SGI storage server scales to 72TB

By Kevin Komiega

-- SGI today unveiled the InfiniteStorage Server 3500, a relatively low-cost, all-in-one storage server that scales to 72TB with a price tag of less than $0.90/GB in some configurations.

The InfiniteStorage Server 3500 (ISS3500) comes in a 4U chassis with 36 drive bays for 3.5-inch SATA, SAS and solid-state disk (SSD) drives. The system features a range of connectivity options, including Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) and InfiniBand, as well as support for various storage protocols such as iSER, iSCSI, NFS and CIFS.

SGI product marketing director, Floyd Christofferson, says the ISS3500 is designed primarily for high-performance computing (HPC) environments and large data centers where storage and compute are tightly coupled.

"We designed the ISS3500 to be a building block for environments where storage and compute really benefit from being in close proximity, such as HPC clusters, Lustre and archive management applications," says Christofferson.

He also says the ISS3500 should be of interest to end users who need a relatively inexpensive and easily accessible platform to run their own applications. The ISS3500 has dual-socket Intel processors to provide x64 application compatibility.

The system can also house multiple storage tiers using SAS and SATA drives through SGI's Data Migration Facility (DMF) to virtualize multiple disk types in one system and transparently migrate data.

According to Christofferson, pricing for the storage server varies widely depending on configuration, but he says the cost of the ISS3500 typically comes in at less than $0.90/GB.

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This article was originally published on April 13, 2010