At the EMC World conference in Boston this week, EMC introduced technology that significantly improves the performance of its Data Domain backup and deduplication systems

According to an article from Enterprise Storage Forum, the technology – dubbed DD Boost – moves the bulk of the processing work from the Data Domain target device back upstream to the backup media server, which can translate into a 50% performance improvement. For example, implemented on a DD880 deduplication device, DD Boost increases throughput from 5.5TB per hour to 8TB per hour.

“Boost is a software client that transfers the compute-intensive work of segmentation and fingerprinting onto the backup server,” says Frank Slootman, president of EMC’s backup and recovery systems division.

Boost is currently available for Symantec’s NetBackup and Backup Exec software, and will be integrated into EMC’s NetWorker software in the second half of this year.

Also at EMC World, Slootman predicted that Data Domain revenues could surpass $1 billion this year.

Read the full story on Enterprise Storage Forum: “Deduplication, storage tiering and VPlex star at EMC World.”

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