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HP WEIGHS IN ON SPC BENCHMARK. In the leapfrog world of disk-array testing based on the Storage Performance Council benchmark (SPC-1), HP recently posted 24,005 I/Os per second with its StorageWorks EVA array, the highest rating yet. The array is based on Vixel's InSpeed embedded Fibre Channel loop switches.

WELCOME TO DATA STORAGE UNIVERSITY. Data Storage University (www.datastorageuniversity.com) is an online educational center that offers labs, quizzes, and a glossary for understanding storage hardware, software, and removable media. The site provides a learning curriculum for users and resellers, a certification program, application laboratories, an online textbook, and discussion forums. The Computer Products Division of Fuji Photo Film USA developed the site.

NAS SUPPORT FOR MAINFRAMES. Bus-Tech's mainframe appliance for storage (MAS), a tape-on-disk controller for System/390 mainframes, now supports NAS as well as data exchange between mainframes and distributed platforms. MAS can connect with networked storage via NFS and CIFS. In addition, it can write or read a "flat" file format compatible with Windows, Linux, and Unix.

LEGATO SHIPS NETWORKER ADD-ON TOOL. Legato recently announced NetWorker Availability—a self-restarting, self-reporting option for NetWorker. The software monitors NetWorker backup environments—including servers, clients, libraries, disk devices, and storage nodes—sends out alerts, and has re-start/fail-over capabilities.

HP SHIPS LTO-2 QUALIFICATION UNITS. Hewlett-Packard is shipping test units of its second-generation Linear-Tape Open (LTO-2) drives to six of its OEM partners. HP expects to make the technology widely available by year-end. In September, LTO providers IBM, HP, and Seagate announced that ADIC, Benchmark, and EMTEC Magnetics have licensed the LTO-2 technology.

STORAGETEK EXPANDS D-SERIES. StorageTek last month expanded its D-series of enterprise disk arrays with the D280. Key features include 2Gbps Fibre Channel connectivity, a maximum 772Mbps data throughput rate, 32TB capacity, and 2GB of cache. The array comes with storage management tools, including snapshot copy and remote volume mirroring. Pricing starts at $90,000.

ADIC IMPROVES QoS. ADIC's StorNext Management Suite now enables users to guarantee priority bandwidth for applications and their primary disk-based data in SAN environments. This capability, along with support for StorageTek 9840 and 9940 tape drives and libraries and Sony AIT-3 and AIT Worm tape drives, is included in the suite's 2.1 release.

NETEZZA SHIPS 'TERASCALE' APPLIANCE. The Netezza Performance Server (NPS) integrates servers, storage, and databases into one product for analyzing data. "Our product solves the problem of harnessing very large amounts of data to allow companies to make real-time decisions based on analysis of that data," says Jit Saxena, co-founder and CEO. The servers scale from 4.5TB to 18TB, include two Xeon processors, run Red Hat Linux, and have an asymmetric massively parallel processing architecture. A 4.5TB system is priced from $622,000.

CA ANNOUNCES GA OF BRIGHTSTOR PORTAL. Computer Associates recently announced wide availability of its BrightStor management console. The software integrates with BrightStor Enterprise Backup, ARCserve Backup, SRM and SAN Manager, and with products from CacheWare, LXI, Network Appliance, and StoreAge.

This article was originally published on November 01, 2002