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Adaptec, Raidtec ship 2Gbps FC arrays
As the move toward second-generation, 2Gbps Fibre Channel gains momentum, disk array vendors are following with subsystems that have 2Gbps host connections. Last month, Adaptec began reseller shipments of its first Fibre Channel-based external disk array, the DuraStor 7220SS. The 3U subsystem has 12 Ultra160 SCSI drive enclosures and one or two Fibre Channel controllers. The 7220SS supports JBOD configurations and all RAID levels.

With four enclosures and 73GB drives, the array has a 3.5TB capacity. The unit is priced from $9,799. The $4,700 controller is priced separately. www.adaptec.com.

Raidtec's 2Gbps FibreArray 2104 is based on the company's FibreRAID storage controller and supports up to 192 Fibre Channel disk drives (18GB to 180GB) at rotational speeds up to 15,000rpm. Maximum capacity is 34TB per controller.

A variety of software features are available, including storage area network (SAN) volume management, LUN masking and sharing, a SAN firewall, and standard array management functionality. Shipments are expected within the next month. Pricing had not been set at press time. www.raidtec.com.

Tivoli enhances disaster recovery
IBM Storage Group's Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) 5.1, introduced this month, includes:

  • Faster data backup-and-restore speeds for clients running Windows 2000 and Linux via non-disruptive "online image backups;"
  • Faster data backup and archive via multi-session data writes to multiple offline storage devices;
  • Up to a 200% increase in restore speeds via multi-session restores from parallel tape drives and by staging data from multiple devices (e.g., disk and tape) to a central storage pool for subsequent restore; and
  • Faster data restores for remote clients via a local hard-copy data set.

Other enhancements include increased database/application support, broader hierarchical storage management, and LAN-free disk-to-tape backup/restore on server clients running HP-UX. www.tivoli.com.

LiveVault launches backup/recovery service
Online backup-and-recovery service provider LiveVault last month launched the Virtual Backup & Recovery Network (VBN), which provides an automated, secure alternative to backing up mission-critical data to on-site tape. The VBN is a dedicated backup-and-recovery network. Data is transported from end-user sites over the network to off-site electronic disk and tape vaults and is compressed for optimum bandwidth efficiency.

A Web interface provides systems administrators with full control of the backup process. From the browser, administrators can monitor and set backup policies. LiveVault claims that data can be restored within minutes. Security features include compatibility with firewalls and with networks containing proxy servers, AES advanced data encryption, digital certificates and signatures, and bidirectional authentication.

LiveVault currently only supports Windows environments; however, Unix and Linux support is planned. The service is available through Compaq (as Compaq LiveVault) and Iron Mountain (as Electronic Vaulting). Pricing is set by resellers. www.livevault.com.

Iomega enters NAS market
With cutthroat pricing, Iomega this month entered the network-attached storage (NAS) market with a number of entry-level servers.

  • A300u: 120GB, $1,099, 1U, one 10/100 Ethernet connection, three 40GB drives (7,200rpm), RAID 0, 1, or 5;
  • P400u: 160GB, $1,999;
  • P405u: 320GB, $2,999; and
  • P410u: 480GB, $3,999.

The 'P' series adds increased capacities, hot-swappable drives, and options such as Gigabit Ethernet. All models come with Iomega's QuikSync software for automatic backup.

Versions of the NAS servers based on Microsoft's Server Appliance Kit 2.0 are expected in June. www.iomega.com.

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nStor delivers Ultra320 SCSI array
This month, nStor became one of the first vendors to market with an Ultra320 SCSI-based disk array—the NexStor 4000S—which comes in a 2U enclosure that can be configured with 12 low-profile (one-inch), 73GB disk drives for a maximum capacity of 876GB. The subsystem includes active-active controllers, cable-less data I/O paths, hot-swappable redundant components (power supplies, drives, controllers, and fans). Users can also configure the array with active-active Ultra160 SCSI RAID controllers. Operating system support includes Windows NT/2000, Red Hat Linux, and Solaris. www.nstor.com.

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DataDirect 'appliances' target workgroups
DataDirect Networks is shipping a midrange version of its "Silicon Storage Appliance," which the company refers to as a storage networking appliance. The appliances are designed to accelerate application performance, decrease management complexity, and provide virtualization in SAN environments. The S2A 3000 is priced from $39,000 for a 500GB model; a 1TB version is priced at $49,995.

The company claims aggregate bandwidth ranging from 100MBps to 400MBps and support for SANs ranging from 500GB to 7TB. Platform support includes Linux, Windows NT/2000, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, and SGI. The appliance comes in a 1U form factor. www.datadirectnet.com.

I-TECH eases SANmark testing
I-TECH's Advantage series of Fibre Channel analysis equipment allows vendors and integrators to more easily test their products for compliance with the Fibre Channel Industry Association's (FCIA) SANmark program. The device runs the test, evaluates the device's response to the test, indicates a pass/fail status, saves the trace to a user-defined location, and provides pointers to the trace if the device fails a test requirement. The tests were written according to SANmark Conformance Documents (SCDs). (For more information on SANmark, see the Special Report in this issue, p. 20.) www.i-tech.com.

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MTI packs 8.5TB in 20U array
Continuing the trend toward higher-density RAID arrays, MTI's Vivant S240 can hold up to 8.5TB in a 20U enclosure with fully redundant components. The base configuration includes two pairs of RAID controllers, drive bays for as many as 48 disk drives, and 32 Fibre Channel connectivity ports. The system can be upgraded to MTI's S270 RAID array. Pricing starts at $217,300. www.mti.com.

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Arena RAID address low end
Arena Maxtronic recently released the IB-1400 RAID subsystem, which uses an Intel i80303 RISC CPU. The IB-1400 is a four-bay Ultra2 SCSI-IDE devices that stores more than 640GB, and provides support for RAID levels 0, 1, 0+1, 3 and 5. Features include four hot-swappable E-IDE disk drives, up to 512MB of SDRAM, and a maximum data transfer rate of 80MBps. www.maxtronic.com.


Seagate expands Hornet family
Last month, Seagate began shipping two new Hornet tape drives—the internal Hornet 40 and the TapeStor Travan 40. Both products are designed for backup of PCs, workstations, and entry-level servers. Features include a 20GB native capacity, 2MBps native transfer rate, and an ATAPI interface.

The drives integrate Seagate's FastSense technology, which allows the drive to match the speed of the PC or server, and a VR2 data-channel device that enables higher densities. The drives are compatible with Windows, NetWare, SCO Unix, and Linux.

The TapeStor 40GB is a bundled package, consisting of the Hornet 40 drive, a Travan 40 data cartridge, and Yosemite backup software. The Seagate Hornet 40 and the TapeStor Travan 40 list for $369 and $399, respectively. http://buytape.seagate.com.

Quantum qualifies SDLT 320 tape drives
At CeBIT last month, Quantum announced that it has qualified units of its second Super DLTtape drive—the SDLT 320—to systems and tape-automation OEMs. General availability is slated for this quarter. The new SDLT drive boasts a 160GB native capacity and 16MBps native transfer rate. This compares to 110GB and 11MBps, respectively, for the SDLT 220. The SDLT 220 is backward read-compatible with DLtape IV media. www.superdlttape.com.

STORserver introduces backup appliance
Last month, STORserver began shipping the S10000, the first of a series of hardware/software backup appliances for entry-level markets. The new appliance reportedly has all the functionality of the company's STORserver, but in a smaller form factor. Prices start at $19,000.

The S10000 can be configured as a tabletop or desk-side system or can be upgraded to mount in a standard 19-inch rack. The tabletop version has two pedestals—one to hold the server and one to hold the tape library. The rack configuration uses 9U of rack space.

The appliance can be configured with AIT-1 tape drives for up to 270GB of capacity, or with AIT-2 or AIT-3 drives for up to 2.16TB. www.storserver.com.


Plextor combines CD-RW, DVD-ROM
The PlexCombo 20/10/40-12A is a multifunction optical drive that supports 20X CD-Recording and 10X CD-Rewriting, as well as playback speeds of 40X CD-ROM and 12X DVD-ROM. The half-height drive comes with an Enhanced IDE (ATAPI) interface.

Combining the two technologies allows users to easily make the transition from CD to DVD technology. The PlexCombo is compatible with Macintosh and all Windows versions. Bundled software includes Roxlio's Easy CD Creator and DirectCD, Oak Technology's SimpliCD, CyberLink's PowerDVD, and Plextor's Liquid Player. The suggested retail price for the PlexCombo is $229. www.plextor.com.


Bocada upgrades backup/analysis software
Last month, Bocada announced the 1.5 release of its BackupReport backup and analysis software. BackupReport is a cross-vendor backup report, analysis, and billing software package designed to troubleshoot data-protection issues, improve system performance, and ensure backup compliance with enterprise policies and service level agreements.

New to BackupReport 1.5 is error filtering, which allows IT managers to screen specific error categories from reports, and backup resource utilization, which gives administrators a clear view of their backup window and the ability to drill down and investigate potential bottlenecks. www.bocada.com.

Pegasus adds Windows NT/2000 support
Pegasus Disk Technologies last month began shipping InveStore 4.0, data archival and management software that includes support for Windows NT/2000. The software plugs directly into the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). Other functions include volume sets that span tape libraries, detailed property screens, error-recovery processing alerts, 32-bit multi-tasking, multiple file-system support, and a file system for archive WORM media. www.pegasus-ofs.com.

Legato adds NDMP-NAS for Windows
In NetWorker 6.2, Legato extended support for Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) for NAS to include Windows-based backup servers.

The software allows Windows NT/2000/XP, Unix, or Linux backup servers to protect NDMP-compliant NAS. NDMP defines a network-based mechanism and protocol for controlling backup, recovery, and other data transfers between primary and secondary storage devices. Data can be backed up locally to tape storage attached to other NAS devices, Unix-attached libraries, or NDMP-enabled tape libraries.

The software also includes a Direct Access Restore (DAR) function that eliminates the need to scan tapes during recovery by finding the exact file locations. NetWorker 6.2 is priced at $1,150 for the Workgroup Edition (doesn't support NDMP) or $2,300 for the NDMP-enabled Network Edition. www.legato.com.

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Tek-Tools SRM supports NAS
Tek-Tools' Storage Profiler 1.2 storage resource management (SRM) software now supports Network Appliance's NAS filers. Based on Java, the software provides usage trend reporting, capacity planning, and real-time monitoring.

From the same screen, users can view current and projected disk capacities. The software offers agent-based support for Solaris, Oracle, Windows NT/2000, and NetWare.

Storage Profiler currently supports Computer Associates' ARCServe software. Tek-Tools developed a real-time monitor that allows users to view the progress of backups. If multiple copies of ARCServe are in the environment, the monitor will display all active jobs across the enterprise.

Historical backup reports detail all backup activity. Storage Profiler also provides a daily exception report that lets users identify and view any failures that occurred during backup. Support for Legato NetWorker is in beta. Storage Profiler 1.2 is priced at $3,000 per filer. www.tek-tools.com.

This article was originally published on April 01, 2002