Do you want to move your hard-earned money from unproductive assets into profitable instruments? Are you searching for the best mobile trading apps in India on Android and iOS? Browse our article to learn about online mobile trading applications and referral rewards.

Trading apps are mobile/desktop platforms enabling you to invest in the stock market and create wealth using the power of compounding. They combine cutting-edge technologies, advanced market analytics, intuitive UI designs, investor education, and robust security systems to provide users with seamless trading experiences.

Whether a beginner, intermediate or professional trader, these mobile trading apps track your investments 24/7 and auto-rebalance your portfolios as per changed market conditions. Moreover, they provide the necessary tools, automation, and assistance to execute complex trades.

Besides, you can earn extra bucks when your referred buddies complete the account opening and onboarding processes within the stipulated timeframe. Continue reading for more information on online mobile trading apps in India.

Deeper Insights Into Mobile Trading Apps In India

Mobile trading apps help create a well-diversified portfolio of market-linked instruments, fixed-income securities, and alternate investment avenues. They facilitate an easy, secure, and paperless KYC process for opening Demat & Trading accounts for Indians. Besides, their referral plans provide an additional revenue stream with unlimited earning potential.

Value-added features offered by retail brokers include market watchlists, research reports with actionable insights, live updates, portfolio rejigging, and option greeks. They also keep you abreast of the latest happenings in the financial world and provide innovative tools for seasoned investors and algorithmic traders.

With mobile trading apps, you can also pre-apply for IPOs, automate SIPs, and seek expert guidance to make informed investment decisions.

Best Mobile Trading Apps In India For Android And iOS

Based on various factors like pricing, advanced capabilities, learning resources, client support, products & services, safety, etc., we have identified the top Indian mobile trading apps with referral earnings bonuses and fewer starting capital requirements in 2023.

Let’s explore each trading app on mobile in greater detail below.

1) Angel One – Top Fintech Firm With A Digital-First Approach

Angel One Best Trading Apps In India With Referral Bonuses & No Investments

Angel One is a top-notch mobile trading app for investing in F&O (futures & options), MFs (mutual funds), and equities, especially US stocks. It facilitates ETF (Exchange Traded Fund), commodity, and currency trading. Besides, the stock broking house leverages the latest technologies to deliver high-quality customer experiences.

Charging zero brokerage on equity delivery, zero AMC for the first year, zero interest on 30-day margin financing, and a flat Rs 20 or 0.25% (whichever is lower) per trade, Angel One is a cost-efficient trading platform.

Its product & services suite comprises ARQ Prime, Angel One app, SpeedPro, Angel One Trade, Smart Money, broking services, investment advisory, loan against shares, margin trading facility (MTF), and third-party financial products distribution.

Google Play Store Link For Angel One App: Angel One

Apple Store Link For Angel One App: Angel One

Referral program: If you are an Angel One retail customer, you can refer a friend and receive a gift voucher worth Rs 250, provided your friend opens an Angel One account using your client code and executes a transaction within 60 days.

2) 5Paisa – Multi-lingual Trading App With 1M+ SIPs

5Paisa Best Trading Apps In India With Referral Bonuses & No Investments

5Paisa is an award-winning trading app on mobile for trading shares with availability on Android and iOS devices, stock SIPs, MFs, derivatives, and IPOs. It also offers a P2P loan program, generating a fixed monthly income and returns up to 24% p.a. Besides, the stock broker’s wealth advisory services help earn consistent returns.

Cost-wise, 5Paisa charges Rs 20 for stock trades, Rs 10 for smart trading packs, and zero commissions on MF transactions. Moreover, the “Margin Plus” derivative package offers interest-free intraday funding and margin financing with rates as low as 0.03% per day.

Furthermore, 5Paisa Mobile trading app provides incredible F&O trading tools like pre-defined option trades, profit/loss analysis, basket orders, position reversal, and 100% collateral benefits. It also offers trade automation, cart functionality, real-time option contract data, and Finschool.

Google Play Store Link For 5Paisa App: 5Paisa

Apple Store Link For 5Paisa App: 5Paisa

Refer and Earn scheme: You will receive Rs 200 free credit for every successful referral and 12.5% brokerage sharing. You will also get premium vouchers worth Rs 5000 on your first referral and an additional free credit of Rs 300 when a referee executes an F&O/SIP transaction within 25 days of account opening.

3) Groww – Trading App With Funding Assistance

Groww Best Trading Apps In India With Referral Bonuses & No Investments

Groww is a popular Indian trading app available on iOS and Android devices for investing in equities, derivatives, 5K+ direct funds, and fixed deposits (FD). Besides, you get relatively higher FD rates without opening a bank account.

What more? No Demat account opening & maintenance charges, no brokerage on US stock trades, and no commission on MF transactions. While the F&O trading fee is Rs 20 per order, equity brokerage is 0.05% or Rs 20 (whichever is lower) per transaction.

Besides, the retail broker provides complete financials of companies and live snapshots of top movers, gainers, losers, options, & stocks by market cap. Moreover, you get 10+ technical charts with crucial indicators to study market patterns.

Groww Mobile trading app also facilitates external funds tracking, monthly SIP automation, and fractional share investing in US stocks.

Google Play Store Link For Groww App: Groww

Apple Store Link For Groww App: Groww

Groww Referral: If you are one of the lucky individuals chosen by Groww for its referral program, send your unique referral code to pals and win cash rewards when they complete the account registration and onboarding processes using your code.

4) HDFC Securities – Mobile Trading App With Lucrative Referral Benefits

HDFC Securities Best Trading Apps In India With Referral Bonuses & No Investments

HDFC Securities is one of the best trading apps in India which is available for both Apple and Android customers. HDFC securities mobile app offers products across different asset classes like equities, NPS, FDs, MFs, real estate, derivatives, and insurance. Its 4-in-1 Advantage account enables you to move funds between savings, trading, and Demat accounts effortlessly.

HDFC’s value-added offerings include portfolio management services, Trade Smart, Derivatives Value plan, MF privilege, loans, Premia, and ProTerminal. You can also invest in 4K+ US securities with brokerage fees as low as $0.01.

Google Play Store Link For Groww App: HDFC Securities

Apple Store Link For Groww App: HDFC Securities

Referral Partner Program: You can become a referral partner by filling out an empanelment form and submitting it at the nearest branch with the requisite documents. When you refer customers to HDFC securities, you will earn monthly/quarterly incentives as per the mutual agreement. Besides, you would be entitled to 25% brokerage sharing for three years.

5) IIFL Markets – Singular Trading App For All Financial Goals

IIFL Markets Best Trading Apps In India With Referral Bonuses & No Investments

IIFL Securities is a fantastic low-cost mobile trading platform in India, offering AMC-free Demat account for the first year, zero-cost investments (MF, ETF, IPOs), 0% MTF, and a flat fee of Rs 20 per order.

The IIFL mobile app is available on iOS and Android devices. Its noteworthy features include in-house research-backed market reports, expert recommendations, personalized portfolio building, and strategic collaborations for providing add-ons like tax filing, options trading, model portfolios, alerts/analyses, global investing, etc.

Plus, you can learn the nitty-gritty of stock trading through MoneyVarsity, InvestorQ, and free technical analysis courses. Moreover, IIFL offers 250+ studies, 15+ chart styles, 230+ indicators, 20+ market depth studies, and intelligent tools for professional traders.

Google Play Store Link For IIFL Markets App: IIFL Markets

App Store Link For IIFL Markets App: IIFL Markets

Refer and Earn: Create and share your referral code with inner circles and win Rs 500 branded vouchers whenever a friend downloads the IIFL app and places the first trade order. You can manage referrals from a central dashboard, send regular reminders, and claim rewards.

6) SBI Securities – A Customer-Focused Mobile Trading App

SBI Securities Best Trading Apps In India With Referral Bonuses & No Investments

SBI Securities is the top mobile trading app in India for generating value and connecting through numerous touchpoints. With expert advisory and investment management services, a 24/7 helpdesk, and branch networks in 70+ locations across India, SBI securities is a go-to destination for growing your money.

The SBI Securities Android and iOS App offerings include equity baskets, investment ideas, lower margins & higher leverage on derivative trades, professionally-managed diversified funds, ETFs, insurance, corporate FDs, 54EC capital gain bonds, IPOs, and home & car loans.

Besides, its standout features are daily/weekly/monthly reports, fundamentals, currency & fund trackers, a 0% e-margin facility, a mobile app, and a web platform.

Google Play Store Link For SBI Securities App: SBI Securities

Apple Store Link For SBI Securities App: SBI Securities

Referral Plan: Get a unique referral link by verifying your PAN/Customer ID and share the link with your social circles. For every referred person who creates an account within 30 days of registration, you will earn Rs 250 in vouchers/cash. Additionally, if your referral executes three trades within 60 days, you will get brokerage reversals of Rs 500 on your dealings for the next six months.

7) Sharekhan – Popular Trading App For Mobile Users

Sharekhan Best Trading Apps In India With Referral Bonuses & No Investments

Sharekhan is a popular trading app in India for mobile users, with a network of 750+ managers across 3.5K+ service centers & 600+ cities. The centers help you decode market movements and attend expert sessions, knowledge events, or investor awareness programs.

Moreover, Sharekhan Android and iOS apps provide end-to-end trading, financing, and investment solutions backed by the governance, values, and standards of BNP Paribas.

The stock broker’s universe comprises Sharekhan Website, App, Classroom, Mini, Trade Tiger, and Dial-N-Trade. Besides, there are no sign-up charges, no AMC for the first year, and a flat fee of 10 paise/share or 0.3% on the market rate (whichever is lower) for equity deliveries or 3 paise/share for intraday trades.

Google Play Store Link For Sharekhan App: Sharekhan

App Store Link For Sharekhan App: Sharekhan

Referral Reward Scheme: You will get a fixed payout of Rs 400 per referral, provided the referee opens an account and executes a trade generating a minimum brokerage of Rs 40.

8) Paytm Money – Best Trading App For Beginners In India

Paytm Money Best Trading Apps In India With Referral Bonuses & No Investments

Paytm Money is a top-ranked beginner-friendly mobile app for investing in direct MFs, stocks, and NPS. Trading through Paytm Money helps get 1% higher returns on MFs, detailed portfolio insights, stock SIPs, and tax savings up to 50K.

Besides, Paytm Money provides a list of top-performing stocks and funds in partnership with Morningstar, Value Research, and CRISIL. Moreover, it enables you to start an equity/liquid/ELSS fund investment with just Rs 100.

With an investor-centric approach coupled with a simple, transparent, and accessible platform, Paytm Money provides a delightful trading experience.

Google Play Store Link For Paytm Money App: Paytm Money

Apple Store Link For Paytm Money App: Paytm Money

Referral scheme: You will receive a cash bonus of Rs 300 for each referral who opens an account using your referral link and finishes the onboarding process.

9) Upstox – Mobile Trading App With Advanced Charts & Market Analysis

Upstox Best Trading Apps In India With Referral Bonuses & No Investments

Upstox is an excellent mobile trading platform in India for creating a portfolio of MFs, IPOs, indices, stocks, SIPs, and F&O. It is nominally priced, with no hidden charges like AMC, account opening fees, etc., and a flat fee of Rs 20 or 0.05% (whichever is lower) per order.

Additional perks include instant withdrawals, 5x leverage on intraday orders, fundamental analysis, call-and-trade, and zero charges on UPI transfers. Moreover, Upstox’s Pro Web and Pro Mobile platforms are HTML-based personalized trading interfaces with 100+ progressive charts & smart market analysis.

With Upstox Android and iOS apps, you can also access pro tools like pre-built option strategies, pay-off graphs, combined tracking, GTT 3-leg conditional orders, and TradingView & ChartsIQ libraries. The Margin pledge or MTF facility helps you purchase stocks with 50% funds and hold them for up to 5 months.

Google Play Store Link For Upstox App: Upstox

Apple Store Link For Upstox App: Upstox

Rewards and Referrals: You will get a bonus of up to Rs 200 when a referee completes the registration and onboarding process using your referral link within seven days.

10) Zerodha – Mobile Trading App With Sleek UI

Zerodha Best Trading Apps In India With Referral Bonuses & No Investments

Zerodha is an all-in-one mobile trading app for building family portfolios. On the technology side, Zerodha provides Kite – the user-friendly flagship trading portal with advanced charts, Console – the central dashboard with detailed analytics/breakdowns & tax-ready reports, Coin – a platform for trading bonds and commission-free direct MFs, Varsity Mobile, and Kite Connect API.

Using Kite mobile apps in iOS and Android, you can access 20 market depth/level 3 data. Additionally, you can place GTT (Good Till Triggered) orders, create baskets, receive cloud alerts, use Nudge to spot risky/fake securities and apply for IPOs.

Besides, equity deliveries are free. Intraday and derivative trades attract a fixed fee of Rs 20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower) per order.

Google Play Store Link For Zerodha App: Zerodha

Apple Store Link For Zerodha App: Zerodha

Referral Program: You will receive up to 300 redeemable points when you refer clients to the platform. You can share your referral link via the Console/website and earn a minimum payout of Rs 1000 and 10% brokerage on the trades referees execute.

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Wrapping Up!

While HDFC Securities, IIFL Securities, Sharekhan, and SBI securities are full-service brokers, the remaining mobile trading apps mentioned above are discount brokers. Each mobile trading app offers advanced charting tools & referral systems and enables you to choose your widgets to customize mobile trading interfaces and dashboards. Besides, referees also enjoy exclusive benefits, and the learning libraries make you a pro trader in no time.

If you are looking for referral apps see our Refer and Earn Apps article.

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