Dell partners with Quantum, EMC


Dell has entered a three-way development partnership with Quantum and EMC under which the trio will develop and standardize all Quantum, Dell and Dell/EMC storage products on a common de-duplication architecture.

Dell plans to integrate Quantum’s de-duplication and replication software into its new products going forward. The software is currently used in Quantum’s DXi7500 disk backup system and EMC’s Disk Library 3D and DL4000 series disk libraries. The software includes NAS and VTL presentations, policy-based de-duplication that offers a choice between different de-dupe modes, and integrated tape creation.

The de-dupe and replication technology will provide so-called LAN- or WAN-efficient disaster recovery by only replicating and maintaining unique block-level data from backup or archive operations within or across sites.

Dell’s strategy is that providing compatibility and a common de-duplication architecture will help its customers streamline their storage operations and free them up to deploy Dell systems while having the ability to replicate data to and from other Dell, EMC, or Quantum-based offerings.

This article was originally published on March 01, 2009