IBM upgrades enterprise storage systems

-- Big Blue is beefing up the features and functions of its high-end storage platforms – the IBM XIV Storage System and the System Storage DS8000 – with new capabilities for moving data over distances, faster processors and thin provisioning.

Today IBM announced the addition of asynchronous mirroring to the XIV Storage System, which enables remote disaster recovery over unlimited distances and shores up the platform's business continuity capabilities.

In addition, IBM introduced dual processors for the XIV, offering performance improvements of up to 30% compared to previous versions of the system, according to David Vaughn, IBM's information infrastructure offerings manager.

IBM also announced thin provisioning for the System Storage DS8000, which increases storage capacity utilization and automates the provisioning process.

Vaughn says IBM positions its pair of enterprise storage platforms differently based on the customer's existing infrastructure.

"We position the two products based on the types of servers in an environment. DS8000 customers [are typically] companies that bought the Enterprise Storage Server years ago and are mainframe customers will continue to buy the DS8000," says Vaughn. "When we go into a new opportunity we talk about XIV."

Thin provisioning on the DS8000 will be available August 21, starting at $69,000. Asynchronous mirroring for the XIV, which will be available later in the year, is free of charge.

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This article was originally published on July 14, 2009