Hospital goes digital with Centera

Ellen Maloney, vice president of outpatient services at Newton-Wellesley Hospital, is about to implement a 5TB Centera system along with a picture archive and communication (PAC) system. Maloney purchased both products from Amicas, an EMC Centera reseller and provider of PAC systems to healthcare providers.

Maloney estimates that the Boston-area hospital generates about 500,000 images (e.g., X-rays and MRIs) each year. Until recently, these images were all stored on film. The decision to go online—to store images digitally—was easy, she says. Storing images on film had become a labor-intensive process (for both storing and retrieving) and had become difficult to manage.

She considered a tape-based PAC solution, but decided to go with EMC's disk-based Centera for two reasons: more immediate availability of the archive (she wouldn't have to load tapes) and the authenticity of images stored on the system. Maloney also liked the fact that Centera would work with virtually any vendor's PAC system.

While Maloney says she hasn't ruled out the possibility of migrating select files to Centera down the road, her primary objective is to use Centera as an archive for newly created digital data.

This article was originally published on June 01, 2002