ESG Lab Validation

NetApp VTL - Enterprise class, storage efficient, disk-based backup
In 2007, ESG Lab tested NetApp VTL appliances and found enterprise-class performance and scalability, combined with easy implementation and integration. This ESG Lab Validation report presents the results of a new round of hands-on testing of the NetApp VTL appliances with a focus on recently added data deduplication functionality.
Dell PowerVault DL2000 - Powered by CommVault
The Dell PowerVault DL2000 Powered by CommVault is a customer-installable, fully integrated backup to disk appliance that offers reliable data protection with file level data deduplication and fast, drill-down recovery. With CommVault‘s Continuous Data Replicator (CDR) agent, companies can protect their remote and branch offices while providing continuous protection of critical servers and applications.
NetApp Ethernet storage - Protocol independent convergence with FCoE
This report explores documents the value of independent data mobility from FC to FCoE, demonstrates protocol independent access and storage services from a single NetApp Data ONTAP 7G platform, and verifies that the protocol independence of NetApp FAS and V-Series systems makes it easy to migrate from FC to FCoE technology.