal experience, We have identified and reviewed the best soundboards for Discord below.

1) AV Voice Changer – Edit Audio In Real-Time And Create Waveforms

AV Voice Changer - Edit Audio In Real-Time And Create WaveformsAV Voice Changer is an excellent Discord soundboard for gamers and streamers for editing the gender and age of your voice. Offering an add-on library of voice effects and preferences, AV Voice Changer enables users to produce unique voice modulations by creating diverse setting combinations. Thus, you can sound younger, older, deeper, shriller, manlier, or any way you desire.

In short, AV Voice Changer has state-of-the-art functionalities and can be a good choice for Discord if you are willing to spend $100 for a lifetime license.

Features we like:

  • Industry-leading voice modification algorithms for optimal natural-quality audio outputs.
  • Batch file editor.
  • Compact audio modifier.
  • Voice editor for cutting/splitting/copying audio and applying effects.
  • 17+ non-human voices, 70+ background scores, and 40+ plug-in audio effects.
  • Voice Morpher, analyzer, comparator, and recorder.
  • Mimicker and parody mixers.
  • Hotkeys and embedded audio player.

Download AV Voice Changer: AV Voice Changer

2) Clownfish Voice Changer – A System Level Voice Editor

Clownfish Voice Changer - A System Level Voice EditorClownfish is system software for modifying voices and affects every application using audio capture devices or microphones. So if you want to create a helium, custom, male, female, or baby pitch, ClownFish is worth exploring. The other built-in voice effects include alien, robot, mutation, clone, radio, and atari. Besides, the voice assistant can convert natural language texts into human-like speech.

Features we like:

  • Configurable VST plugins.
  • Sound player.
  • Hotkeys with preset sounds.
  • Music player with playlists and improved audio controls.

Download Clownfish Voice Changer: Clownfish Voice Changer

3) JN Soundboard – An Open Source Program Coded In C#

JN Soundboard - An Open Source Program Coded In CJN Soundboard is a powerful application built using the NAudio library – an audio API comprising hotkeys to play sounds into chosen gadgets like virtual audio cables, speakers, etc. Besides, it helps play arbitrary sounds from multiple files and possesses the “Microphone Loopback” feature to loop sounds through playback devices.

We found JN Soundboard beneficial for configuring, saving, modifying, deleting, and playing around with hotkeys.

Features we like:

  • Hotkeys to stop playing sounds and load XML documents containing hotkeys.
  • Restricting hotkeys to play only when a particular window operates in the foreground.
  • Automatic pressing of push-to-talk keys while playing audio.
  • Text-to-speech.

4) Soundpad – Assign Global Shortcuts

Soundpad - Assign Global ShortcutsSoundpad is one of the best soundboards for Discord to set global hotkeys, meaning your key combinations would be recognized even if Soundpad is the inactive window.

While Soundpad supports single-key, mouse, and Numpad hotkeys, I found the special hotkeys really “special.” These distinct keybinds help perform numerous actions like selecting files, stopping/starting playbacks, changing play modes, modifying speaker volumes, enabling/disabling/toggling auto keys, etc.

Features we like:

  • Pass and Allow hotkeys
  • Sound recorder with audio preferences and hotkeys.
  • Sound editor with additional toggle options like sound file attributes, visualization canvas, etc.
  • Play modes.
  • Auto keys for automatically registering a key press.
  • Remote control for managing Soundpad from command-line interfaces or other apps.
  • Instant sound searches
  • Voice normalization.
  • Speedy and lightweight
  • Block voice.

Download Soundpad: Soundpad

5) Voxal Voice Changer – Disguise Voices In Real Time

Voxal Voice Changer - Disguise Voices In Real TimeVoxal Voice Changer is an excellent software for changing, refining, and impersonating voices on applications using microphones. It helps retain anonymity or distort voices effectively in audio projects and voiceovers by providing limitless voice disguiser options. Besides, it integrates effortlessly with all apps without disrupting your current configurations.

Voxal could be your trusted audio enhancer if you are an avid gamer or streamer. It can make your gaming experiences more interesting by adding special effects like forests, trains, office hustle-bustles, chirping birds, etc. I often use Voxal for adding lifelike spatial sounds and custom voices to multiplayer games.

Features we like:

  • Universal compatibility
  • No effect on gaming FPS.
  • Custom hotkeys.
  • Low CPU usage.
  • Helps create voices/characters in audiobooks.
  • Vocal effects library.
  • Facilitates loading/saving of effect chains for voice alterations.

Download Voxal Voice Changer: Voxal Voice Changer

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6) Podcast Soundboard – Enhance Theatre, Podcasting, Sportscasting, Gaming, And Conference Experiences.

Podcast Soundboard - Enhance Theatre Podcasting Sportscasting Gaming And Conference ExperiencesPodcast Soundboard is a cloud-based multi-device-compatible application with MIDI support and a 100% customizable UI. A trusted brand for numerous creative projects, Podcast Soundboard can be minimized and controlled in the background while running other applications.

We love how users can route voices/audio from Podcast Soundboard to Discord using sound mixers/routers like VoiceMeeter Banana, Audio Hijack, Loopback, Virtual Audio Cable, etc.

Features we like:

  • Soundboard audio capture while recording using Soundflower.
  • Harmonious with Garageband and Adobe Audition.
  • Cloud sync
  • Online file storage
  • Trim tracks
  • Color, volume, and advanced fade controls.
  • Loops and background playback
  • Global and keyboard shortcuts
  • Multi-fire
  • Duck tabs
  • Output device picker

Download Podcast Soundboard: Podcast Soundboard

7) Resanance – Free Software For All Soundboard Needs

Resanance - Free Software For All Soundboard NeedsResanance is a fantastic Discord soundboard with innumerable features, constantly updated as per user feedback. It works well with all applications using microphone inputs and can play to multiple devices simultaneously. Moreover, users can control local and mic sound volumes individually.

Personally, Resanance helped us add as many keys, buttons, or sounds as we wanted. We could also adjust the volume per sound and per button.

Features we like:

  • Text-to-Speech.
  • MIDI support.
  • Users can change button size, borders, and colors.
  • Set random sounds with hotkeys.

Download Resanance: Resanance

8) MorphVox Pro – Touch Greater Heights With Superior Voice Changing Capabilities

MorphVox Pro - Touch Greater Heights With Superior Voice Changing CapabilitiesMorphVox Pro is one of the best soundboards for Discord for gamers, with high-quality sounds, new ultra-violet background cancellations, and advanced voice-learning technology. It enables users to optimize in-game audio and sound like monsters, dwarfs, giants, fairies, action heroes, or characters in gaming metaverses.

We particularly found the extensive library of free sound packs and voices fascinating. Besides, we could do unlimited tweaks to the voice tract filters and backgrounds to sound like we were not at home but elsewhere.

Features we like:

  • Robust voice-learning algorithms.
  • Low bandwidth
  • Environmental effects on voices
  • “Quick Voices” to produce effects with single keystrokes.
  • Audio alarms
  • Morphing audio files and saving morphed voices to files.
  • Novel interface with palettes and content organizers.
  • Pre/post graphic equalizer
  • Voice parsing inspection
  • Stereo microphone support.
  • Voice tuning and comparisons.
  • Color Blast, Spectrogram, and Frequency Spectrum visualizations.

Download MorphVox Pro: MorphVox Pro

9) EXP Soundboard – Trigger Sounds With Customized Keyboard Hotkeys

EXP Soundboard - Trigger Sounds With Customized Keyboard HotkeysEXP Soundboard is a worthy option for Discord, especially for playing voices through virtual audio cables (VAC) and hearing the vocalizations on your speaker. Besides, when you switch on the built-in Mic Injector, your Mic sounds will pass into the VAC.

In essence, if you love to preset custom keyboard shortcuts for sounds and play them through your output devices, namely speakers and virtual cords, you will love the open-source EXP Soundboard.

Features we like:

  • “Save” functionality to preserve soundboard combinations.
  • Tailored keyboard hotkeys
  • Convertors for turning audio files into compatible formats.

Download EXP Soundboard: EXP Soundboard

10) Voicemod – Augment Gaming And Streaming Experiences With The Top Soundboard For Windows

Voicemod - Augment Gaming And Streaming Experiences With The Top Soundboard For WindowsVoicemod is an amazing soundboard for gamers to create and customize their “favorite” sounds. An exciting aspect of Voicemod is the Elgato Stream Deck integration for creating consistent sound reactions using easy-to-assign keystrokes. We managed to build personalized profiles like the Talking Ben soundboard using Voicemod’s comprehensive library of pre-built sounds.

Moreover, if you are a meme creator, Voicemod’s meme soundboard would come in handy with much-themed content, songs, real-life natural sounds, and effects. Plus, you can boost your immersive roleplays by blending custom and pre-designed soundboard meme options.

Features we like:

  • Funny virtual MP3 custom soundboard for Discord.
  • Compatible with gaming and streaming software.
  • Voice changer and simulator with multiple filters.

Download Voicemod: Voicemod

Best Soundboards For Discord For Gamers In 2023 – Closing Thoughts!

Most of the above Discord soundboards are compatible with iOS, macOS, Windows, and Android. All support standard media formats like .wav and .mp3, while some also support other formats like .wma, .ac3, .ogg, .flac, etc. They can be downloaded for free, and their paid versions are nominally priced, usually below $50.

Summing up, soundboards are cost-effective tools for generating riveting audio experiences and enhancing communications on apps like Discord, Twitch, Zoom, TeamSpeak, Skype, etc.

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