Searching for Best IGO Launchpads Or Platforms? Desire to play or create blockchain games and gain early access to profitable projects? Browse our article to know the Best Initial Game Offerings Platforms of 2023.

IGO Launchpads are platforms hosting Initial Game Offerings (IGOs), gaming metaverses, P2E projects, in-game utilities, and marketplaces for trading gaming/metaverse NFTs. They help developers procure crowdfunding for their projects and monetize their tokenized creations. Contrarily, launchpads help investors access lucrative projects before public listing via IGOs or private sales

Read ahead as we have identified and elaborated on the Best IGO Launchpads below.

What Are Initial Game Offerings (IGO) Launchpads? 

Initial game offers (IGOs) provide individuals with the option to participate in early-stage gaming projects that have the potential to generate substantial rewards following their release.

IGO Launchpads follow a tiered structure for their allocations. The higher your token staking quantity and duration, the higher your tier, and the greater your priority status and chances of winning guaranteed allocations. Most IGO platforms follow lotteries for the lowest tier. 

Moreover, holders of the IGO platforms’ native tokens receive discounts, attractive prizes, airdrops, and exclusive giveaways. Token farming yields rewards too but does not make you eligible for IGO participation. 

Best IGO Launchpads List For 2023

Best IGO Launchpads Platforms For Initial Game Offerings

We consider the following as the Best IGO launchpads in the crypto gaming space based on features like infrastructure support, financing mechanisms, add-ons, cross-chain compatibility, IGO joining procedure, entry thresholds, NFT shops, etc.

  1. Gamestarter – A Premier Ecosystem For Multi-chain IGOs 
  2. Enjin Starter – The Next-gen IGO Launchpad For Gaming Projects
  3. ROCO Finance – An AVAX Based IGO Platform For Gaming Incubation Projects.
  4. PlayPad –  The Multi-chain IGO Launchpad In The Metaverse.
  5. Red Kite –  A Polka Foundry Powered IGO Launchpad.
  6. GameFi – An All-Inclusive Discovery IGO Gaming Platform For Metaverses.
  7. Seedify – A Blockchain Gaming-Focused IGO Launchpad.

So, let’s understand the above-listed launchpads.

1) Gamestarter – A Premier Ecosystem For Multi-chain IGOs 

1) Gamestarter - A Premier Ecosystem For Multi-chain IGOs 

Gamestarter is built on DAO Maker to create new standards for indie game fundraising. Its standout feature is IGO insurance – a 300K USDT protection for all IGOs in case of launch failures or team errors.

Besides, you can stake or utilize $GAME in Gamestarter’s metaverse, originals (as an in-game booster), NFT emporium, and guilds. 

Gamestarter provides a sophisticated toolkit comprising the following.

  • Easy-to-implement in-game NFT storefront.
  • Audited ETH / BSC / Polygon smart contracts.
  • Liquidity pooling solutions.
  • Token/NFT staking mechanisms.
  • Unity 3D game verification system.

Its multipurpose metaverse offers a built-in game testing environment and fractionalized NFTs. Each game island provides confidential NFT drops, periodic gifts, leaderboards, IGO-whitelisting, etc.

Fiat-enabled $GAME purchases, auctions, mobile app & API integrations for iOS & Android, and music/movies/video NFTs will be added soon.

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2) Enjin Starter – The Next-gen IGO Launchpad For Gaming Projects

2) Enjin Starter - The Next-gen IGO Launchpad For Gaming Projects

Enjin Starter is the best IGO launchpad for developing thriving communities and conducting fund-raising campaigns using blockchain tech. Moreover, it guides users on multi-chain integrations and NFT migrations onto Efinity. Furthermore, it offers value-added benefits like gasless transactions, smart contract support, and carbon-negative NFTs.

Enjin Starter IGO Platform follows a 5-tier system for IDO/IGO allocations – multiverse, metaverse, universe, galaxy, and star. Based on EJS/WEJS staking criteria, investors would be placed in the 999D, 365D, 180D, 88D, or 31D guaranteed or community allocation pools. Multiverse participants get maximum benefits in staking and farming pools.

Lastly, its incubation program delivered in collaboration with accredited partners provides end-to-end project support for long-term profitability and sustainability.

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3) ROCO Finance – An AVAX Based IGO Platform For Gaming Incubation Projects.

ROCO Finance - An AVAX Based IGO Platform For Gaming Incubation Projects

ROCO Finance is a decentralized IGO (Initial Game Offerings) platform with prominent offerings like liquidity provisions, software development kits, add-on collectibles, NFT management apps, APIs, RocoNFTAR app, and payment gateways. 

Moreover, it provides hand-holding for DeFi gaming projects and organizes IDOs for partner firms to build player communities.

ROCO Finance’s functional advantages are speed, affordability, rarity provenance, P2P trading, and secure NFT transactions. From a developer perspective, it reduces R&D costs, executes IDOs in a structured manner, and allows listing in-game NFTs in the marketplace before/after game launch.

Besides, ROCO token stakers OR investors receive extra income from the redistribution of NFT transaction commissions.

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4) PlayPad –  The Multi-chain IGO Launchpad In The Metaverse.

PlayPad -  The Multi-chain IGO Launchpad In The Metaverse.

Play Pad is a 100% transparent Initial Game Offerings launchpad hosting crypto projects through Ethereum EVM support, regardless of their blockchain. It empowers creators by providing cutting-edge financing infrastructure, revenue models, marketing systems, prize pools, and a token ecosystem. 

Offering holistic, results-driven solutions for cross-chain NFT and crypto gaming projects, PlayPad enables users to raise funds via EVM-based chains. 

It uses 20% of IGO allocations for whitelisting, 70%  for PP ticketing, and 10% for KYC user rounds. To earn a PP ticket, you must stake a stipulated amount of PPAD tokens that reside on BSC

A distinguishing feature of PlayPad is iNFTs in the metaverse. iNFTs are advanced, interactive, generative, scalable, intelligent, and AI-powered, and increase the value of NFTs by 100x.

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5) Red Kite –  A Polka Foundry Powered IGO Launchpad.

Red Kite -  A Polka Foundry Powered IGO Launchpad.

Red Kite is an Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, and Polkadot-friendly IGO launchpad with flexible pool categories and whitelist criteria. Featuring hand-picked projects selected based on rigorous authentication processes, Red Kite fosters high-quality innovations.

Moreover, Red Kite IGO Platform has automated bots to gauge participants’ behaviors and assign them a tier accordingly. Furthermore, its lane-based swap system ensures everyone gets fair opportunities, regardless of their tier. Besides, it has an integrated schedule or distribution portal for vesting sold tokens and pre/post-sale ancillary offerings.

Its advanced features include fictionless token sales, one-hour refundable, allocation re-sales, and pre-ordering services.

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6) GameFi – An All-Inclusive Discovery IGO Gaming Platform For Metaverses.

GameFi - An All-Inclusive Discovery IGO Gaming Platform For Metaverses

Another offering from Icetea Labs – the entity behind Red Kite, GameFi is one of the top-rated IGO launchpads with a comprehensive resource library for everyone in the gaming finance sphere.

Stakeholder-Wise Benefits:
  • Projects – Seamless holder-player relations, player-focused development financing, and broader reach for games & in-game assets. 
  • Investors –  Easy scholar onboarding, higher liquidity, preferential allotments, $GAFI staking rewards.
  • Players  – Free P2E games, liquid marketplace, and easy game-tracking. 
Noteworthy Features:
  • Game aggregator with a unified dashboard for accessing games and monitoring yields & net valuations of gaming wealth.
  • Game-specific and chain-agnostic launchpad.
  • Mini-games
  • Auction house for trustless and equitable bidding of rare NFTs.
  • Multi-chain marketplace for yield-bearing gaming assets.
  • Yield guild for token holders of BSC/Polygon games to finance P2W gameplays through scholarships or other creative ventures.
  • Accelerator with factory contracts for NFTs, tokenomics, and P2E workings to improve delivery targets.
  • Harnesses Solana to protect user data.

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7) Seedify – A Blockchain Gaming-Focused IGO Launchpad.

Seedify - A Blockchain Gaming-Focused IGO Launchpad

Seedify is a bootstrapped community-led ecosphere with 50+ successful launches and 4500+ participants per IGO. Its seed staking feature helps $FUND holders acquire free tokens from incubated projects as additional passive income and utility. Moreover, it has a balanced 9-tier system for IDO/IGO allocations.

Seedify’s Subdivisions:
  • Meta Studios comprises a team of branded digital artists.
  • Initial Metaverse Offering (IMO) & Initial NFT Offering (INO) Launchpads. 
  • Metaverse Asset Program provides grants to top-notch creators
  • NFT space with UI integrations and research toolkits for NFT trades.

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Which Is The Best Initial Game Offerings Launchpad?

Users who desire to build or play games on Enjin, Polkadot, or Avalanche will drift towards Enjin Starter IGO Launchpad, Red Kite, or ROCO Finance. E-sports, fantasy games, or betting lovers may prefer GameFi as it is ultra-fast and has extensive features

Seedify IGO Platform helps users sell NFTs created within and outside its ecosystem, while Gamestarter is a blockchain gaming reinventor with progressive functionalities. For multi-chain compatibility, PlayPad is the best crypto gaming launchpad.

Summing up, each IGO launchpad enhances immersive experiences and offers complete gaming & marketing solutions. Individual needs determine the final choice.

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