LSI today announced its first line of 6Gbps SAS switches that extend the use of SAS technology by turning direct-attached storage (DAS) devices into a shared, networked storage resource.

The LSI (LSI) SAS6000 series of 6Gbps SAS switches come in two rack-ready form factors (1U and half-width) for installation with rack-mount servers and existing SAS infrastructures. Both models offer 24Gbps SAS connections on 16 ports with an aggregate bandwidth of 384Gbps.

The switches support SAS and SATA connectivity to more than 1,000 devices and include software for complete SAS domain management, including port configuration, zoning, firmware management, diagnostics and viewing of the SAS topology.

LSI is now sampling the SAS switches to OEMs with production shipments expected in the second half of the year.

The company is also sampling a new PCI Express (PCIe)-based solid-state storage card for enterprise server applications.

The LSISSS6200 plugs into standard PCIe slots to speed up enterprise applications. The card offers performance of up to 200,000 sequential I/Os per second (IOPS) and up to 150,000 random IOPS. The card touts bandwidth of 1,500MBps with sustained sequential I/O and 1,200MBps sustained random I/O, regardless of read/write mix, according to LSI.

The card offers storage capacity of up to 300GB in a single PCIe slot with no external power requirement.

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