5 PikaShow Alternative For TV : Apps Like Pika Show (2022)

Apps Like Pikashow 5 Alternatives To Pikashow

Legal OTT platforms are making money by dishing out good-quality shows for Indian customers. However,  many users are opting for illegal or unauthorized apps, One such illegal movie-steaming app is Pikashow. The Pika Show App is designed for android devices with a huge collection of live tv shows, web series, cartoons, real-time sports action, etc.

People are always hungry for more and want to consume new content constantly. If you are someone who is looking for legal or legit movie streaming app subscriptions then you have reached the right place.

We have curated a list of Pikashow App Alternatives for Indian customers to use in 2022. We have tested these Pikashow alternative applications ourselves and, are satisfied with their performance, have included them in our list that contains apps similar to Pikashow. Now is your best chance to dig deep into these movie streaming applications that could provide you with better and rich-quality content and the option of live-streaming them.

What Is The Pikashow App In India?

The Pikashow app is a third-party tv and multimedia streaming application platform. The Pika Show App is an unauthorized app in the Google play store and it violates the copyright rules of India.

According to users Pika Show App pride access to watch the latest movies, TV shows, web series, live tv, and live IPL matches, etc. Apps like Pikashow are bound to attract Indians by thousands and lakhs because of their free-to-usage options.

Since Pika Show App is illegal, our experts have compiled a curated assortment of Legal Movie streaming apps in India that offer great quality content and can effortlessly be the best alternatives to Pikashow in 2022. Let’s find out without much delay.

The following list contains apps like Pikashow for the Indian audience that they can seamlessly view as the best 5 Pikashow alternatives in 2022.

1) Netflix – The Complete Entertainment App

Netflix The Complete Entertainment AppEveryone is familiar with Netflix as the grand-daddy of all content platforms. However, the company considerably lost its subscriber base from January to March 2022. As it has lost nearly 40% of its global shares, Netflix decreased the subscription cost in India for its Mobile-only, Basic, Standard, and Premium plans to lure customers. It also breaks the chain of free account sharing, which is a primary reason for the loss of revenue.

However, Netflix contains some of the most original content, spans over 5000, is specific to the country, and can be the best alternative to Pikashow in 2022. Netflix India has even original regional and vernacular content. Apart from these, it has superb international shows and movies that get released only on this OTT platform due to the absence of censorship and greater outreach. The on-demand and children-friendly content attract the entire spectrum of its customer base.

Netflix India has recently launched gaming features to draw in more customers. In addition, the increase in the number of quality anime aims to capture the interest of all otakus! You can watch hundreds of anime glitch-free and without any proxy servers. The emergence of other OTT platforms might have shaken Netflix’s stakes, but it still stands at the numero uno position considering the interest of the Indian audience.


  • Thousands of high-quality original content.
  • A smooth interface for all kinds of subscribers.


  • Absence of a live TV or live sports streaming service
  • Almost all subscription plans are prone to free account sharing, significantly decreasing revenue. There is no strict vigilance to stop these activities.

2) Disney+Hotstar – App For Exclusive Content Worldwide

Disney+Hotstar App For Exclusive Content WorldwideHotstar India collaborated with Disney to reveal the Disney+Hotstar OTT platform that contains the best of both worlds – original content from the Star Group and those dished out by Disney and Pixar labs. In addition, there are tons of original content, classic movies, on-demand tv shows, and live streaming of international and Indian sports.

Amongst all other apps like Pikashow, the live streaming of sports from cricket, and football, to even kabaddi has made it a great hit amongst the Indian audience. Several Indians only subscribe to Disney+Hotstar to access the sports content through its subscription bundles.

Disney+Hotstar especially brings good news to the fans of content dished out by Disney and Marvel. The latest Marvel shows and movies often premier on this platform, making it a lucrative and one of the best alternatives to Pikashow. So both Marvel and Disney fanatics can give it an official shot!

In addition, Disney+Hotstar is the official presenter of the English Premier League’s top division, featuring some of the world’s greatest footballing superstars and the Indian Premier League, which brings the top-flight cricketing action right inside your homes. Although the subscription bundles are costly if you want to go ad-free, any ardent fan of good Hollywood and Bollywood productions will stick to this OTT platform. It also detects free account sharing and prevents it from happening.


  • Live streaming of sports activities, including international football, cricket tournaments, national football league, pro-kabaddi league, etc.
  • Regularly dishing out amazing quality content, including originals, makes it an even competitor with Netflix India.


  • The Membership bundles are user-friendly, but to go ad-free, you have to pay a higher price.
  • The website takes considerable time to load, even on a high bandwidth internet connection.

3) Amazon Prime Videos – Platform With Super Quality Originals

Amazon Prime Video Platform With Superb Quality OriginalsAmazon Prime Videos in India has secured its place as one of the top OTT platforms that include high-quality content in HDR and 4K streaming options. You can also download the content from Prime Videos to watch later. It is one of the superb options that trumps a lot of apps like Pikashow with its easy-to-use interface and streaming quality.

Alongside this, the integration of Amazon Prime Videos with the eCommerce platform Amazon ensures that you don’t have to shed extra money from your pocket if you opt for Prime membership for a specific period. It automatically gives you access to an Amazon Prime Videos account along with Amazon Prime Music.

Amazon Prime Videos has successfully created its niche amongst the Indian audience with regional, national, and international content like Amazon originals with TV shows, Hollywood and Bollywood movies, web series, cartoons, etc. The quality of achieved content sets Amazon Prime Videos apart and makes it one of the top contenders to Pikashow.

You can access tons of great archived content from Indian televisions and global tv from the 80s and the 90s, which practically shaped the childhoods of GenZ and millennials. Like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos gives you access to internationally acclaimed commercial and arthouse movies and shows. It has a separate section for award-winning tv shows and movies so that you get the cream of the pie in one place.


  • Great quality archived content, along with excellent original content.
  • Easy-to-use interface along with budget-friendly subscription bundles


  • The end of the existing subscription or free trial creates auto-renewal of the account that you can avoid.
  • Amazon Prime Videos rental and buying service incurs separate costs from the Membership bundles.

Zee5 Original An App For India’s Most Popular Television ContentIf you wish to find out some of the best alternatives to Pikashow in 2022, Zee5 India can provide you with a one-stop solution. Since Zee has almost the largest network of television channels across India, you can find a brilliant assortment of national and regional tv shows, web series, movies, etc. Zee5 India has also collaborated with several international and domestic football leagues to bring you the best of action.

Some of the content that is not even available on Zee television networks gets premiered on Zee5 India. The presence of original content makes it a lucrative option for the Indian audience. They can also watch the episodes of TV shows that they missed out on Zee5 India, making it a useful OTT platform to subscribe to. We also found out that the subscription cost of Zee5 India is extremely meager, making it a top choice for people with a limited budget yet an unending appetite to consume Indian originals.


  • You can download or stream Indian content on the go and watch them in HD in the language of your choice.
  • Extremely pocket-friendly OTT service with language navigation and video playback features


  • Not at all a good collection of global content.
  • Online reviews state that there are a lot of complaints regarding login issues.

5) Ullu App – The Repository Of Indian Indigenous Content

Ullu App The Repository Of Indian Indigenous ContentThe Ullu app is one of the apps like Pikashow, where you have to sign in or register to access only Indian indigenous content. There are multiple sections in the app, like Coming Soon, which lets you know about upcoming movies and tv shows; Family Safe, which contains content that the entire family can enjoy; and live shows, which include live tv shows, enjoy on the go.

The Ullu app is integrated with Ullu Shopping and Atrangi – the latter of which contains both TV shows and Premium shows that are subscription-based. However, a lot of content on the app is Adult-rated and Not-safe-for-work. This is one major setback for the Ullu app, although it also contains Indian mythological and religious web series that balance the content quality.


  • Offers a spectrum of Indian indigenous content
  • It is ideal for people who want a dosage of eroticism in the shows watched on OTT platforms.


  • Very poor interface. Downloading and streaming services are also full of glitches.
  • The UI is full of glitches and bugs when run on any iOS device or Amazon Fire TV.


Our experts watched these PikaShow Alternative apps for hours and compiled this list. If you want to spend quality time on a mobile device or PC, you can choose anyone from Netflix, Disney+Hotstar, or Amazon Prime Video Originals in India. These are required to pay subscriptions, however, you are not risking your privacy by downloading the illegal PikaShow app.

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