ESG Lab Validation

Digi-Data T-4000 - Active Archive and Utility Storage
The Digi-Data T-4000 is a modular high-performance storage system designed for large digital archives, utility storage, and active secondary storage. This ESG Lab report examines the enhanced manageability, scalability, performance, and fault tolerance of the Digi-Data T-4000 along with a valuable capability called Drive Power Management (DPM) that reduces power and cooling requirements by spinning down inactive drives.
Dell PowerVault DP100 - Hands-Free Data Protection
ESG Lab evaluated a Dell PowerVault DP100 as part of an IT consolidation project currently underway at our corporate headquarters in Milford, MA. ESG is a proto-typical small business with thirty local employees and six remote users. In addition, at any given time, a number of employees are either mobile or working from home. ESG relies on a number of applications commonly used by small businesses, including Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Business Contact Manager and Office Accounting.
Dell PowerVault NF100 - File Sharing Made Simple
The Dell PowerVault NF100 storage server is a convenient and cost-effective solution for file sharing. This ESG Lab Validation report explores how the NF100, with pre-configured RAID and pre-installed Microsoft Windows Storage Server software, can be deployed and sharing files in less than 15 minutes. This report also explores how the NF100 can be used as a backup and recovery platform for local, remote and mobile users.