Asempra upgrades Windows recovery tool

By Kevin Komiega

-- Data-recovery specialist Asempra Technologies is set to announce a new version of its Asempra Business Continuity Server (BCS) on Monday, with expanded application support and performance and scalability upgrades for recovering applications in Microsoft environments.

The new release, BCS 2.7, provides new capabilities for handling data growth while ensuring continuous data accessibility and instantaneous data and application recovery in the event of a failure. It extends the BCS platform to new Microsoft applications with support for Exchange 07, Windows File Serve,r and SQL 2005 on 64-bit architectures. Additionally, the software supports backward compatibility with SQL 2000 on Windows 2003.

Asempra's aim is to provide live backup and instantaneous recovery of applications and their respective data sets while keeping users online. "If something goes bump in the night we can start to restore data in 30 seconds and users can send and receive e-mails or process SQL transactions while the complete data set is being recovered in the background," says Gary Gysin, Asempra's president and CEO.

BCS 2.7 also features a flavor of data de-duplication dubbed in-file de-duplication. The system is file-based and sends byte-level changes to the recovery site. Once the changes are received, BCS performs a second sweep to eliminate redundant files.

BCS 2.7 now supports up to 16 Windows hosts and up to 2TB of data per server. The software is priced on a capacity basis with an entry-level price of $19,500 for 500GB of protected data.

Asempra signed a pair of OEM deals earlier this year, including a joint development partnership with BakBone Software and a reseller agreement with Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), both of which are expected to start bearing fruit later this summer.

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This article was originally published on July 18, 2008