Best Free Offline Games For PC To Download & Play In 2022

Best Free Offline Games For PC

Are you looking for the best free offline games for PC with free downloads? Want to duel with human-controlled avatars or AI-powered non-player characters at no extra cost? Skim through our article to learn about free-to-play games.

Free offline PC games are entertainment avenues that do not require an active internet connection and payment for enjoying a few hours of gaming. They provide an affordable gaming experience with exciting functionalities and options to purchase in-game performance boosters or items. Besides, the zero-cost gaming ecosystem helps small developers promote new games, acquire paid subscribers, encourage microtransactions, and monetize their titles.

Moreover, most free video games are device-agnostic and function well on desktops, gaming consoles, and portable devices. Continue reading to get more information on the top-ranked free offline PC games.

Which Are The Best Free Offline Games For PC In 2022?

Based on various evaluation criteria like popularity, downloadability, offline availability, multi-device compatibility, free features, game modes, etc., we have identified and compiled a list of free offline games for pc below.

  • Asphalt 8: Airborne – An intensive driving game with a novel physics engine.
  • Candy Crush Saga – A celebrated puzzle game with a huge international fanbase.
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – An action-packed multiplayer first-person shooter skill game.
  • Fishing Planet – A game physics-driven fishing simulator to improve angling abilities.
  • FlightGear – A one-of-a-kind aircraft modeling simulator
  • GT Racing 2 – A premier racing game providing a real-life automotive safari and innovative car dynamics.
  • Minetest – An open-source voxel graphics game in the Sandbox universe.
  • 0. A.D – A historical fiction game harnessing warfare strategies and combat experiences.
  • – A snake game with speed & energy boosters to grow your serpent and defeat competitors.

9 Free Offline Games For PC – A Detailed Review

The games reviewed below work in online and offline modes, have massive content depth, and facilitate solo cum multiplayer gaming. Moreover, they can be downloaded and installed on user devices free from Google Play, Microsoft, or App Stores.

1) Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8 Airborne An Intensive Driving Game With A Novel Physics Engine

Asphalt 8: Airborne is a unique offline PC game offering from the stables of Gameloft – a pioneer in video game development since the 2000s. Boasting 300+ authorized vehicles, 75+ tracks, 400+ events, 1.5K+ challenges, 2.3K+ decals, and 6+ modes, Asphalt 8 is a fantastic mobile racing game.

Moreover, it is the perfect platform for stashing car/motorbike digital collectibles from premium manufacturers like Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, Chevrolet, etc. Racers also get ample opportunities to perform gravity-defying feats and win blockbuster prizes in time-bound contests.

Additionally, Asphalt 8 promises a thrilling racing experience on enchanting landscapes, from the streets of Tokyo to the deserts of Nevada. The latest upgrade provides a special icon next to the Garage to maximize your vehicles and grab exclusive items.

Game Download Link: Asphalt 8

2) Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga A Celebrated Puzzle Game With A Huge International Fanbase

This sweet chocolate-blasting saga offers thousands of levels, leaving you with an insatiable urge for more goodies. Candy Crush Saga is an offline playable PC game with an attractive puzzle challenge involving switching and matching three or more candies in a row. Moreover, players get boosters to blast the extra sticky and hard rock puzzle pieces to complete a level faster.

With quick thinking, intelligent moves, and excellent puzzle-solving insight, you can seamlessly progress to advanced levels and earn rewards like delicious candy combos, rainbow cascades, cherries, sugar crystals, jellies, cookies, etc.

Besides, players can whirl the daily booster wheel to acquire additional bounties. They can also participate in multiplayer tournaments and win mega prizes by becoming the highest score getter.

Game Download Link: Candy Crush Saga

3) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)

Counter Strike Global Offensive An Action Packed Multiplayer First Person Shooter Skill Game

CS: GO is an extended version of the original shooting gameplay Counter-Strike by Valve & Hidden Path Entertainment. CS: GO is a P2P offline PC game wherein two teams compete in multiple rounds, featuring upgraded interactive maps, weapons, skill groups, accessories, and characters. The team winning the maximum rounds is the ultimate champion.

The game modes offered are Competitive, Wingman, Casual, Deathmatch, Arms Race, Flying Scoutman, and Demolition. A pre-defined set of rules governs each mode.

Moreover, it offers a built-in online matchmaking functionality and periodically organizes local, national, and global tournaments. The battling squad must complete challenges like freeing hostages, diffusing bombs, eliminating terrorists, engaging in close-quarter combats, etc., to obtain powerful ammunition and win the series.

Game Download Link: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)

4) Fishing Planet

Fishing Planet A Game Physics Driven Fishing Simulator To Improve Angling Abilities

Developed by fishing enthusiasts, the Fishing Planet is a free offline game for PC. It has captivating graphics, splendid aero & hydrodynamics, pragmatic behaviors & damages based on simulation physics, and AI-powered fish representing real-life aquatic creatures. It is a first-person co-op game, providing a superb fishing experience for anglers who love to lure and catch fish.

Its distinctive features include 170+ fish species and 23+ scenic landscapes (waterways, vegetation, bottom terrains, etc.) with varying climates, kayaks, and motorboats (bass, metal, and rubber boats).

Each species has specific traits, and every boat has distinct speeds, parameters, and tenacity. The water graphics display riveting ripple & surface effects as per changing weather conditions and day-night cycles. Besides, there are different tackle combinations with remarkable properties.

Game Download Link: Fishing Planet

5) Flight Gear

FlightGear A One Of A Kind Aircraft Modeling Simulator

FlightGear is an open-source, professional, ultra-modern, and multiplatform flight simulator with multiple display support. It is an end product of the collective ability of many knowledgeable volunteers spread across the globe. Moreover, the project’s open architecture is expected to outclass the commercial competition in the long run.

The FlightGear framework is used in research/academic environments, industrial engineering, sky modeling, pilot training, airplane parts building, interactive exhibits, and idea testing. Players can also use this best offline PC game for free and access the source code.

So download aircraft and sceneries and be a part of a world-class learning & flying experience. Enjoy 400+ airplanes, 20K+ airports, 10X10 degree world chunks, and enthralling terrains based on detailed 90m SRTM data.

Game Download Link: FlightGear

6) GT Racing 2

GT Racing 2 A Premier Racing Game With Real Life Automotive Safari

With a wonderful collection of real cars from 37+ top automobile manufacturers like Ford, Nissan, Mercedez-Benz, Audi, Dodge, Ferrari, etc., GT Racing 2 is a famous freely playable offline PC game with a racing simulator created by Gameloft. It comprises 80+ licensed cars, 13+ dazzling tracks like Laguna Seca, and realistic racing conditions in 4 types of weather, time zones, & camera effects.

Gamers can test their driving expertise by participating in 1400+ events like classic racing tournaments, Knockouts, One-on-Ones, Overtakes, and 28+ weekly challenges. GT Racing 2’s outstanding features include steering & braking support for amateurs, performance customization for veterans, free event participation, and zero repair costs.

Game Download Link: GT Racing 2

7) Minetest

Minetest An Open Source Voxel Graphics Game In The Sandbox Universe

Minetest is a voxel game engine offering many games to play offline on your laptops or PCs, enabling customization/creation of gaming environments and helping users access multiplayer servers. Offering a huge space of (62K)3 blocks to explore, Mintest allows players to mine up to 31K blocks up and down. Moreover, it comprises many texture packs and map generators for an enhanced visual experience.

Developers can create, publish, and share mods on ContentDB for Minetest-based games. Newbie creators can use, accommodate, or learn from the 1100+ pre-built mods and receive active development support from a friendly community. Besides, Mintest enables developers to write scripts for appending items and controlling gameplay using its Lua API.

The open system lets users quickly submit issues or obtain source codes for more profound research.

Game Download Link: Minetest

8) 0. A.D

0. A.D Historical Fiction Game Harnessing Warfare Strategies And Combat Experiences

0. A.D is an ancient warfare-based real-time strategy game covering major civilizations between 500 BC – 500 AD. The factions comprise the Carthaginians, the Celtic Tribes, the Hellenic States, the Persians, the Diadochi states, the Mauryans, the Iberian tribes, and the Romans. Each faction possesses distinct structures, warriors, civilian soldiers, cavalry, technology, bonuses, and wonders.

Set in 0. A.D, a period that never existed, this offline PC game requires players (as leaders of empires) to collect resources for raising a powerful military to crush their enemies.

The game intends to find the strongest faction if all waged war against each other, given each faction is in the peak phase of its civilization. Precise locations, accurate facts, map editor, moddability, and translation & local support are its distinguishing features.

Game Download Link: 0. A.D

9) Slither. io A Snake Game With Speed & Energy Boosters is one of the popular free offline games for PC, wherein the participant with the longest slither wins. As per the game rules, if you hit another player, your head will explode and vice-versa. Moreover, your snake avatar can elongate by eating the remnants of exploded slithers and consuming the pellets/orbs naturally spawning/floating in the game arena.

The personalized leaderboard will display your cumulative score and ranking. In general, the lengthier your snake, the easier it is to trap fellow slithers to gain significant points and become the top player.

A unique aspect of this game is that even the tiniest players can win, provided they can tactfully swerve before larger opponents. Customizable features of include changeable skin color, adjustable graphic quality, and slither building.

Game Download Link:

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Best Offline Games For PC Free – Wrapping Up!

Free-to-play offline PC games are service-based monetization mediums, as creators need income and funds for upgrading, marketing, and keeping their games afloat. Thus, they usually follow a freemium pricing model permitting 100% free access to only some features and levels.

Nevertheless, free offline PC games are fun outlets to spend alone time, escape from the daily hustle-bustle, engage with virtual foes to garner jackpots, and experience thematic environments without spending a single penny and purchasing an internet pack.