ESG Lab Validation

IBM SAN Volume Controller - Optimizing Storage Utilization and Availability
IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) is a network-based storage virtualization solution with over 13,000 appliances shipped running in more than 4,300 systems worldwide. This report documents the results of ESG Lab testing of IBM SVC performed in 2006 with a focus on the fundamentals of network based storage virtualization including ease of use, non-disruptive virtualization, data mobility and copy services. The enhanced storage utilization and availability capabilities of SVC 4.3 as validated by ESG Lab in 2008 are also presented.
Rainfinity File Virtualization Appliance - Transparent, Heterogeneous File Storage Mobility
Rainfinity is a family of file virtualization solutions from EMC that customers utilize to optimize storage across their file sharing environment. ESG Lab validated the Rainfinity File Virtualization Appliance and its ability to non-disruptively move datasets between NAS devices and file servers in a heterogeneous, multi-protocol environment.