Are you looking for the best Refer and Earn Apps in India 2023? The number of Refer and earn apps has increased in the market due to their positive marketing impact plus regular rewards for the app users. 

It provides a means to earn a substantial amount of passive income over time. But before starting with any refer and earn app, it is necessary to know the basics, the best apps in the market, plus if they are all legit. Below, you will be able to find all the answers to these questions and finally understand how they work. 

Overview Of Best Refer And Earn Apps In India For Getting Referral Earnings. 

There is a wide range of Refer and Earn Apps in India, but only a few are utilized the most by Android and ios users. Some apps provide payment options for bills or mobile recharge (Ex. Google Pay), while others help with credit health checks (ex., CreditMantri) or investment options. Therefore, the best refer and earn apps in India that you want to earn income from should cater to your target users. 

10 Best Refer And Earn Apps In India 2023 (Trusted Sites List) 

When finding the best refer and earn apps, there are different metrics. From payment methods plus commission percentage to referral fees and security, the refer and earn app you use needs to offer the best overall experience. 

Below, you can find a refer and earn apps list that contains the best platforms available in India: 

1) Paytm Money- A Popular Digital Payment App In India

Paytm Money- A Popular Digital Payment Refer And Earn App In India 

Paytm Money is a SEBI registered IA which provides simple and transparent investment options in Mutual Funds, Stock Market, NPS Retirement Funds, and more. With every account your referral opens, you will earn a certain set amount and access to Paytm’s community plus investment masterclasses. 

Anyone can now generate passive income without extra cost by joining the Affiliate Partner Program offered by Paytm Money for Indians. To become an affiliate partner of Paytm Money, users can register their contact details via the official website ( or mail all the information to [email protected].  

Next, a Paytm Money executive will contact the user and help them through the other steps. Moreover, the users will need to submit basic information such as Indian PAN number, scan of canceled cheque, photo, POA, and others if necessary to complete their KYC documentation. 

After verification is complete, access the dashboard, get your referral link and finally share them with your connections. Also, in case of any problems, you can mail at [email protected] or contact the relationship manager.

Google Play: Paytm Money

App Store: Paytm Money

2) PhonePe- Digital Payment App Offering Cashback In India

PhonePe- Digital Payment Referral App Offering Cashback In India 2022

Phonepe is a next-gen digital payment platform in over 10 lakh stores and over 300 cities in India. Moreover, to create a bigger and scalable transaction ecosystem, Phonepe offers a Referral program in which you can obtain ₹100 cashback per user invited to the platform. Moreover, your referred user needs to add the bank details via UPI after clicking on the link you provide. 

Head to the dashboard, scroll down to the Refer and Earn option, generate a link, and send it to your friends or family using Whatsapp, text message, Instagram, or another preferred platform. Moreover, your referred users will only have 1 hour to complete the process after clicking on the link you provided, plus seven days to execute their first transaction using Phonepe. Also, the 100 cashback will only be given when your referred user completes his first transaction using UPI.

Google Play: PhonePe

App Store: PhonePe

3) Amazon Pay India- A Trustworthy And Safe Online Payment Platform

Amazon Pay- A Trustworthy And Safe Online Payment Platform For Referrals 2022

Ranked high on the refer and earn apps list, Amazon India has a fast and secure online payment service platform called “Amazon Pay.” Amazon Pay is utilized by millions of users worldwide and is also a top contender in referral and earn programs that reward ₹75 cashback for every new user registering via your link. Moreover, your referred users need to complete the first transaction via Amazon pay, plus they also will be rewarded with an amount of Rs. 125 within the account.

You can invite your friend or family using Whatsapp, Instagram, or other available options. To start, head to your Amazon smartphone app and click on the three dots in the bottom right corner. Next, head to explorer at the bottom of the screen, and the Invite and Earn option will appear under the Pay Now option. Then, copy your code and click on the invite under it.

4) Google Pay India – Fast, Lucrative, And Straightforward Digital Payment Platform

Google Pay- Fast, Lucrative, And Straightforward Digital Payment Refer And Earn Platform 2022

Google Pay India is a fast and emerging platform with various services, including transferring money to family or friends or buying products from shops. Their refer and earn options lets you make about 100 referral rewards for each new user you invite on the Google Pay platform. Moreover, you, as well as your referred user, will receive rewards after they have completed their first payment. 

To start the process, open the Google Pay Indian Version of the App and tap on the New under Payments. Next, head to the bottom of the screen and click “Invite Friends”. Then, you will need to select your model of inviting others and finally tap Send. Moreover, users also earn scratch cards that can contain cash back or vouchers when using Google Pay to transfer or receive money.

Google’s pay referral reward can take about five working days, and the cashback earned can take approximately seven business days to show up in the account.

Google Play: Google Pay

App Store: Google Pay

5) Pocket Money- Refer And Earn Rewards Using Different Offers

Pocket Money- Refer And Earn Rewards Using Different Offers

Wondering which app gives the highest refer and earn? With over 10M+ downloads on the Google store, Pocket Money is a fast and efficient way to earn passive income for Indian users. After signing up, you will have to explore the available offers and click the one that best suits your interest. The different methods/offers to earn include

  1. Install and earn Rs. 160
  2. Sign-up and earn
  3. Watch videos such as on youtube to earn
  4. Visit and earn
  5. Play games like Tambola to earn

Apart from earning, you can also obtain exclusive discounts and offers on e-commerce, food, and other items. To start, select an offer to read its instructions, complete it, and then redeem the funds via a Mobile recharge or Paytm transfer.

App Store: Pocket Money

6) IIFL Securities India- The Best Refer And Earn App For Investment Opportunities

IIFL Securities- The Best Refer And Earn App For Investment Opportunities 2022

IIFL Securities India offers a free Demat account that integrates well with the user’s trading and bank account to provide convenient investment opportunities in equities, IPOs, commodities, mutual funds, and more. Moreover, any current client of IIFL Securities can refer their friends/family to open a free-of-cost Demat and Trading Account with the IIFL platform.

You will obtain gift vouchers for every successful referral worth Rs. 500, and your friend/referee will receive a Demat account for free. Apart from this, a successful referral will only be counted when the person you invited logs in to IIFL App and puts a minimum trade value of Rs 1000 within 30 days after opening their IIFL Securities account. Furthermore, you will have 60 days to claim the reward from the date of credit. 

Google Play: IIFL Securities

App Store: IIFL Securities

7) Upstox India- Earn Dual Referral Bonus By Promoting Demat Account

Upstox- Earn Dual Referral Bonus By Promoting Demat Account 2022

Upstox is among India’s best refer and earn apps that provide investment plus trading opportunities to over one crore users. Moreover, Upstox’s referral program allows active Upstox users to earn passive income (cash rewards) after their friends have finished the mobile phone and email verification using OTP and opened a new account successfully. 

Also, the person you refer to will even obtain a free Demat & trading account, 0 commission Mutual Fund plus IPO investing, along with access to Upstox apps for free. Furthermore, it would help if you kept in mind that there must be at least one trade using your Upstox account last year to withdraw any referral rewards. 

 Apart from this, you will also obtain an extra cash reward if the person you invited places their first trade within one month of creating their account. Lastly, the referral link you send will be valid for a week, and the referred friend will have to complete the sign-up within this time for you to reap the rewards.

Google Play: Upstox

App Store: Upstox

8) ySense- Task-Based Apps Offering Referral Incentives For Members

ySense- Task Based Refer And Earn Apps Offering Referral Incentives For Members 2022

 ySense is an online platform that offers a wide range of earning options. Some options include paid online surveys, sign-up commissions, and cash offers. You can share the ySense link with your friends and earn recurring commissions of up to 30% of what the referred person makes. Also, ySense includes linking tools, eye-catching banners, multiple cash-out methods, including BookMyShow or Paypal, and gift cards such as Amazon, Westside, or Lifestyle.

You will obtain $0.10 to $0.30 in sign-up commissions for every referral that converts into an active user. Furthermore, a $2.00* bonus will be rewarded when you earn your first $5.00 (not including commissions plus bonuses) via referrals. Apart from this, there is also an Activity Commission in which you receive a 20%* commission when your referred friend’s Survey/Offer gets approved. Moreover, you can raise your commission to 30%, depending on how active your referrals are on the ySense platform. 

Google Play: ySense

App Store: ySense

9) CreditMantri- A Reliable Borrowing Finding App Offering Referral Earnings

CreditMantri- A Reliable Borrowing Finding App Offering Referral Earnings 2022

CreditMantri helps Indian users handle their credit health plus promotes better borrowing decisions. Compare the loan information offered by several providers and select the one that comes with minimum interest. Moreover, the app allows you to earn Rs.100 Paytm cash on the three successful referrals you bring. 

To start, head to the dashboard, select the “Refer Your Friends’ ‘ button on the left side and share it via messaging platforms such as Whatsapp. The user you bring to the platform must sign up and add the PAN number to create an account. They must obtain a free credit score plus analysis to complete the referral process. Also, it will complete the cashout within 7-10 working days to the Paytm account you link.

Google Play: CreditMantri

10) Cubber- Bill Payment App Offering Referral Cashbacks

Cubber- Bill Payment App Offering Referral Cashbacks 2022

Cubber is an Indian app that primarily provides the option to buy goods and services on a single platform. It also has a referral option in which users can obtain cashback of Rs 200 for every two people they invite to use the forum. Moreover, the users always need to invite people in pairs to receive the referral rewards, plus you can even earn a commission on every purchase they execute for a lifetime. 

The Commissions have 14 levels, in which levels 14 to 5 will receive about 2.5 commission of their purchase, to 50% commission for level 1 users. You can refer to the app via text, WhatsApp, Email, and other mediums. 

Google Play: Cubber

App Store: Cubber

Earning Through Referrals: How Does Refer An Earn Works?

New and established brands utilize referral programs as a powerful marketing tool to help promote a business offering any product or service. Any existing customer referring an app to a friend or family will improve brand awareness and help establish a new customer base. Doing this also rewards the person referred with cashback or gift cards, plus the new users with discounts or offers. Direct referrals are the most common in which an existing user helps a new one sign up to obtain rewards. Moreover, there are also tangible referrals, in which the refer receives incentives in the form of offers such as buy-one-get-one-free or 50% discounts.  

Many businesses are launched daily, and only a few can quickly reach a broad customer base. Programs in the above references and earn apps list provide a hassle-free method for users to earn passive income by helping in marketing a brand and receiving direct rewards. 

If you are looking for Free Money earnings apps without investment, see our list of Free Money Earning Apps in India here.

Are Refer And Earn Apps Trustworthy In India?   

In India, Referral programs are kind of like a win-win situation for the business as well as the user. Businesses gain more loyal customers, and the person referred gets rewarded. But, users should keep away from pyramid or Ponzi schemes in which users are lured in, and the profits are not paid or deducted. On the other hand, MLM or multi-level marketing is a different thing that rewards commissions based on new sales. Therefore, ensure the referral programs you utilize to have a positive customer review, a big community, and great returns. 

Ready To Utilize The Best Refer And Earn Apps In India 2023

Refer and Earn Apps can be an efficient method to generate extra income from a platform that people utilize daily to obtain some goods or services. The 10 Refer and earn apps above run trusted programs across India and can be used for a wide range of online purchases, from mobile recharge to investment in mutual funds. Some of the platforms above reward for bringing new users, while others also reward commissions for the sales new users make.

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