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Chaparral introduces 2Gbps FC RAID
Chaparral Network Storage last month introduced the RIO RAID subsystem, a 2Gbps Fibre Channel-to-Fibre Channel array with capacities ranging from 288GB to 17TB. The company claims sustained throughput of 760MBps in a RAID 5 configuration. The 1U 19-inch rack-mountable subsystem includes two (active-active) RAID controllers and 16 Fibre Channel interfaces (eight host connections and eight disk ports) and is based on a fully redundant blade appliance design. www.chaparralnet.com.

Okapi enables low-cost IP SANs
Start-up Okapi Software has released a bundled system as an entry-level iSCSI storage area network (SAN) device that includes a 1U Gateway server, an Intel PRO/1000 XT IP Storage Adapter, and Seagate Ultra160 SCSI disk drives. iSCSI is implemented in software that resides on a key (ipKEY) that users can plug into a USB port on the Gateway server. The company hopes that the low cost of the device ($4,995 for 110GB, $7,995 for 220GB) will spur end-user adoption of iSCSI-based SANs.

Okapi calls the two products iStorageControllers (iSC110 and iSC220). According to company claims, the key enables easy software updates and security (users can't change initiators or provision data if the key isn't plugged in). Okapi is also developing iSCSI tape, CD-ROM, and DVD devices. www.okapi-software.com.

UniTrends unveils data-protection device
UniTrends Software recently introduced the Data Protection Unit (DPU) line of storage appliances for backup-and-restore applications. The appliances offer "bare-metal" data protection for networked computers, disk-to-disk backup/restore, removable hard disk drives, and capacities ranging from 120GB to 1.2TB. The units are priced from $5,995.

Separately, UniTrends introduced Linux Crash Recovery (LCR) software that allows IT administrators to restore Linux-based systems and data. When a crash occurs, the software automatically restores the operating system, device drivers, and applications. Once the restore is finished, a full data restore can be performed running the most recent backup. Software for PCs and servers is priced from $100 and $300, respectively. www.unitrends.com.

Ci Design ships Serial ATA enclosure
Ci Design last month became one of the first vendors to ship a storage enclosure based on the emerging Serial ATA interface specification. (For more information, see "Serial ATA activity picks up," p. 11.)

System integrators and VARs can configure Ci Design's SR (storage rack-mountable) series enclosures for network-attached storage (NAS), RAID, and JBOD applications in 1U 4-bay, 2U 12-bay, or 3U 16-bay versions. In addition to Serial ATA, the enclosure supports SCSI and Fibre Channel. www.cidesign.com.


Prisa targets service organizations
Prisa Networks has debuted products for companies delivering SAN support services. The VisualSAN Remote Support Suite, an extension of Prisa's VisualSAN product line, comprises the VisualSAN Site Surveyor, Support Link, Support Center, and Software Developer Kit (SDK).

VisualSAN Site Surveyor is a discovery, inventory, and topology-rendering application for laptops. Support Link runs within the SAN for discovering and maintaining configuration and status information of the environment for remote management and troubleshooting. Support Center imports the configuration, status, and event data from Support Link; compares the captures; and finds any changes made to the user's SAN.

The SDK lets service organizations extend VisualSAN's device support and ser vice-level management capabilities. In addition, it contains design guidelines for software development, user interface, vendor customization, and configuration. www.prisa.com.


AIT autoloaders, libraries debut
Plasmon and Sony recently introduced tape autoloaders and libraries, respectively, based on Sony's Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT) technology.

Plasmon's V-Series AIT autoloaders are available in two configurations. The V15 supports 15 cartridges and one or two drives. It offers 750GB native capacity and 43GB/hour throughput. The V30 supports 30 cartridges and up to four drives. Native capacity is 1.5TB, and throughput is 86GB/hour. Initially, the autoloaders will be available with Sony's AIT-2 tape drives. AIT-3 based autoloaders are expected later this year. www.plasmon.com.

Sony expanded its StorStation AIT library family with the LIB-302/A3, the LIB-302/A2, and LIB-152E/A3. The LIB-302/A3 contains 30 data cartridges, a bar-code reader, and one or two AIT-3 drives. Maximum capacity is 7.8TB, and the data transfer rate is 224GB/hour.

The LIB-302/A2 also includes 30 cartridges and a bar-code reader as well as one or two AIT-2 drives. Capacity is 3.9TB, and the data transfer rate is 112GB/hour. The LIB-152E/A3 contains 15 cartridges, one or two AIT-3 drives, and an optional bar-code reader. Capacity is 3.9TB, and data transfer rate is 224GB/hour.

Separately, Sony announced it will manufacture DLTtape IV media. Sony DLTtape IV media uses half-inch metal particle tape in a single-reel cartridge that stores 80GB of compressed data and can be used in conjunction with Quantum's DLT 8000 drive. Sony's media will also be compatible with Quantum's DLT 7000, 4000, and DLT1 drives, as well as Benchmark's ValueSmart Tape 80. Sony DLTtape IV media is read-compatible with Quantum's SDLT 220 and SDLT 320 drives. www.sony.com.

This article was originally published on September 01, 2002