Best Affiliate Marketing Programs In India (2022) Top Platforms !

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs In India Top Platforms

The rise in the online shopping and eCommerce industry in India has opened up a huge opportunity for affiliate marketing. Bloggers and internet marketers’ chances of earning from their blogs, links, websites, etc., have become much bigger. Today, people have been actively looking at generating online income, as it requires less effort and higher chances of reaching the maximum customer base and enhancing footfall.

Affiliate marketing is an advertising technique to earn money (commission) by promoting a company’s goods and services online. When an affiliate link to a particular site is created, the link should reach the targeted audience. When the customer makes sales through the affiliate link, a certain commission (money) is paid to the affiliate marketer.

It is easy to register with Indian affiliate programs. Many Indian companies and brands actively offer internet marketers and bloggers a commission to promote their services and make sales happen. Bloggers generally get paid for the content when traffic or customer visits their blog page, while internet marketers get paid when their affiliate link is used to make a purchase.

This article lists the 10 best Indian affiliate programs for bloggers and internet marketers. The list will also give you an idea of how an affiliate marketing network functions and its possibilities. Let us dive in to learn more about affiliate marketing platforms in India.

How Does Our Team Pick The Top Affiliate Marketing Platforms In India?

No matter how much you search on the internet, it is a very confusing and cumbersome task to onboard or trust a marketing site that offers commission pay for advertising and making a sale. There may be many directories, websites, and suggestions on the web, but you can’t trust them without getting to know every aspect of the affiliate program.

Also, there are many affiliate programs across the internet, but choosing the right and effective affiliate marketing programs is very important to earning correctly with the right company. So, when it comes to selecting and choosing the best affiliate marketing options in India, we take a lot of options in mind and decide which is the best fit for bloggers and internet marketers from India.

We curated this list of Affiliate Marketing Programs In India based on multi-factors. We thoroughly research each platform and its product availability to come to an inclusive conclusion. Moreover, we checked platforms authenticity, product Genuity, and so much more

Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Programs In India

Our team of experts curated the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs In India for you! Explore more!

1) Amazon India

Amazon India Best Affiliate Program In India For Bloggers & Internet MarketersAmazon is considered one of the largest affiliate marketing programs in India as well as globally. As we all know, amazon’s shopping site has millions of products listed on its site. Hence it is a good option for bloggers, marketers, and publishers to promote and earn through customer footfall.

The Amazon affiliate marketing scheme is simple, sign up on their platform, start recommending and earn the commission. You only earn when a sale is made. Do remember amazon has a flat commission rate making it easier for beginners as well.

Amazon affiliate program official link: Associates Central

2) Flipkart India

Flipkart India Best Affiliate Program In India For Bloggers & Internet MarketersFlipkart is yet another top-rated Indian eCommerce site owned by the huge Walmart. There are also millions of goods and services on the site, making it a good option for affiliate marketers to monetize their promotions.

Flipkart Indian affiliate programs are simple. There are different commission percentages for various products. For example, books contain a 6 to 12% commission base, while mobile phones have a 6% base rate.

You only need to sign up, promote the affiliate links, make a purchase, and earn a commission. The best thing about the Flipkart affiliate program is that they have a host of tools and reports to get the most out of the affiliate program.

Flipkart affiliate program official link: Flipkart Affiliate Program

3) Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten Advertising Best Affiliate Program In India For Bloggers & Internet MarketersThey are a specialized affiliate marketing company that believes in connecting consumers with brands, goods, and services. Rakuten has an experience of over 25 years in affiliate marketing.

They have many modern techniques and innovative tools to make the most of affiliate marketing. They work for brands, agencies, and bloggers directly by giving them a certain percentage of the commission base if anyone joins the affiliate program.

They offer award-winning solutions for every service offered. Moreover, the firm has a good track record and claims to give good ROIs to brands connecting with them for many other services. And helps advertisers connect with the right audience base.

Rakuten advertising affiliate marketing official link: Affiliate Marketing Services | Rakuten Advertising

4) ClickBank

ClickBank Best Affiliate Program In India For Bloggers & Internet MarketersWith over 20 plus years of experience in the online marketing field, ClickBank has a host of services for affiliate marketers in India. They have a trusted global market where growing any business is not a deal breaker for them.

They are also laced with many modern eCommerce tools, a global authentic affiliate marketplace, and much more. For anyone looking forward to starting or expanding their business through an affiliate program, ClickBank could be your based option, as it offers a high commission rate. They provide more than just affiliate marketing options like accurate tracking, dedicated support, authentic product base.

You can trust ClickBank because it has 1 lakh sellers and marketers, a 100% transparent marketspace, reliable payments, blueprint tracking tools, and top-performing offers. They offer affiliate programs for up to 150$ per sale made, which is one of the best rates in the industry.

ClickBank affiliate marketing official link: Affiliates – ClickBank

5) ShareASale

ShareASale Best Affiliate Program In India For Bloggers & Internet MarketersShareASale is one of the emerging affiliate marketing in the industry. With over 20 years of experience in the field, ShareASale offers good commissions on affiliate marketing. Any Indian internet marketer, blogger, and promotor can easily onboard and earn good pay for the advertising and purchase made.

It offers a lot of solutions to merchants, solutions for agencies, solutions for affiliates, and has cutting-edge technology for promoters. Businesses can get more customers and allow marketers to earn through this method.

ShareASale affiliate marketing official link: The Affiliate Marketing Platform For Affiliates | ShareASale

Cuelinks Best Affiliate Program In India For Bloggers & Internet MarketersCuelinks has a good Indian product range and provides their affiliates with their marketing technique to become successful. Cuelinks actively helps bloggers and marketers affiliate through the site’s heavy traffic and good products. They also offer a good commission on a sale and purchase made.

They have concrete technology and advertising tools with promising results without compromising on SEO terms. They smartly target audiences with global reach and robust tracking options for every activity. One notable thing is they have worked with good brands and created a global client base.

Cuelinks affiliate marketing official link: Partner with the Best Affiliate Campaign Management Platform (

7) eBay Affiliate

eBay Affiliate Best Affiliate Program In India For Bloggers & Internet MarketersWe all are aware of the fact that eBay is one of the oldest and most popular eCommerce companies across the world. There are millions and millions of products on the site, making it even easier for marketers to get affiliated and get paid. eBay India is one of the companies with a trusted customer base, making it a top affiliation brand in this industry.

Every affiliate program brand has a simple rule: you drive traffic to their site and make a purchase, and you are good to go with the partner program. eBay partner programs offer world-class platforms to bloggers, promoters, and online marketers for Indians.

They actively analyze, track and optimize sites for better tracking and reach. eBay has a history of growing businesses with its advertising plans.

eBay Affiliate marketing official link: Home | eBay Partner Network

8) Reseller Club

Reseller Club Best Affiliate Program In India For Bloggers & Internet MarketersReseller Club has over 15 years of experience in the advertising industry with 24×7 round-the-clock support for Indians. They are an Indian web hosting company that offers affiliate marketing programs for marketers. Moreover, it offers dedicated servers and affiliates for enhanced traffic and actual target reach.

They offer good pay to good internet marketers with a host of added services and tracking tools for better performance. It allows bloggers and promoters to onboard and start the affiliate program seamlessly.

They currently serve over 2 lakh customers in about 150 plus countries with over 5 million domains under their management. They have an expert team of 50 members offering a 30-day money-back guarantee service.

Reseller Club affiliate marketing official link: Get Secure Web Hosting Services in India | ResellerClub India

9) vCommission Affiliate

vCommission Affiliate Best Affiliate Program In India For Bloggers & Internet MarketersvCommission Affiliate is one of the world’s leading affiliate marketing program networks. They have millions of connections and network publishers based in many countries like India, the UK, the USA, and the UAE.

It aspires to lead the digital market with its innovative methods to boost businesses and give organizations a kickstart to their brand and product launch through affiliation marketing. They have worked with many good brands like amazon, Flipkart, GoDaddy, and others.

It also offers other services apart from online marketing programs. With a reasonable commission rate, it is a good option for affiliates and bloggers based in India. Also, bloggers earn through their content and promoters through advertising and affiliation.

vCommission affiliate marketing official link: The #1 Global Affiliate Network From India | vCommission

10) Admitad Affiliate

Admitad Affiliate Best Affiliate Program In India For Bloggers & Internet MarketersIf you want to monetize your content and products, Admitad affiliate can be your best option and is one of the award-winning affiliate marketing brands. Since they have a good brand base, they directly contact brands and bloggers, promoters, or online marketers. Working one on one allows these commission earners a better view.

Some notable features are one-stop multi-channel access to global brands, fast and flexible payment options, instant access to market insights, and so much more. Moreover, it will help these various forms of marketers connect to a larger business community, advanced monetization tools, cross-platform and cross-device tracking, and more than 11 million visible products.

Moreover, they have in place different payments for different services. For instance- content publishers, affiliate publishers, influencers, cashback publishers, deal and offer partner programmers, loyalty programs, digital services, and so much more.

Admitad Affiliate marketing official link: Solution for Affiliate Publishers – Admitad


It is clear from the above context that there are many awards-winning and authentic affiliate programs. Every Indian affiliate program has a different context and pay rates (Commission) for each blogger or internet marketer. But do remember that affiliate marketing has one common rule, the link used for affiliation has to make a purchase to get the commission paid.

We have carefully listed the top 10 affiliate programs In India for marketers and bloggers. Many see affiliate marketing as a side-earning option, and many see it as full-time. Both depend on person-to-person requirements. One can choose according to the pay structure, easy onboarding experience, and other factors of concern.

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Q.1 What Are Affiliate Marketing Programs?

Ans- Affiliate marketing programs are offered by companies to boost sales and traffic to their site. Each affiliate is offered a certain commission rate and bonus for making a sale happen. Every purchase or sale makes the person eligible for commission.

Q.2 What Are Affiliate Links?

Ans- Each blogger, internet marketer, or promoter is given a unique affiliate link in every affiliate program. Through the link, the individual can track his sale record when a customer has made the purchase. Affiliate link plays an important factor in partner programs across any company.

Q.3 Affiliate Programs Are Also Called?

Ans- There are many other names for affiliate programs, like partner programs, associate programs, referral programs, revenue programs, etc. the terms are different but with the same meaning.