Veritas beefs up Windows software

By Lisa Coleman

Veritas' recent introduction of Windows 2000 storage software products may help Microsoft make inroads into enterprise data centers, a market space that the software giant has traditionally been unable to penetrate.

"Microsoft wants to move higher up in the enterprise market, and having Veritas come out with Windows releases that are equal to, or almost equal to, their equivalent Unix products is a good thing," says Dennis Martin, an analyst with the Evaluator Group.

Almost all of the new software Veritas released for Windows is available for Unix, except for Exchange Edition 1.0. While Volume Manager has been available for Windows 2000 for two years, Veritas has updated it for this release.

"Veritas has a long history in developing volume management, or what some people call storage virtualization technology," says Matt Fairbanks, high-availability and clustering product line manager at Veritas. "We're substantially enhancing our Windows piece of that and bringing the Windows Volume Manager up to feature parity with what our Unix customers already have."

Besides Volume Manager 3.0 for Windows and Exchange Edition 1.0, the other Windows-optimized products include FlashSnap 3.0, Volume Replicator 3.0, and Cluster Server 2.0.

Volume Manager 3.0 for Windows allows users to configure, share, manage, and optimize storage I/O performance online from one console. Among its features are command line support, storage resource monitoring and notification, RAID 0, 1, and 5 support, mirrored striping, hot spares, and drag-and-drop online sub-disk moves.

FlashSnap 3.0 and Volume Replicator 3.0 are add-ons to Volume Manager. FlashSnap enables point-in-time snapshots. For example, users can point their Exchange application at the snapshot volume and generate immediate backup. This is the first time a host-based snapshot volume is available for Windows 2000, according to Veritas officials. Volume Replicator 3.0 enables data replication over IP networks.

Cluster Server 2.0 for Windows is high-availability software that allows for centralized management of both Windows and Unix clusters. It supports 32 nodes and enables several architectures, including eight-node clusters with a standby server that can substitute for any of the eight nodes. Veritas Cluster Server 2.0 competes with several other cluster server products, including Microsoft's.

Volume Manager 3.0, FlashSnap 3.0, Volume Replicator 3.0, Cluster Server 2.0, and Exchange Edition are priced at $995, $1,995, $4,000, $4,995, and $1,495, respectively. All are presently shipping.

This article was originally published on May 01, 2002