Avid upgrades storage platform

By Kevin Komiega

-- Television, film and multimedia production houses now have a new storage option. Avid Technology has launched a new version of the Avid Unity ISIS storage platform packed with more capacity and performance than its predecessor.

The Unity ISIS 2.0 has been revamped to support the storage demands of real-time high definition (HD) video collaboration. Jim Frantzreb, a product marketing manager with Avid, says ISIS 2.0 is all about more work in less time. "The scalability of the platform allows users to do things they couldn't do before and accept jobs they couldn't accept before," he says.

The ISIS array scales from 16TB to 384TB in increments of 16TB or 32TB. Performance also scales to higher levels, with up to 400MBps per ISIS Engine with a maximum aggregate bandwidth of 4.8GBps using 12 nodes. On the client side, ISIS 2.0 can support 330 real-time video editing clients, according to Frantzreb.

The platform is a blade-based storage subsystem that features dual drive storage elements, integrated Ethernet switching, and redundant power and cooling. Frantzreb says the system is different from traditional SANs because its "self-balancing" architecture distributes data and metadata so that each storage component can optimize the performance, capacity and health of the entire system.

The system also automatically adapts to component failures and replacements for uninterrupted availability.

Pricing for the Avid ISIS 2.0 starts at $96,000.

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This article was originally published on December 08, 2008