Tape Vendors Set Up Data Recovery Hotline/Consortium


Responding to a call for immediate data recovery following the September 11 terrorist attacks, tape automation, media, drive, and software vendors have banded together to offer data recovery help through the end of the year.

Businesses affected by last week's attack can call a manned 24x7 hotline - the Recover NY Data Hotline: (800) 859-8559 - for aid in recovering their data. (Or, visit the web site: www.recoverNYdata.com)

Regardless of the previous hardware or software that was used for data backup, the hotline will offer consulting and technical help to recover mission-critical data. In addition, the consortium of tape vendors is currently working to get New York-area resellers to offer sites for tape recovery where endusers can bring a damaged tape in for recovery.

"This can be a conduit for any one of these companies that are trying to restore data, or have a problem, or an issue, or even just a question," says Christopher Calisi, president and CEO of Overland Data, a tape library company that has spearheaded the consortium.

The tape vendors offering their help through this consortium include: ADIC, BakBone Software, CommVault Systems, Computer Associates, Exabyte, Fuji, Imation, Legato, Overland Data, Qualstar, Quantum/ATL and Quantum tape, Spectra Logic, StorageTek, Syncsort, and Veritas.

"With expertise in the area of data backup and recovery, specifically at the tape level, we may be able to play a role in helping any of the organizations that were affected get their data back," says Calisi.

He praised the incredibly competitive tape vendor community for rapidly coming together to help businesses who might have lost IT staff and have no one to help recover their mission-critical data. The consortium can help those who might have tape or equipment that is damaged by dust or debris; or those who have data backed up off-site and no longer have the equipment available to read the data.

The consortium can handle all types of tape that are being used for backup today. The hotline and the technical help are free for those who were affected in the September 11 attack.

"I think everyone across the nation is struggling with what can we do right now? How can we help? As a storage vendor, that was on our mind as well. What is it that we could do right now? What part could we play in helping get this nation back up on its feet as quickly as possible?" asked Calisi.

This article was originally published on September 19, 2001