EMC software tracks server changes

By Kevin Komiega

-- EMC has been offering products that troubleshoot storage and network infrastructures for some time and is now bringing those capabilities into the server world. The company today launched EMC Server Configuration Manager (SCM) and Configuration Analytics Manager (CAM), two software products that automate and track server changes, patches, configurations, and remediation in physical, virtual, and mixed environments.

Server Configuration Manager can automatically discover and maintain server configuration data with pre-packaged compliance analysis templates and tools that can automate remediation through a "right-click fix" capability. Configuration Analytics Manager is more of a business-level analytics dashboard that turns raw data into trending information by tracking configuration changes over time and measuring customizable performance indicators.

SCM integrates with both EMC Application Discovery Manager (ADM) and Smarts software. The ADM integration maps dependency relationships between servers, and Smarts integration streamlines troubleshooting and management of resources across networks, applications, and servers, according to Jon Siegal, director of product marketing at EMC.

Siegal adds that full support for VMware infrastructures helps companies automatically achieve configuration compliance across both physical and virtual environments.

"A lot of the hardware and capital expenditure savings of server virtualization and data center consolidation initiatives have already been realized, but there are still a lot of cost savings to be had on the management side, which accounts for about 70% of the overall cost of systems," says Siegal. "Managing virtual servers costs a lot more than deploying the servers themselves. That's why change and configuration management is important."

The CAM software creates a single services model for monitoring, analyzing, planning, and forecasting compliance and IT service levels by digesting and compiling reports on data fed to it from both SCM and EMC's VoyenceControl, the company's network change and configuration management software.

Both SCM and CAM will be available on November 15. Pricing for the products varies and is based on the number of servers under management.

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This article was originally published on October 29, 2008