Is your desktop acting up? Is it getting frustrating to manage your Windows PC at times? Well, imagine the pain of losing an important document while you are on the verge of completing it. As Windows users, we all have been there, and we need an effective solution for the same. While this can occur due to insufficient RAM, viruses, and wrong resolution, one must not forget about the problems with the graphics card.

Graphics card being the ultimate solution to uplift your resolution game is important for gaming and other video rendering activities. Similarly, it increases the performance exponentially and generates the perfect image configuration required. However, it’s worse when the GPU starts acting up and takes a toll on the device. To deal with such issues, this article discusses how to reset your PC graphics card in 2023. It further covers the different symptoms associated with a poor-performing GPU. Therefore, stick to the end!

What Is A GPU?

What Is A GPU

A GPU acts as a support system for the processor to render high-quality resolution without any failure. With the help of a graphics card, users can up their frame per second and enhance other performance as well. Different versions of a graphics card bring in different configurations, which ultimately meet the necessity. Well, if you are looking to unlock the best gaming experience, you must unlock the GTX 1080Ti, which brings in 4K gaming.

While there is hardly any chance for your GPU to fail, it definitely acts up as it ages. With sophisticated software, older configurations find it hard to handle its crux. Therefore, users must be well aware of the signs that come up when a GPU is running out of time.

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3 Signs Of A GPU Failure

Check out these signs before you work on How to reset your PC graphics card.

1) Blue Screen

One of the major patterns every desktop falls into is going into a blank screen and asking for a restart. There is a high probability that this issue will take place due to your video card failure. To confirm the theory, users must keep a note of when the desktop shows up on such screens. It is common for the PC to act up when you start with any task requiring high resolution.

Similarly, you can observe symptoms where your device slows down when any high-resolution or fps requirement comes up. Apart from that, if the blue screen comes with VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE, it is evident that it is a GPU failure.

2) Screen Glitches

We all have come across our television turning into a black-and-white screen, cutting us off from the digital world. Well, it is pretty much the same with a GPU failure. Users can observe weird colour formations on their screens, prohibiting them from moving forward with any work. While this issue can be rectified by refreshing the graphics card, there is a high probability that it may show up again. Therefore, everyone must be well aware of the steps on How to reset your PC graphics card in 2023.

3) Stuttering

By now, you must be aware that all the issues related to GPU boil down to display. Stuttering can be identified when the screen freezes and you find it hard to operate your device. While other functions like the sound system work fine, the display would cause enormous issues difficult to deal with.

How To Reset Your PC Graphics Card In 2023? – 4 Amazing Methods

1) Restarting The Graphics Card

Any NVIDIA or AMD graphics card causing issues to you must be restarted properly. While stuttering and screen glitches are common for worn-out hardware, users must stick to Windows shortcuts to effectively deal with such situations. Using Ctrl + Windows Key + Shift + B, one can effectively restart his/her graphics card in no time. The screen will refresh, and a beep sound can be heard when the process is completed.

Luckily, no ongoing task will be hampered, and the user can be carefree about it.

2) Update The Graphics Card Software

One of the major reasons for your GPU to lag is the outdated software it operates on. If the configurations you operate on are viable and still issues with the display, then this is the best way out.

Update The Graphics Card Software
  • Using the run function, open the device manager. You can access it via the search bar or simply click Windows Key + R. On the run application, type devmgmt.msc to open up the device manager.
  • Here, look out for Display Adaptors and right-click on the dedicated graphics card (will be specified by the name of the GPU) options.
  • Now, click on the Update Driver option and search for updates.
  • Follow the process and update the driver software to avoid any glitches in the future.

3) Use BIOS To Reset Your Graphics Card

The best way out is to reset your graphics card and expect all the software to be in place. Follow the steps below on how to reset your PC graphics card to deal with the ongoing problems.

  • While you switch on your device, click Esc and press F10 twice to open the BIOS setup. The BIOS setup options aren’t usually available on an operating OS.
  • With the drop-down menu available, look out for Advanced Chipset Features. Often mouse is not available for the task; therefore, use the arrow key on the keyboard to navigate.
  • Moving forward, select the Video BIOS Cacheable option and enable the BIOS settings using the + and – keys.
  • Press F10 and click on Yes to reset your PC graphics card using BIOS.

4) Reinstalling The Graphic Driver

If you have tried all the methods above and still have no progress with the system, then this is your final way out. Reinstalling the graphic driver takes away all the malware stored in the system, causing issues with your display. While anti-virus software takes care of the issue, some malware is often missed out. Follow the steps mentioned below to deal with troubleshooting issues.

Reinstalling The Graphic Driver
  • Uninstalling the graphic driver is as easy as updating the software. Visit the device manager using the run function as mentioned above.
  • Double-click on the Dedicated Graphics Card option available under Display Adaptors. This will open up a dialogue box.
  • Select Uninstall Device under this.

Once you are done with uninstalling the driver, the windows take up the duty to reinstall the driver on their own. Therefore, reboot your device and get efficient performance. However, there is a high chance that the device doesn’t install the latest driver version.

Download a third-party application, Driver Easy, which helps update all drivers on your device. As efficient as it is, it unlocks the true potential of your hardware and makes it compatible with newer software in the market.

With this in hand, all your issues related to How to reset your PC graphics card will be resolved.


Having a display issue is the worst feeling ever. No matter how badly you wish to play that game, it is of no use until you deal with the problem at hand. Therefore, use the different methods mentioned above to cope with your ongoing display issues. While a graphics card operates for 7-10 years with proper care, keeping the driver up to date is mandatory for every user. Therefore, deal with the problems smartly with the steps mentioned above!

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