i365 expands SaaS-based recovery services

By Kevin Komiega

-- Seagate's newly launched storage services company, i365, is beefing up its EVault data-protection products with a new set of on-premise software and software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings for data recovery using attached, virtual, or off-site storage devices.

This week, i365 began offering new services and software that include continuous data protection (CDP) features for critical servers and systems, faster recovery of failed systems, and guided recovery and virtual access to servers in the event of a site disaster.

There are three additions to the i365 lineup. The first is EVault Real Time Protection (ERTP), which can be deployed as an extension to the EVault software, SaaS service, or as a stand-alone product. EVault Real Time Protection continuously tracks changes and generates recovery points as frequently as every five minutes. According to Karen Jaworski, director of product management for i365's Data Protection Unit, ERTP minimizes potential data loss on transactions and high-volume servers.

The second recovery product, EVault System Restore (ESR), also integrates with EVault software or SaaS, and the aforementioned EVault Real-Time Protection. Using ESR, end users can recover failed systems onto similar hardware, dissimilar hardware, or a virtual machine in minutes in a single pass. Jaworski says ESR is aimed at customers with remote and branch offices that lack the resources necessary to maintain backup-and-recovery systems.

The third addition to the i365 portfolio is a hosted disaster recovery service called EVault Remote Disaster Recovery (RDR). Designed for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), RDR recovers select servers and data after a site disaster and allows users to remotely access them in a secure virtual environment until the main site is up and running.

Jaworski says i365 is turning its attention to recovery because SMB customers need more than just backups.

"The data-protection and recovery needs tend to range a wide spectrum from file, folder, and application recovery, but some customers need better solutions around the recovery of entire servers and even full sites," says Jaworski.

The EVault Real Time Protection and System Restore software are priced at $1,495 and $995 per server protected, respectively.

Pricing for the EVault Remote Disaster Recovery service is dependent on the amount of servers, data, and VPN connections, and length of contract. Base pricing for the service starts at $330 per month per server.

The new i365 offerings join the company's existing set of products, including its EVault Data Protection software and SaaS offerings for backup and recovery; i365 Retention Management for data recovery, migration, restoration, and data management; and i365 MetaLINCS e-discovery services for first-pass processing and content analysis of electronic information.

i365 also recently introduced the EVault Express Recovery appliance, which is essentially a data vault that can be located on-premise or at a remote office for replicating local backups to one of i365's seven data centers in North America.

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This article was originally published on November 13, 2008