NEC makes deduplication application-aware

By Kevin Komiega

NEC has introduced application-aware deduplication as a new feature of its HYDRAstor line of grid storage platforms in order to squeeze inefficiencies out of the data stream and boost data reduction ratios.

The application-aware deduplication technology analyzes incoming data streams, searching for application-level metadata. Once identified, the metadata, which tends to have a negative impact on deduplication rates, is filtered from the data and processed separately in an effort to speed backup and archiving operations.

Gideon Senderov, director of product management at NEC, says application-aware deduplication overcomes the scale, scope and capacity limitations inherent to traditional deduplication systems by removing "non-user" related data in the data stream.

"Application metadata interleaves with user data and makes the underlying data look different. The metadata tends to stymie the deduplication process," says Senderov. "Application-aware global deduplication filters the metadata from the user data inline and processes it separately."

Senderov claims that internal tests show an improvement in data reduction ratios of up to 130% when compared to "generic" deduplication.

The addition of application-aware deduplication is included under HYDRAstor’s software maintenance agreement and is offered at no additional cost.

The application-aware deduplication feature is available with initial support for CommVault's Simpana and Symantec's NetBackup software. NEC will add support for additional backup and archiving applications in the future.

This article was originally published on July 01, 2009