Gaming nerds and tech enthusiasts often have 32 GB of RAM in their PCs to heighten the speed of their systems. Most people think having 32GB of RAM is a bit over the top, but it can be an essential upgrade for those serious about gaming or working with heavy programs like video editing software.

This article will discuss the most common quantities of RAM employed for gaming. We will also explore the most common scenarios where you will need 32 GB of RAM

8 GB Vs 16 Vs 32 GB – Use Cases.

When choosing the right amount of RAM for your computer, there are several factors to consider. Depending on what you plan to do with your machine, 8 GB vs. 16 GB vs. 32 GB can significantly affect performance and usability. Let’s explore each option below in detail.

1) 8 GB – Good For Everyday Use

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Having 8 GB of RAM on your Laptop or desktop can be an excellent asset for everyday tasks like using social media, streaming videos, running the MS Office 365 Suite, etc. It will also counter any frustrations and cumbersome experiences you may have had previously. Moreover, 8 GB of RAM is the bare minimum when playing games such as PUBG or Overwatch 2 on your PC; this ensures optimal game performance without compromising quality or speed.

2) 16 GB  – Perfect For Gaming

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A 16 GB of RAM will ensure the seamless functioning of most programs on your PC and make your life easier. If you are not looking to future-proof your PC, then 16 GB is the best option on a tight budget to enable running multiple computer applications simultaneously.

Regarding gaming, 16 GB of RAM virtually hits the sweet spot when you consider games that are a generation old, such as Red Dead Redemption, Overwatch, Resident Evil, PUBG, etc. These games run a tad slow, and without a proper GPU and CPU unit, the display often undergoes glitches.

When the 16 GB performs satisfactorily well for the games you play, you don’t need 32 GB until and unless you need to future-proof your gaming and PC performance.

If you have a 4K Gaming GPU combined with a robust gaming CPU, you need not worry about the performance of your gaming variants. In such cases, is 32 GB of RAM too much for gaming? Not until you are using AAA titles or high-end applications.

3) 32 GB – For Media Editing & Running High-End Applications

32 GB RAMImage Credit: Hynix

If you demand extreme fluidity when hosting a live stream or watching high-resolution Youtube videos or Twitch streams, it is better to opt for 32 GB of RAM. 32 GB of RAM will enable you to multitask without closing some applications to free up memory resources.

However, according to pro gamers, you can also tackle these with 16 GB of RAM.

Do I Absolutely Need 32 GB Of RAM For Gaming In 2023?

More memory functions are becoming indispensable with the evolution of multiplayer games that maintain an A+++ on graphics. Say you have a lot of programs or applications idle in the background, which are eating up memory. In the general case, you need to close those applications to make the memory available for gaming.

On the other hand, with a robust RAM of 32 GB, you do not have to close any application manually. Your operating system does not need to swap the idle application’s memory with your RAM. Hence, you can have multi-vision support, a mic, cool game music, and video-recording your live gaming experience to stream it across channels.

Unless you are multitasking that heavily requires physical memory, and building a future-proof gaming rig, is it worth having 32 GB of RAM for gaming? The answer is No.

Other Uses Of 32 GB Of RAM?

Apart from preventing the slowing down of computers while playing highly intensive games, the 32 GB RAM might have a series of utilities.

  • Running Parallel Programs

If you are running a highly intensive game, then it almost maxes out your space. There is little or no space left for other programs. If you attempt to alt-tab out of the game, it will be disastrous, as there will be no memory left for the program.

However, 32 GB RAM can enable you to do the above without encountering any shortfall of performance and multitasking conveniently and practically.

  • Media Editing And Video Production

We all know that 16 GB of RAM is ideal for still picture manipulation in software applications like Adobe Photoshop. However, when it comes to digital audio, workstations that work on video production, sound editing, etc., often require heavy-duty memory space, which is only possible with 32 GB RAM. Losslessly compressed or uncompressed audio samples can exhaust a memory capacity quite quickly, and 32 GB RAM can only provide the only reprieve.


We can safely conclude that having 32 GB of RAM for gaming is not worth it unless we build a future-proof gaming rig that will encounter heavy-duty gaming in 2022.  32 GB of RAM is absolutely overkilling unless you are doing multiple programs toggling, including high-end VFX, and streaming the game for your hungry fans!

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