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Inrange ships 256-port Fibre Channel director
Inrange Technologies recently began a "controlled introduction" of a 256-port Fibre Channel director-class switch, which is part of the company's IN-VSN FC/9000 family. The fully redundant, non-blocked switching device can be used in open systems as well as FICON environments.

The high port count in a single device is designed to eliminate hassles associated with interswitch links, capacity planning, and load balancing in large SAN environments. Initial versions of the 256-port director were delivered to IBM in December for interoperability testing. IBM already resells Inrange's 64-port and 128-port directors for use in IBM's TotalStorage Enterprise Server Networks.

The director supports the E_Port standards, which enable interoperability with other vendors' Fibre Channel switches and directors. www.inrange.com.

Auspex introduces FC-based NAS
Auspex Systems recently shipped the NS3000XR network-attached storage (NAS) device, a Fibre Channel-based server designed to enhance the data-protection capabilities of the entry-level NS3010.

The XR model, which scales up to 7.5TB, provides two independent data paths through redundant RAID controllers and dual Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs).

For redundant high-availability systems, additional XR servers can be deployed and connected to the first server using Auspex's ServerGuardV software. Optional software upgrades provide additional fault tolerance through automatic fail-over between network server connections, load balancing, LAN-free and NDMP-based data backup, point-in-time snapshots, and remote data replication. www.auspex.com.

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Maxtor ships 1U, 640GB NAS
Maxtor recently released the MaxAttach NAS 4300 server in 640GB and 480GB configurations. Targeted at workgroup environments, the 1U systems feature 60% more capacity than the previous generation's 400GB capacity.

The NAS 4300 systems include evaluation copies of MaxAttach EMS and SVS e-mail archiving and storage virtualization software.

Key features include a snapshot utility; support for RAID 0, 1, and 5; dual 10/100 Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet ports; and a SCSI port for local tape backup. Supported platforms include Windows, Unix/Linux, Macintosh, and NetWare.

The 480GB and 640GB versions are priced at $4,499 and $5,499 MSRP. www.maxtor.com.

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Arena RAID: Ultra160 SCSI, IDE
Arena Maxtronic's Indy 2400 RAID array provides more than 1TB of capacity in a 12-bay Ultra160 SCSI-to-IDE configuration. RAID support includes levels 0, 1, 0+1, 3, and 5. The dual-channel Ultra160 SCSI host connection provides sustained throughput of more than 100MBps. Features include 450W redundant power supplies, redundant cooling fans, and an online expansion option.

The company has also introduced an Indy RAID array in a 2U form factor with one Ultra160 SCSI host connection and six IDE disk channels. Cache memory is expandable from 64MB to 128MB. www.maxtronic.com.

Adjile supports 2Gbps Fibre Channel
Adjile Systems now supports second- generation (2Gbps) Fibre Channel in its Panther racks, which can be configured for RAID, JBOD, SAN, and/or NAS. The chassis is available with one, two, or three Fibre Channel loops with single or dual paths to the drives. The enclosure supports 15 disk drives and one full-high or two half-high RAID or NAS devices. Total capacity is more than 1TB in a 4U enclosure. The Panther enclosures are also available in Ultra160 SCSI configurations. www.adjile.com.

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Atto provides Ultra320 HBA for Macs
Atto Technology's ExpressPCI UL4S (single-channel) and UL4D (dual-channel) HBAs provide Macintosh users with the fastest version of SCSI available: Ultra320 SCSI, which offers a theoretical maximum transfer rate of 320MBps (640MBps in dual-channel mode). Ultra320 SCSI also features packetized SCSI, Quick Arbitration Select (QAS), pre-compensation techniques, and flow control.

Both HBAs include 64-bit/133MHz PCI-X functionality. www.attotech.com.

Fujitsu's 2.5-inch drive packs up to 40GB
Fujitsu Ltd.'s 2.5-inch MHR series of hard disk drives stores 20GB per platter and is available in capacities of 10GB, 20GB, 30GB, and 40GB. Designed primarily for mobile applications, the drives feature a 32.5MBps maximum transfer rate, track-to-track seek time of 1.5ms, a 4,200rpm spindle speed, and a 2MB buffer. The drives weigh 99 grams and can tolerate 900Gs of non-operating shock.

The MHR series uses Fujitsu's Synthetic Ferrimagnetic Media (SFM) technology, which employs alternating layers of magnetic and non-magnetic material to improve thermal stability and a 3X increase in recording density. The drives are currently in the OEM evaluation stage, with production shipments slated for Q2. www.fujitsu.com.

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Rancho expands SCSI
Rancho Technology's RTLVD-HVDV2 is a Wide (Fast40) Ultra2 SCSI expander that converts from Low Voltage Differential (LVD) to High Voltage Differential (HVD) SCSI interfaces. Ultra2 SCSI doubles the transfer rate of Wide Ultra SCSI from 40MBps to 80MBps via LVD technology. The expander includes a multimode feature, which enables the LVD side of the interface to operate in either LVD or single-ended mode. The RTLVD-HVDV2 allows integrators to connect "legacy" HVD devices to an LVD bus. www.rancho.com.


sanrise releases storagetone 4.1
sanrise is shipping storagetone data management software (DMS) Version 4.1 for primary and secondary storage management. The software is available in two versions-DMS Backup and DMS storage resource management (SRM) editions.

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The backup version of the software includes management and statistical reporting; Web-based backup command and control portal; policy-based backup automation and event notification; fault management; logical groups; user and storage resource authorization; and tape library capacity and utilization tools.

The SRM version offers several new features such as complete SAN service and configuration management; policy-based storage management automation; real-time, historical, and predicative trending for storage capacity and performance reporting; change management; and real-time notification policies. www.sanrise.com.

Xythos upgrades file management software
Xythos Software recently shipped the 3.1 version of its WebFile Server software, which is based on the WebDAV standard. WebFile is Internet-enabled file management software that allows users to securely access, edit, and share any type of file by using HTTP and WebDAV. The software acts as middleware that passes requests through a file server to NAS.

New capabilities of the WebFile Server software include expanded file-access control and advanced version management via the new WebDAV DeltaV standard. www.xythos.com.

Princeton Softech enhances 'active archiving'
Princeton Softech, a subsidiary of Computer Horizons, announced that its Archive for Servers software now supports rich media and large data objects (LOBS). Archive for Servers is "active-archive" software that optimizes disk utilization, improves database performance, and increases availability by removing infrequently used data from databases and storing it on more cost-effective storage media. www.princetonsoftech.com.

Sistina enhances cluster file system
Sistina Software recently released the 5.0 version of its Global File System (GFS), a clustered file system that allows multiple servers on a SAN to have concurrent read-and-write access to a shared data pool. Enhancements include

  • New installation and cluster configuration tools to reduce implementation time;
  • Dynamic Multi-Path support in the pool volume manager to tolerate single-path failures;
  • A shared root file system that lowers management costs; and
  • Performance improvements via additional lock managers.

Certified hardware vendors include Compaq and IBM. www.sistina.com.

everStor adds Linux feature
A "One-to-Many" Linux feature has been added to everStor Software's Replicator storage management software. Replicator originally pulled data locally and remotely from multiple heterogeneous computers for centralized data replication and archiving. Now, the software can push data from a single computer to multiple Windows and Unix systems.

Replicator supports Linux and Solaris servers. Supported clients include Windows NT/2000, Windows 95/98/Me, AIX, HP-UX, Linux, and Solaris. www.everstor.com.


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Plextor ships 24/10/40 CD-RW drive
Plextor's PlexWriter 24/10/40 optical disc drive delivers 24X CD-Write, 10X CD-Rewrite, and up to 40X CD-Read speeds. The 3-in-1 device includes a Universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0 interface and is compatible with all Windows platforms, as well as Macintosh MAC OS 8.6 (USB 1.1) and MAC OS X (USB 2.0) systems.

Features include a 4MB data buffer, burst data-transfer rate of 480Mbps (USB 2.0) or 12Mbps (USB 1.1), and a variety of software options. The drive ships with Roxio's Easy CD Creator and Direct CD, as well as Oak Technology's SimpliCD software. The external drives are priced at $229 MSRP. www.plextor.com.

This article was originally published on February 01, 2002