Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Releasing On 30th June

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Releasing On 30th June

There’s no doubt that Monster Hunter Rise has seen a couple of updates ever since it was rolled out in 2021. However, none of those can match up to what Capcom is set to launch on June 30, 2022. It’s big, massive, and like no other Monster Hunter Rise update you’ve played before.

The Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is launching at the end of this month, June 30th to be exact. Many fans can’t keep calm in waiting for this massive Monster Hunter Rise upgrade by Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and his team. As per our insider heads up, the all-new Sunbreak features a new story, new locations, new monsters, and new actions that are just sure to make the game more immersive.

Seregios The Fierce Monster

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Releasing On 30th June

Seregios is the name of the new monster in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. His legs have sharp blades, which he unleashes and retracts meticulously. Pay attention to that and watch out not to let it unleash them on you. Don’t forget that it also spits fire. But leg blades and a fire-spitting mouth are not the only deadly weapons that this beastly creature is armed with against you. It also can shade sharp scales known as “Bladescales” to cause severe injuries and bleeding to hunters. Be careful not to let it shade those scales on you, putting you on the “bleeding status” where you’ll be most unable to fight and vulnerable.

Aurora Somnacanth and Magma Almudron

There are also two new subspecies of monsters from the base game; Aurora Somnacanth and Magma Almudron.

Somnacanth releases a perpetual cold air to freeze people and things around it. This action debilitates the creature’s enemies, giving the creature the chance to wound or kill them as it pleases. His predecessor, on the other hand, attacked with a sleep-inducing powder, which was similarly effective at giving him the upper hand in combat.

Almudron, on the other hand, is even more lethal than its counterpart Somnacanth. The dragon who resides in the lava caverns can turn into a fire dragon with a magma tail, which he uses to attack.

New Challenging Actions for You

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak also comes with plenty of new actions for you. You’ll still face the havoc-wreaking Malzeno. The fearsome elder monster now has powers to command mysterious creatures to capture you and absorb your energy. It can also hunt you down on its own, and when it catches you, you’ll get to see its two sides first before succumbing to your fate.

The first side is the beautiful side where it quickly turns into a beautiful and elegant creature. Then it quickly turns into a fierce, cruel creature that can’t wait to consume your life force.

Mazleno immediately unleashes a range of incredibly dangerous attacks, which are hard to defend against, on you. You have to be extremely good at combat to avoid succumbing to the “Bloodblight” status, which some of the attacks will cause. When you succumb to it, you’ll have to fight extremely hard to save your life force from being absorbed by the monster.

Considering how well Monster Hunter Rise has performed in the market, selling over 8 million copies worldwide ever since its release, there’s no doubt that the new expansion is going to be a major hit. After all, this upgrade offers a higher level of fun with a new story, new locations, new actions, and new creatures than the base game.

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