Riverbed accelerates more apps over WANs

By Kevin Komiega

-- Riverbed Technology is prepping the release of version 6.0 of the Riverbed Optimization System (RiOS), the software engine for the company's WAN acceleration and optimization appliances, with a slew of new features for speeding applications and storage traffic over the WAN.

The 6.0 RiOS release, which is expected next month, includes new support for more users on more platforms. The software features improved support for Citrix XenApp, Mac clients, Oracle E-Business Suite 12 and many web applications, such as Microsoft SharePoint and SAP. 

In addition, Riverbed is boosting its disaster recovery (DR) scalability with new features and higher performance for data center-to-data center replication. RiOS 6.0 recognizes DR traffic and applies additional optimizations to improve throughput and acceleration on a per-TCP connection basis. The RiOS 6.0 software gives a Steelhead appliance a new level of control to automatically adjust compression and deduplication techniques to optimize throughput and bandwidth usage.

Nick Rouda, senior product marketing manager, calls RiOS 6.0 the "biggest release from Riverbed" since the first version of the product was launched.

"RiOS 6.0 extends our reach and competitive differentiation, as well as making the product applicable to more customer environments," he says.

Rouda points to expanded client support – specifically, file sharing for Mac clients and support for Citrix XenApp – as some of the most important new features in the operating system.

The RiOS 6.0 software accelerates Mac clients with CIFS application-specific optimization. Rouda claims Macs clients will perform up to 60X faster than before.

Similarly, the inclusion of enhanced QoS capabilities for Citrix yields up to 83% bandwidth reduction and up to 50% better response times for Citrix XenApp applications, according to Rouda.

RiOS 6.0 works with both HTTP and HTTPS, and optimizes SAP Netweaver, SharePoint, Microsoft CRM, Agile, Pivotal CRM and additional web applications. The platform also introduces the ability to optimize Oracle 12 applications.

Branch office VMware users are also getting a boost. With RiOS 6.0, the Riverbed Services Platform (RSP) now offers enhanced virtual disk support and enhanced virtual machine high availability.

Riverbed's RiOS 6.0 also introduces a number of features that tie the Steelhead appliance into network operation and management tools, including support for Netflow v9, SNMP v3, and pass-through traffic reporting.

Riverbed expects to make the RiOS 6.0 software generally available on November 23, 2009.

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This article was originally published on October 20, 2009