EMC is bringing all of its IT management software together under a new brand called Ionix as the company attempts to streamline the process of moving from physical to virtualized data centers and, eventually, to the cloud.

The Ionix family, announced this week, combines all of EMC’s homegrown and recently acquired IT management software products, including Smarts, nLayers, Voyence, Infra, ControlCenter and Configuresoft.

Jonathan Siegal, EMC’s director of product marketing for Ionix, says the introduction of the Ionix family represents much more than a name change.

“This is the culmination of our five-year plan,” says Siegal. “The acquisition of Configuresoft last month really rounded out our portfolio and [with Ionix] we’ve brought forth a complete set of management tools that give customers visibility into application dependencies and maintain service levels as they migrate from a physical to a virtual world.”

The Ionix software has been divvied up into four categories. The first, EMC Ionix for Service Discovery and Mapping, identifies applications and their physical and virtual dependencies in support of Configuration Management Database (CMDB)/Configuration Management System (CMS) population, change management, and application troubleshooting. It also maps servers and applications prior to data center moves, consolidations, and virtualization migrations.

The second category, dubbed Ionix for IT Operations Intelligence, provides automated root-cause and impact analysis and monitors services across both physical and virtual environments. The software allows users to view the relationships between virtual machines (VMs), the VMware ESX Servers they reside on, and the network.

The third piece of the family is Ionix for Data Center Automation and Compliance. Aimed at compliance management across servers, storage, application dependencies and networks, Ionix for Data Center Automation and Compliance tracks configuration compliance against regulatory, best practices, and internal governance policies, including VMware vSphere 4 deployment guidelines and helps users remediate compliance violations across physical and virtual infrastructures.

The final piece of the puzzle, Ionix for Service Management, allows customers to deploy IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) service management. Customers can use Ionix for Service Management to build a federated CMDB that is auto-populated with physical and virtual and dependencies.

EMC has reorganized internally in conjunction with the Ionix launch by renaming its Resource Management Software Group (RMSG) EMC Ionix.

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