Quantum expands Linux-based NAS

By Lisa Coleman

Leveraging its investment in Linux, Quantum's Storage Solutions Group (formerly Snap Appliances) is integrating its latest network- attached storage (NAS) server with the company's tape drives and SyncSort's software for local backup-a feature that was lacking in its previous NAS products.

Quantum's Guardian 4400 replaces the Snap 4100 NAS server, which did not have local backup or multiple Ethernet ports. In addition, the 4400 is about three times faster than the Snap 4100.

Targeted for the mid-tier enterprise, the Guardian 4400 will run a Linux-based operating system instead of the Snap OS, which was based on FreeBSD software. Earlier this year, the company announced the Linux-based Guardian 14000.

The Guardian OS version 2.1 is more robust than the Snap OS and offers more enterprise features such as snapshot technology, Microsoft Active Directory support, Unix Network Information Services (NIS) support, and SNMP integration, explains Steve Rogers, vice president of networked storage products marketing for Quantum's Storage Solutions Group.

The 4400 includes hot-swappable IDE drives and dual Gigabit Ethernet ports. SyncSort's Backup Express for Guardian software, which offers full, incremental, or scheduled backup capabilities, provides local backup capability.

Quantum will also ship its Guardian 14000 with Backup Express for Guardian software in a bundled system with Quantum's M1500 tape drive. The Guardian 4400 will also be bundled with Quantum's SuperLoader tape autoloader.

The Guardian 4400 is available in 480GB or 640GB configurations in a 1U form factor and is priced at $4,295 and $5,495 MSRP, respectively.

This article was originally published on September 01, 2002