UltraBac streamlines VMware backups

By Dave Simpson

-- UltraBac Software today released the 9.0 version of its UltraBac backup software and the 5.0 version of its UBDR Gold recovery software, both with enhancements for backing up VMware virtual server environments.

UBDR Gold 5.0 now has the ability to create ESX or GSX Virtual Machine Disk (VMDK) files while backing up a live system. This optional functionality eliminates a number of steps required by other approaches to disaster recovery in VMware environments, including the conversion typically required in physical-to-virtual (P2V) restore operations, according to Chana Flynn, UltraBac's marketing manager.

"The software creates the [ESX or GSX VMDK] file on the fly as the backup is being performed," explains Chip Coomes, UltraBac's QA manager. "It's created as a secondary stream along with the native backup data, and is converted while the stream is being written, which eliminates a separate conversion process."

The company claims that the P2V operation can take less than three minutes (not counting the original backup time) due to the reduced processing requirements.

Another new feature in UBDR Gold 5.0 is that subsequent differential and incremental backups automatically update the base VMDK file when performed to a UNC share path, ensuring up-to-date data for P2V operations.

The key enhancement to UltraBac 9.0 is an improved management console based on an Office 2007-like tabular format, but the company also added support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and SharePoint 2007, as well as a VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB) agent.

The VCB agents provide centralized backup for all guest machines, and do not require software to be installed locally. Administrators can select either a file-by-file or image backup operation, and can choose which virtual machines (VMs) to back up while performing a FullVM backup. For more granularity, users can also select which VMs, files and folders to back up in a FileVM backup.

UBDR Gold Server Edition is priced at $995. The UltraBac Server Edition is priced at $495, while the Enterprise Edition is priced at $1,095. The VCB agent costs $495 per socket.

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This article was originally published on May 20, 2009