Compaq Partners for Online PC Backup


In the wake of Sept. 11, data backup has taken the spotlight as end users realize the necessity of backing up mission-critical data. While PC vendors have long chanted the backup mantra, Compaq recently entered into a co-licensing and co-marketing agreement with Connected, a Framingham, MA-based PC data protection and management company.

Compaq will offer Connected's online backup and disaster recovery services through a number of product offerings and on all Windows XP-based Presario products. Compaq is targeting small and medium-size businesses.

Compaq does not have plans to pursue other online backup partners, according to Peggy Murrell, marketing manager for Internet services in Compaq's access business group.

"Backup is critical, and we'd like to see more people doing their own backups. We think that will increase customer satisfaction and help reduce support line calls."

"Our biggest competitor is apathy," says David Kubrick, Connected's director of business development, "even though everybody recognizes that they should be backing up their data, and that data on PCs and laptops is something that needs to be managed and protected."

This article was originally published on December 19, 2001