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Astrum broadens SRM software
This month, storage resource management (SRM) vendor Astrum Software began shipments of its Storage Performance Manager (SPM)-the fourth piece of its StorCast suite. StorCast SPM is designed to monitor the effectiveness of data delivery to and from storage devices, says Robert Infantino, president and CEO of Astrum.

The software detects performance deficiencies from a single console; monitors disk transfers, CPU performance, memory usage, and network efficiency; and can be used to generate performance reports and graphs for an unlimited number of systems and storage devices. In addition, it can provide trending analysis to help system administrators more accurately predict future storage needs.

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StorCast SPM consists of the Admin-istrator Console, Intelligent Collector Diplomat (agents), and Managed Nodes (clients). The diplomats, or agents, sit on participating systems and monitor, manage, and take appropriate actions (e.g., write-protecting a directory, executing a command line interface, or notifying an administrator of potential problems), explains Infantino. Systems are managed centrally via the administrator console, and because SPM is a service-based application, it runs in the background and consumes little overhead, he adds.

StorCast SPM works in Windows NT/2000 environments. Pricing was not available at press time. www.astrum.com.

BMiraLink mirrors over IP WANs
MiraLink's Principia software-hardware combo provides remote mirroring over IP WANs for network backup-and-recovery applications. MiraLink is primarily targeting companies that are required by law to implement disaster planning and recovery solutions.

According to MiraLink president and CEO Ron McCabe, Principia is considerably less expensive than alternative approaches that require expensive, dedicated fiber or T3 communications links. A base-level unit with one 9GB disk drive is priced at $24,985 for a SCSI version and $29,985 for a SAN-based version. Users can configure the device with disk drives used as primary or secondary (mirrored) storage or as a disk-less appliance. No code is required on connected hosts.

The core technology of Principia is software that includes a proprietary protocol that handles conversion between SCSI and IP, as well as all error-correction issues that arise in long-distance data transfers. The system provides intelligent buffering, bandwidth management, and "checkpoint backup" technology and works over 56Kbps connections. www.miralink.com.

SANavigator simplifies SAN management
Announced last month, SANavigator 2.0 simplifies the design and management of storage area networks (SANs). Among the software's most significant enhancements is its ability to monitor the performance of SAN devices and the connections between those devices.

SANavigator is a Java-based SAN management application that can operate as a host for other storage management applications, utilities, and tools. Its Auto Discovery feature performs a complete inventory of all SAN resources, while SANmap presents a visual map of the SAN. Version 2.0 is the first implementation of the software based on a client-server architecture.

SANavigator supports Windows 98/NT/ 2000, Solaris, Linux, and Palm OS for remote wireless monitoring. Pricing information is available at sales@sanavigator.com. www.sanavigator.com.

Patrol Application Storage Resource Manager (ASRM) is the final component in BMC Software's Application-Centric Storage Management (ACSM) initiative, which relates storage assets to the applications they support. ACSM provides a visual representation of all components in a storage environment, enabling users to display (or "map") and manage storage resources.

ASRM is an ACSM layer that identifies and correlates which storage assets support specific business applications. This enables administrators to extract specific application information and associate it with related storage assets. In addition to ASRM, other ACSM components include Patrol Knowledge Modules, Storage Network Manager, and Application Storage Resource Manager.

The following vendors have joined BMC's ACSM Consortium: Brocade, Cisco, Crossroads, EMC, Gadzoox, Hitachi Data Systems, Inrange, JNI, McData, Network Appliance, Nishan, OTG Soft-ware, and QLogic. www.bmc.com.

Troika introduces management software
Active Controller Manager (ACM) is the first module in Troika Networks' SAN Command Enterprise suite, which is designed for management of the company's Zentai Controllers (host bus adapters) in SAN environments.

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The software provides enterprise-wide management, allowing administrators to actively configure controllers and to centralize management of distributed controllers. This eliminates the need to manually install new software patches, modify controller settings, and troubleshoot network faults. Zentai controllers support the SCSI, IP, and VI protocols. www.troikanetworks.com.

StorageNetworks enhances software
StorageNetworks has launched new versions of its Virtual Storage Portal, STORos, and STORvision software, which provide increased intelligence. Virtual Storage Portal v4.0, adds backup configuration reporting; improved SAN/ NAS and tape topology views, and change management tracking. STORos v2.0 features an XML API, so customers can write applications from their existing management frameworks to the STORos operating system.

In its second release, STORvision features improved scalability and performance. StorageNetworks' Global Operations Cen-ters use the software to remotely deploy, monitor, and manager customers' heterogeneous SANs. www.storagenetworks.com.

KOM expands storage virtualization
Last month, KOM Networks added OptiWorx and ShieldWorx to its Stealth-Worx line of storage management products. OptiWorx virtualizes optical storage by establishing virtual volumes that integrate multiple data storage devices and technologies into a single, homogeneous storage repository that is dynamically scalable to 500 petabytes. The software allows system administrators to add various optical devices (e.g., WORM and Rewritable) on-the-fly, with no downtime.

ShieldWorx offers desktop file protection for Windows NT/2000 environments. Using ShieldWorx's Read-Only Mode, any hard-disk partition can be set to a read-only state, which prevents users from altering or modifying protected files. The software also features an Archive mode that safeguards existing data from unintentional modification, while allowing data to be added to the hard-drive partition. www.komnetworks.com.

Syncsort speeds backup
Released last month, Syncsort Backup Express Version 2.14 improves restore times by up to 95%, according to company officials.

Syncsort also improves backup speed by adding new data flow paths, which enable users to back up data from a network-attached storage (NAS) device through the network to a server-attached tape drive or library. This type of backup configuration (filer to server) allows users to back up filers to non-NDMP-compliant tape devices.

Similarly, support for Direct Access Restore (DAR) through NDMP reduces restore time by as much as 95%. DAR speeds up the restore process by centralizing all file location information in a single catalog, enabling users to immediately locate a specific file version and access it directly for restoring. This procedure eliminates the need for multiple tape loading and streaming to search for the file.

The release also features support for LTO tape drives and ADIC's Advanced Media Library and includes various Windows 2000 and Exchange enhancements. www.syncsort.com.

PowerQuest debuts NT/2000 suite
Last month, PowerQuest began shipping PowerManage, a suite for real-time management of Windows NT and Windows 2000 server storage. The suite includes centralized storage resource management reporting and reconfiguration capabilities. This software is the first in a series of products PowerQuest is targeting for the midrange enterprise market.

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PowerManage comprises Volume-Man-ager, PowerExpert ST, and Storage-Monitor. VolumeManager 2.0 provides storage configuration and disk storage management for Windows NT/2000 servers. Partitions and volume sets can be resized, copied, moved, checked, or deleted without using a backup-and-restore system for the Windows NT server. Basic partitions can be resized, moved, copied, checked, or deleted for Windows 2000 Server/Advanced Server. VolumeManager can copy and consolidate multiple Windows NT volume segments and resize RAID-5 configurations.

PowerExpert ST is a real-time resource management tool featuring capacity trending and tracking. Using the capacity management tool, administrators can monitor storage capacity and enforce disk storage limits. The software can generate reports on specific storage criteria and screen file types.

StorageMonitor identifies all volume/partition and server information on all servers or grouped servers in a LAN/WAN environment. The software also displays and monitors uptime and analyzes storage usage via a Web-based console.

The PowerManage suite is $1,595 MSRP. www.powerquest.com.

LSI Logic expands host/volume support
At Storage Networking World last month, LSI Logic announced the release of SANtricity 7.10, which features expanded host and volume support. LSI says it has doubled storage partitions and quadrupled storage volumes. SANshare partitioning enables a storage system to function as up to 16 separate logical systems, each capable of supporting an independent, heterogeneous host. The release supports most operating systems, including Solaris, Windows NT/2000, Linux, HP-UX, IRIX, AIX, and NetWare, and has been integrated with Tivoli IT Director and HP OpenView.

LSI also introduced an expanded disk-drive enclosure that increases storage density by 40%. The total capacity of the MetaStor E2400, for example, now exceeds 3TB, while the enterprise E4400 supports up to 11TB in a single 72-inch cabinet. www.lsilogicstorage.com.


Benchmark launches half-height DLT drive
Benchmark Storage Innovations hopes to open up new markets with the late-April launch of its ValuSmart Tape 80 (VS 80), the industry's first half-height 5.25-inch DLT tape drive.

"This product helps us start to build an identity that is separate and distinct from Quantum," says Steven Berens, vice president of marketing at Benchmark. (Quantum has a 20% equity stake in Benchmark.)

Like the DLT1, the VS 80 has a 40GB native capacity and a 3MBps native transfer rate. The drive uses DLTtape IV media, making it read/write-compatible with the DLT1 and read-compatible with the DLT 4000. Additionally, Quantum SuperDLTtape can read data written on VS80 media. The internal drive is priced at $1,499.

Target users include those looking to transition from DDS and those looking for scalable capacity at an entry price point. A family of automation products is expected this summer; an 80GB/ 6MBps drive is due out later this year. www.4Benchmark.com.

Sony intros WORM AIT
In the next quarter, Sony Electronics will begin shipping first-generation AIT WORM (Write-Once Read-Many) drives, which the company says are designed to complement-not compete with-its optical WORM products.

AIT WORM can be used as an alternative, or supplement, to WORM optical for lower-security, higher-capacity, lower-cost storage, explains Satpreet Singh, marketing manager at Sony. "Its appeal is its cost per GB versus optical," he says. However, unlike optical alternatives, data can be erased from WORM tape products, making it a less-secure data-archiving option.

The AIT-2 WORM drive uses standard AIT-2 media and has a 130GB compressed capacity and a 15.6MBps sustained transfer rate (assuming 2.6:1 compression). The drive is backward-compatible with AIT-1 and AIT-2 media and lists for less than $3,500.

Separately, the company also announced it has begun shipping the AIT Library 152. This entry-level AIT library uses up to two AIT-1 drives for up to 525GB of native capacity and a 28.8GB-per-hour transfer rate. It is available in a 5U rack-mount enclosure or as a standalone desktop unit and comes bundled with remote-monitoring software. Target applications include archival and near-line storage. The 152 lists for $5,999. www.sony.com.


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Snap increases NAS capacities
Putting pricing pressure on low-end NAS suppliers, Snap Appliance has increased capacities by 33% across its entire line without raising prices. A Snap Server 1000 with 20GB and 40GB is priced at $499 and $799, respectively. A Snap Server 2000, which supports RAID 1 or RAID 0, is priced at $1,399 for an 80GB configuration. The 1U rack-mountable Snap Server 4100, which supports RAID levels 0, 1, or 5, costs $2,999 for a 160GB version or $4,499 for a 300GB configuration. www.snapappliances.com.

UVNetworks debuts Sun-based NAS box
UVNetworks, a strategic development partner of Sun Microsystems, last month began shipping the UV30 WebBox, the first Web-hosting network-attached storage (NAS) server appliance to integrate Sun's 64-bit UltraSPARC RISC architecture and Solaris 8 operating system.

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According to UVNetworks officials, the UV30 WebBox is up to four times faster than comparably priced 32-bit appliances based on Intel processors. UVNetworks officials also claim the Solaris operating system reduces risk of system crashes associated with Linux or NT-based servers. Target markets include Web-hosting companies, ASPs, and ISPs.

The appliance comes with 128MB of RAM and a 30GB IDE drive and is pre-configured with WebBox Manager software for setup and management. Other features include automated backup to disk and tape, browser-based management, and FTP/NTP support.

The WebBox can be used as standalone device or rack-mounted in a 1U casing. It lists for $2,995. www.uvnetworks.com.

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Microtest extends NAS line
Microtest's FileZerver is a network-attached storage (NAS) server appliance that offers multi-protocol file-level security and capacities in excess of 1TB. FileZerver can be configured with up to 600GB of IDE storage or more than 1TB of SCSI storage. Other features include dynamic RAID expansion, a 100MHz controller, up to 512MB of main memory, mirroring, support for SNMP, and hot spare and hot-swapping. Processor speeds range from 300MHz to 500MHz. The unit is priced from $900 to $1,200. www.microtest.com.

Raidtec merges SAN, NAS
In line with an emerging trend, Raidtec has combined network-attached storage (NAS) and storage area network (SAN) technologies in its SNAZ FC storage server. On the front-end, the file server connects to a LAN and provides multi-protocol file serving to heterogeneous clients. The back-end consists of a SAN that houses all the storage.

Features include support for CIFS and NFS, a Fibre Channel interface to the SAN, dual SCSI interfaces for local storage, dual 10/100 Ethernet channels, and integrated tape backup. www.raidtec.com.

Winchester claims 13,000 I/Os per second
Capitalizing on a 64-bit design, Winchester Systems says its FlashDisk OpenRAID subsystem can deliver 13,000 sustained read/write operations per second. The system also delivers up to 121MBps sustained data throughput to the disks using two host ports.

Features include a 64-bit PowerPC processor, 64-bit data path to both hosts and disk drives, and up to eight disk/host channels, each with burst transfer rates of 533MBps. Maximum cache is 512MB, and total disk capacity is 587GB. The unit is priced at $39,994. www.winsys.com.


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Plasmon enhances DVD-R libraries
Plasmon has added DVD-R capability and robotics enhancements to its D-Series optical libraries. In addition, the library incorporates a new media rotation mechanism that doubles capacity of DVD-R and DVD-RAM media from 4.7GB to 9.4GB per disc. These enhancements increase the capacity of the libraries to 4.1TB.

The DVD-R media can be read by DVD-RAM and DVD-ROM drives. Plasmon has integrated new 4.7GB DVD-RAM drives into the 120mm format D-Series libraries.

The D-Series libraries start at $14,995 with one DVD-R, one DVD-RAM drive, and 120 slots. A six-drive DVD-R unit with 480 slots is $54,995. The prices include the SCSI interface, disc magazines, and a disc import/export mail slot. www.plasmon.com.

This article was originally published on May 01, 2001