Tek-Tools tightens link with virtual servers

By Kevin Komiega

-- Tek-Tools Software has introduced an enhanced version of its Profiler Suite resource management software product with improved end-to-end data path mapping between virtual and physical resources, a new module for virtual tape library (VTL) support, and more detailed reporting capabilities for backup processes and media.

The Profiler Suite monitors the IT infrastructure for real-time identification and resolution of problems and serves up information through pre-defined and customized reports to help users optimize capacity utilization, performance, and availability of servers, storage resources, backups and applications.

The latest version of the software includes enhanced end-to-end data path mapping capabilities for VMware and Windows. Profiler can now map physical and logical storage resources to the guest operating system, applications, and VMware environment for virtual and physical views of the infrastructure.

Gustavo Sosa, a product manager at Tek-Tools, says Profiler's VMware support is aimed at load balancing, troubleshooting, and improving application performance in virtual server and storage infrastructures.

"Profiler gives end users all of the information about the relationships between virtual machines and array LUNs across the entire data center," says Sosa. "You don't know where things are with things like VMotion running all the time. Profiler can help prove that things are really running and that they are meetings performance SLAs."

Profiler also features a new module that supports FalconStor's VTLs. The module provides data points for virtual and physical tape libraries and drives, as well as an inventory to track tapes and hardware.

Another upgrade is in the area of backup reporting. Profiler's Backup Dashboard now provides an at-a-glance eight-day status of activity from backup systems with the aim of identifying recurring failures.

The new features are available as a software upgrade to all of Tek-Tools' existing customers.

This article was originally published on July 03, 2008