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Dot Hill bundles IPStor in appliance
Based on FalconStor's IPStor software, Dot Hill Systems' SANnet Axis appliance provides storage virtualization and other applications while supporting protocols such as SCSI, Fibre Channel, and IP. On the IP front, the device provides storage-to-IP network routing. Optional applications include real-time mirroring, serverless backup, remote replication, and disaster recovery.

In addition to providing support for SANs, the appliances optionally support file-level network-attached storage (NAS) I/O.

SANnet Axis comes in three versions: Basic, HA, and Remote. Priced at $19,995, SANnet Axis Basic is a single appliance in a 1U, 1.75-inch-high enclosure that can be used to consolidate SCSI and Ethernet storage. Administrators choose how to present the storage I/O to servers: as SAN-style block volumes (standard), NAS-style file volumes (optional), or as a combination of both.

SANnet Axis HA, priced at $29,995, is a high-availability configuration with an active-active clustered pair of appliances. Users can mix NAS and SAN I/O over Ethernet or Fibre Channel networks. SANnet Axis Remote, priced at $39,995, consists of a pair of appliances that use remote replication over Fibre Channel or IP-based LANs, MANs, or WANs.

The units include a 64MB solid-state disk (used primarily for buffering) but no disk drives.

The optional applications range from $2,000 to $10,000. Compatibility with the iSCSI standard will be available via an optional software upgrade. www.dothill.com.

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VMIC, Systran ship 2Gbps FC HBAs
VMIC has begun shipments of the VMIPMC-5720-a dual-channel, 2Gbps Fibre Channel host bus adapter (HBA) for 64-bit PCI host interfaces. The boards are based on an ARM RISC processor and dual 2Gbps small-form-factor transceivers that support auto-negotiation down to 1Gbps. The HBAs support PCI Local Bus 2.2, F-PORT and FL-PORT fabric login, FCP-SCSI and FCIP, TCP, and UDP IP services, and SCSI initiator/target and target modes. Prices start at $1,625. www.vmic.com.

Systran has also begun shipments of a 2Gbps Fibre Channel HBA-the FibreXpress FX200-that is compatible with PCI, PMC, and CompactPCI. Software drivers are available for VxWorks, Windows 2000, Solaris, and Linux. The architecture is based on the 32-port LinkXchange LX2500 crossbar switch. www.systran.com.

Eurologic supports Ultra320 SCSI
Eurologic's ULTRAbloc disk enclosures now support the Ultra320 SCSI disk interface, with a maximum throughput of 320MBps and packetized data transfers. Support for the new interface comes via an Ultra320 SCSI mid-plane and I/O modules that will enable integrators to upgrade to Ultra320 when drives and host bus adapters become available.

The enclosure holds up to 14 low-profile disk drives, for up to 1TB of capacity (with 73GB drives) in a 3U form factor. All enclosures include hot-swappable, redundant power supplies and connections. Pricing starts at $3,675 for a JBOD unit without disk drives. When the unit is configured with 14 73GB drives, the price is less than $0.02 per MB. www.eurologic.com.

Medusa begins SAN training classes
Medusa Labs, a subsidiary of Finisar, recently announced SAN Performance Measurement training classes, which will be offered at the company's Austin, TX, and Sunnyvale, CA, training centers. The three-day classes, designed for IT personnel and SAN administrators, focus on capturing and analyzing SAN performance data. For more information, browse www.medusalabs.com/training/home.htm.


Overland Data expands Neo family
With an eye on enterprise markets, Overland Data last month unveiled the LXN 4000, a modular library designed for use in both small and large environments. The library is the second product in the company's Neo series, which was announced in April.

The 10U-high LXN 4000 tape library base module supports up to four drives and 52 media slots. However, up to four modules can be linked for up to 24TB of capacity and a 634GB-per-hour throughput. Each module is operated as a single virtual library with its own robotics. This design, unlike libraries with a single robotic arm, eliminates the likelihood of a single point of failure and virtually ensures non-stop library operation, company officials claim.

Other features include LiveSwap drive technology, which allows administrators to remove or add drives without powering down or re-inventorying the system, and WebTLC (Total Library Control), which allows users to monitor and control the library from anywhere around the globe by logging onto the Web via any browser.

The library's Virtual Interface Architecture supports SCSI and 1Gbps/ 2Gbps Fibre Channel. Support for iSCSI, NDMP, and IP is expected mid-2002. The library is currently shipping with DLT 8000 and Super DLT drives; support for LTO is expected by year-end. Pricing starts at $24,500. www.over landdata.com.

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StorageTek releases 9840 sequel
Nearly three years after it first introduced the 9840 tape drive, StorageTek last month began shipping units of the sequel to this family. At 19MBps, the 9840B drive has nearly twice the native sustained throughput of its predecessor. The company claims an internal bandwidth of nearly 70MBps and an average random-access-to-data rate of 12 seconds. The drive is read-compatible with first-generation 9840 drives and can be integrated into STK's L180, L700e, and PowderHorn tape libraries. It supports all major interfaces, including 2Gbps Fibre Channel. Drive pricing starts at $33,000. www.storagetek.com.

LXI improves security, management
LXI last month announced that it has improved the security and tape management capabilities of its Tape Tracker software (version 3.4.0). New features include

  • Secure communication-support for Secure Shell (ssh) and Secure Copy (scp) commands, which blocks unauthorized access to backup information;
  • Automatic tape ejection-the ability to eject all volumes within a tape library for movement offsite; and
  • Tape duplication-automated duplication for all network backup applications. This feature tracks both original and duplicate tapes.

Tape Tracker supports OS/400, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, and UnixWare, as well as a variety of network backup applications, including HP OmniBack, Legato Net-Worker, LXI MMS, Tivoli TSM, and Veritas NetBackup. www.lxicorp.com.

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Ecrix announces rack-mount autoloader
Ecrix last month announced the VXA AutoRak, a 2U rack-mountable tape autoloader. The autoloader, which is being positioned in the high-density rack-mountable server market against products like DDS, has a 660GB compressed capacity and a 21.6GB-per-hour data-transfer rate. Features include a user-friendly control panel that allows users to configure and monitor backup-and-restore operations; an entry/exit port that can be locked for security; and an optional bar-code reader. The AutoRak will be priced below $3,500 and will be available by year-end. www.ecrix.com.

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Spectra Logic intros native GbE libraries
Last month, Spectra Logic announced the availability of its first Tape Appliance Operating System (TAOS)-enabled libraries for IP storage environments. Spectra's 64000 and 12000 libraries have a native Gigabit Ethernet interface, and Model 2000 has a 100BaseT Ethernet option. These options make it possible for users to deploy the libraries in direct-attached SCSI, IP SAN, and Fibre Channel SAN environments. The TAOS architecture supports file- and block-level transactions (via Ethernet or Fibre Channel), NDMP for NAS appliance backup, and iSCSI for block-level SCSI-over-IP data transfers. www.spectra logic.com.


BMC delivers Exchange suite
Last month, BMC Software announced a suite of software products that supports Exchange environments: Patrol Recovery for Microsoft Exchange Server, Patrol for Microsoft Exchange Server, and Control-SA.

Patrol Recovey is designed to execute, monitor, and manage Microsoft Exchange 2000 backups and recoveries. The software enables automatic discovery of servers and centralized administration and management from a unified console. Management of Exchange data backup routing, implementation of task wizards, compression and backup expiration support, and searchability of previously executed tasks are also included.

Patrol for Microsoft Exchange Server is a management tool for ensuring availability and performance of Exchange messaging servers. The software monitors connections between all of the mail servers, as well as end-to-end message arrival and return time.

Control-SA centralizes user management, resource access, and security policies through a dedicated security data repository and GUI. Exchange administrators are provided with a complete view of each user's access privileges. The software enforces large-scale security operations by consolidating multiple identity stores in order to provide an enterprise-wide identity management system. www.bmc.com.

FalconStor targets Exchange environments
At last month's MEC 2001 conference, FalconStor Software introduced its IPStor Exchange Snapshot Agent, which provides continuous protection of Exchange databases while in use. IPStor uses an automated process to take snapshots of Exchange databases for point-in-time, zero-impact backup and remote replications. The software includes storage virtualization, active-active fail-over, capacity-on-demand, remote replication, mirroring, snapshot, and zero-impact backup/restore. www.falconstor.com.

BigStorage introduces remote data mirroring
BigStorage recently released its DataEcho system, which enables companies to store and update data in two locations simultaneously. DataEcho leverages the company's K2-Echo technology, which allows a system at a primary site to continuously update another system at a secondary site.

K2-Echo uses two separate network-attached storage (NAS) units based on Linux. The NAS units also include local fail-over capability. www.bigstorage.com.

Veritas simplifies management of DB2
Veritas Software last month announced two new management products for the IBM DB2 market: Database Edition for DB2 and Database Edition/HA for DB2. The two offerings provide DB2 users with a storage management infrastructure that optimizes the performance of database applications and simplifies the administration of these environments. The high-availability (HA) version of the Database Edition for DB2 includes Veritas' clustering technology www.veritas.com.

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Northern enhances SRM software
Stockholm-based Northern Parklife recently released the 5.3 version of its Quota Server software, which includes support for SNMP. Warning messages or notifications are sent in the form of SNMP traps, enabling storage administrators to monitor storage resources via framework management systems from vendors such as Computer Associates, Hewlett-Packard, and Tivoli.

Quota Server lets administrators set storage quotas on disk objects such as directories, files, and/or individual user accounts. In addition, administrators can apply file-blocking quotas to remove entire file types from their systems. www.northern.net.

SANavigator enhances SAN management
Released last month, SANavigator 2.5 incorporates a variety of enhancements to address the changing requirements of storage area networks (SANs). Features include SANmap Snapshot, support for a variety of new SAN devices, and improvements to the user interface.

  • SANmap Snapshot makes it possible to capture point-in-time SAN management information. This feature is an addition to the software's disaster-recovery capabilities, enabling administrators to export, back up, and recover SAN infrastructure information (e.g., topology and device parameters).
  • Version 2.5 adds support for a variety of vendors' controllers, switches, routers, enclosures, bridges, and host bus adapters.
  • Enhanced GUI for simpler SAN management. New icons differentiate in-band and out-of-band discovery, so administrators instantly know which devices are accessible via in-band communication. Also new to the release is the ability to associate host bus adapters with a server in out-of-band discovery and to display device properties without having to drill down.

Additional features include the ability to associate and launch Web-management applications for a particular device, versus one Web application per device; to automatically save discovery information; and to better identify specific ports on discovered devices. www.sanavigator.com.

Connected offers backup/recovery for XP
Connected added Microsoft Windows XP backup-and-recovery support to its flagship product line, Connected TLM, a total life-cycle management (TLM) software product for backup, recovery, migration, application "self-healing," and asset discovery for desktop and mobile PCs. The backup-and-recovery support works with all Microsoft operating systems. TLM minimizes the amount of data transferred over the network for faster backups, according to Connected. Triple-DES encryption protects data sent over the wire. www.connected.com.

Executive Software ships DiskAlert
Executive Software is shipping DiskAlert for Windows NT/2000/XP, a software tool for automatic early warning of hard-drive problems and notification of full capacities. The software notifies system administrators by phone, pager, e-mail, or other screen messages that hard-drive space is low or other problems exist. The software works on IDE, SCSI, software RAID arrays, and most hardware RAID arrays. www.diskalert.com.

Bidali analyzes I/O activity
Last month, Bidali Software LLC released BusTrace 2002 Professional software, which can capture and analyze I/O activity sent to a variety of storage devices, including hard disk, optical, and tape drives. A demo version of the code can be downloaded from www.bidali.com.

BusTrace Professional can capture I/O activity simultaneously across multiple bus architectures, including IDE, ATAPI, SCSI, 1394, and USB. Operating systems supported include Windows 98/98SE/Millennium/2000/XP.


Toshiba upgrades CD-RW/DVD-ROM
Toshiba America Electronic Components Storage Device Division has upgraded its slim-line combo CD-RW/DVD-ROM product with DVD-ROM drives with DVD-RAM read capabilities.

The offering writes at 8x for CD-R/CD-RW when high-speed CD-RW media is used, and reads at 8x for DVD-ROM. The average random seek time for DVD-ROM and CD-ROM is 115ms and 105ms, respectively.

The drive will write to a variety of CD formats, including CD-DA, CD+(E)G, CD-MIDI, CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, CD-TEXT, Mixed Mode CD, CD-I, CD-1 Bridge, and Multi-session CD. www.chips.toshiba.com.

Oak debuts 32x CD-R/RW controller
Oak Technology's OTI-9797S 32x CD-R/RW controller allows drives to record a 650MB CD in three minutes or less, write at 32x, and read CD-ROMs at 48x; it is also pin-compatible with Oak's 24x OTI-9797 controller.

The 9797S controller supports Constant Angular Velocity (CAV) and incorporates the Mt. Rainier Standard, which enables native OS support of storage on CD-RW. The controller also uses audio DAC/filter circuits and partial and full CAV write. Integrated into the device is a 48x CD-DSP that uses a proprietary slicing technique and digital symmetry control for increased frequencies and gain.

A digital CD servo enables the controller to jump an exact number of tracks-up to 2,047. The CD wobble servo-block supports speeds up to 32x and allows CD encoding at all legacy speeds from 1x to 32x. www.oaktech.com.

This article was originally published on November 01, 2001