Fortnite Resistance: Chapter 3 Season 2 End Event Set To Launch Tomorrow

Fortnite Resistance Chapter 3 Season 2 The Master Of Mystic Arts

Fortnite has recently announced its Chapter 3 Season 2’s end event that they will avail on Saturday, June 4 at 3 pm Central Time. As usual, the news was well-received worldwide, with thousands of fans anticipating epic fun.

Through their official Twitter handle, Epic Games published a short video of the upcoming live event that is expected to be an epic collision like never seen before yesterday(June 2, 2022). The video, which has since garnered 899k times, shows just a small bit of the action fans can expect from the event. For example, it shows a light blue planet that we think represents the Ice Moon and the Loop.

Fortnite Resistance Chapter 3 Season 2 End Event

source: Epic Games

For those who aren’t very familiar with some previous chapters and seasons, the Ice Moon is where the Seven(a puzzling group of seven similar individuals who are each others’ alternate versions) have set up their base to regroup. The Ice Moon is also where the paradigm flew the mecha team to after leaving the Isle of the Storm island, which is full of blood-thirsty zombies.

The video also appears to hint at the return of the Mecha Strike Commander(the giant robot players used in some previous game chapters and seasons to fend off the terrifying monster and the giant sea creatures in the earlier seasons of the game). Here, Mecha Strike Commander can be seen, with different body parts highlighted to show different features, which can only suggest that he is back more robust. For example, his right arm appears to be some form of a gun, plus a small piece of a drill. His left knee seems to hide some rockets, which will likely go a long way in the ultimate battle.

The video, which has since clocked 899k views, has hugely hyped the event, which is less than 24 hours away. It’s also said that the company has been messaging top content creators with puzzle pieces that the community has had to piece together. 

Even as you read this further, keep in mind that thirty minutes before the clock hits 3 pm CT tomorrow(Saturday, June 4, 2022), Epic Games will open its in-game lobbies for those who badly want to be part of it. So, save the date!

About The Upcoming Fortnite Resistance: Chapter 3 Season 2 End Event

The upcoming Season 2 end event in Fortnite Resistance Chapter 3 is all about a war between the Seven and the Imagined Order, an inter-dimensional organization that maintains “order” in the world of Fortnite, whose number one enemy is currently The Seven.

Fortnite Resistance: Chapter 3 Season 2 End Event To Offer All-New Tactics & Items

Join the Resistance in the final battle to free Zero Point(the world where the events in Fortnite take place), which the war between the Seven and the Imagined Order could destroy. The Live game event will allow you to try out all-new tactics to take on your opponents. These include but are not limited to mantling and sprinting. It also lets you take advantage of new items such as the Cow Catcher, which will give you extra ramming power when you attach it to your truck. There’s also an Armored Battle Bus, which you can board to be a part of the powerful fighting force for Zero Point and so much more.

Ever since it was launched, Fortnite has managed to grow its customer base because of a very key reason. First, it developed an addictive game with interesting storylines, chapters, and seasons that get updated from time to time. And the Resistance storyline of the Chapter 3 Season 2 End event, which will be available for players to play live worldwide, is the next. The war will reach its climax, marking the end of the season. 

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