Kazeon beefs up e-discovery

By Kevin Komiega

August 25, 2008 -- Kazeon Systems today announced the availability of a new version of its Information Server IS1200-ECS, the data center-class model of its e-discovery product.

Capable of being deployed as an appliance or as a software-only platform, version 3.1 of the IS1200-ECS introduces a new in-place legal hold feature, dubbed KazHold, and a new agent-free software product for the in-place analysis and collection of data from remote laptops and desktops.

KazHold provides two methods for retaining files that may be related to material evidence or legal cases. In-place KazHold securely retains original data in its source location instantaneously, allowing users to ensure data is not destroyed, deleted, or modified. The second approach, KazHold in-target secure repositories, identifies and migrates relevant information to electronic vaults, such as Symantec's EnterpriseVault, NetApp's SnapLock, and Data Domain's Retention Lock. In-target also works with enterprise content management (ECM) repositories and WORM systems from a variety of vendors. 

Kazeon's CEO, Sudhakar Muddu, says these new capabilities help protect data during litigation, while saving significantly on network bandwidth and costs during the process of collection, processing, and analysis.

"With KazHold, we can put a legal hold on a document or file that basically freezes file modifications on a given machine until litigation concludes. We can also now crawl the internal hard drives or external drives of remote users without using software agents to identify, migrate, and copy data," says Muddu. "These are important capabilities for anyone with many ongoing litigation matters or those who have just been hit with litigation."

Kazeon's pricing is based on performance. The faster you want the e-discovery process to go, the more systems you add. The company's base product, the Information Server, costs $80,000. The desktop/laptop product is a separate appliance that sits on top of the Information Server for a flat fee of $30,000.

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This article was originally published on August 23, 2008