Maxtor sets sights on 'enterprise' NAS

ATA-based server positioned for disk-to-disk backup


Network-attached storage (NAS) may be moving in a new direction as Maxtor begins shipping its Windows 2000-based MaxAttach NAS 6000 file server, which can provide disk-to-disk backup with capacities up to 5.7TB. The company claims the cost of the NAS server is competitive with tape-less than $0.02 per megabyte.

NAS devices can cost significantly less by designing in ATA devices, and secondary disk functions can be included inexpensively, according to analysts. Although Maxtor has always used ATA drives in its low-end NAS devices, this is the first time the drives will be used in an "enterprise-class" NAS product, say company officials.

The NAS 6000 can be used as primary or secondary storage. "This disk device is the same price as tape," claims Jon Toor, senior director of product marketing for Maxtor's Network Systems Group. Even though Maxtor is touting the device as an enterprise-class storage system, company officials admit that it's not competing with EMC or Network Appliance in the high-end arena.

The 1.9TB MaxAttach NAS 6000 base unit is $29,999. Two expansion units-each with 1.9TB-can be added at $24,999 each. The device supports RAID 0, 1, and 5 and includes hot-swap drives, power supplies, and fans. In addition, it offers several connectivity options, including 10/100 Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet (copper or fiber). Persistent Storage Manager (PSM) snapshot capabilities enable recovery of deleted or corrupted files.

"This device is a tape competitor because it brings ultra low-cost online storage to where traditionally you'd have to buy offline-type tape or near-line products," says Steve Duplessie, senior analyst at the Enterprise Storage Group consulting firm.

The disk-to-disk backup is enabled with Veritas Backup Exec 8.6 or Legato NetWorker software. Maxtor also partnered with OTG Software on compatibility with OTG's EmailXtender for e-mail archiving and DiskXtender for creating virtual pools of storage for easier data management.

In a 1.9TB configuration, the NAS 6000 is priced at $15.79 per GB. In the 5.7TB version, the price is $14.04 per GB. Shipments began this month.

This article was originally published on October 01, 2001