NEC integrates HYDRAstor with Symantec's OpenStorage API

By Kevin Komiega

-- NEC has integrated its HYDRAstor storage platform with Symantec's NetBackup OpenStorage (OST) API to bring dynamic load balancing and WAN-optimized replication to NetBackup environments.

Announced this week, the newly available NEC HYDRAstor OpenStorage (OST) Suite for Symantec NetBackup introduces Dynamic I/O, a feature that automates front-end load balancing with inline global deduplication, as well as Optimized Copy, which creates WAN-optimized backup images for storage at remote systems.

NetBackup OST is an API developed by Symantec that allows third party storage devices like HYDRAstor to integrate directly with NetBackup, simplifying the management of backup images without the limitations associated with tape emulation. Symantec's partners use OST to create plug-ins that link their respective data protection appliances with NetBackup servers, giving NetBackup more visibility and control over the backup environment.

NEC is not the first vendor to support OST, but Gideon Senderov, director of product management and technical marketing, NEC, says this is more than a "me too" announcement. He points to HYDRAstor's Dynamic I/O and Optimized Copy technologies as features that separate NEC's OST offering from the rest of the pack.

"Dynamic I/O automates front-end load balancing across different Accelerator Nodes in the HYDRAstor grid. It lets NetBackup take over and assign different jobs to different nodes and, regardless of where it gets stored on the back-end, the data will still be deduplicated," says Senderov. "No other OST vendor can do this."

He adds that HYDRAstor's OpenStorage Optimized Copy feature works in conjunction with NEC's RepliGrid WAN-optimized replication technology automates the copy process and updates the NetBackup catalog, while minimizing bandwidth requirements by as much as 250:1.

NEC's HYDRAstor OpenStorage Suite for Symantec NetBackup is available immediately. The HYDRAstor OpenStorage plug-in along with the Dynamic I/O capability are available at no additional charge for existing HYDRAstor customers. The Optimized Copy functionality can be licensed for $7,000 per Accelerator Node.

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This article was originally published on April 07, 2010