Imation, Seagate Take Next Step

Six months after publicly re-committing themselves to moving forward with the Travan platform, Imation and Seagate unveiled initial technical details for next-generation Travan products (see 'Seagate invests in Travan,' InfoStor, September 2001, p. 11).

Drive specifications for the Travan 40 include a 20GB native capacity, a 2MBps native transfer rate, and backward-read compatibility with Travan 10GB products. Internal versions will have an ATAPI interface; external implementations, a USB 2.0 connection. The drives will be compatible with Windows 95/98/NTWS/2000 professional/Millennium/XP, Windows NT/2000 Server, Novell Net 3/4/5/6, SCO Unix, and Linux.

Detailed product information is expected early next year, with unit shipments in Q1 or early 2Q.

Seagate reports an up-tick in growth in its Travan sales over the last few quarters. According to Freeman Reports, revenue for the Quarter-Inch-Cartridge (QIC) market, which includes both minicartridge (Travan) and data-cartridge drive types, is expected to come in around $103 million this year, down from $162 million last year.

This article was originally published on November 20, 2001