Asigra enhances cloud storage software

By Dave Simpson

-- Asigra launched Asigra Cloud Backup v10 software today with support for mobile devices, new levels of tiered recovery, and added support for virtual server platforms and backup sets.

The agent-less Asigra Cloud Backup software is designed for cloud storage services providers. The company sells primarily to managed services providers (MSPs), rather than direct to end users.

Support for laptops comes via DS-Mobile Client software, which resides on mobile devices and provides essentially the same functionality as Asigra's DS-Client software, including block-level data deduplication and compression. According to Ashar Baig, Asigra's senior director of product marketing, DS-Mobile software can be mass-deployed, via Microsoft Active Directory, to any number of portable devices in less than two minutes.

Asigra also added two new recovery tiers in the v10 release of its software: Local-Only Backup and Backup Lifecycle Manager (BLM) Cloud Storage backup, which allows companies to back up to public clouds, including Amazon S3.

The advantage of the Local-Only Backup option is LAN performance and a decrease in the amount of WAN bandwidth required for data protection, because the protected data resides on-site. The disadvantage is that users do not have offsite backups of the data for disaster recovery purposes, according to Baig.

Asigra Cloud Backup also now supports the most recent native APIs for virtual server platforms, including VMware's VMware, Microsoft's Hyper-V and Citrix' XenServer. In the case of VMware, that includes support for vStorage APIs for Data Protection, or VADP, and Change Block Tracking, or CBT (see "Better backups for VMware: VADP + CBT").

Other enhancements in version 10 of Asigra's cloud storage software include support for new backup sets, including Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, SQL and Hyper-V, as well as Oracle SBT, Sybase and the Local-Only Backup option.

Asigra also released a new API software development kit (SDK) that allows its MSP customers to integrate their third-party applications with Asigra's software.

Pricing for Asigra Cloud Backup software starts at $50 per month.

Asigra claims to have more than 500 MSP customers and more than 1,000 installations. Asigra's MSP customers and other partners include Cincinnati Bell, CDW, CoreVault, HP Business Continuity Services, NetApp, SunGard, Terremark and Venyu.

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This article was originally published on June 07, 2010